May. 31st, 2017

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Who: Jim Kirk + You
Broadcast: Yes; everyone
Action: The Tourist
When: Now


[ When Kirk's face appears on the screen, there is a weariness to him. Had his eyes been red rimmed one might have thought he had been crying. Maybe he had and he just hid it well. His shoulders slumped ever so slightly, and there was no joy in his eyes, or a smile hiding in the corner of his lips. In fact, for a few solid heartbeats he says nothing, just looks into the camera as if waiting for someone to stop him from what he is about to say. ]

For all those that knew him, Leonard McCoy has been returned home.

He will be sorely missed.

[ Kirk looks like he wants to say more. Knows he should say more. Captains needed to say more and be strong for everyone else, that was what they did, but he couldn't. Not this time. It was to much this time.

So he just takes a breath and reaches up, shutting off the feet. ]


[ His message sent out, after exhausting all possible reason for him to be elsewhere and unreachable, Kirk slumped in the chair he sat in, resting his forehead against his clasped hands. For a long moment his room is quiet, almost deathly so - ]


[ The shout, followed by the sharp crash of glass shattering against a wall, the wet slop of liquid hitting the floor. Then silence. ]


May. 31st, 2017 06:55 pm
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Who: Kai and Open
Broadcast: Yes
Action: The Caprine
When: Now

I’m sure everyone already saw Kirk’s post and knows that Leonard McCoy is gone. That means the Caprine currently doesn’t have a Captain, and as her first officer…I want to ask if anyone else is willing to step in as Captain. I am decidedly not up to the job.

[ He doesn’t care how little actual work being Captain seems to be. He doesn’t want it. ]

I do think first preference should go to anyone on the Caprine who wants it, but after that, anything goes.

[ A pause, like maybe that’s all he has to say, before Kai adds one more thing, voice softer. ]

Also, if anyone wants to come over, drink, and share McCoy stories, please join me this evening, on the Caprine.

[ They still have sufficient alcohol, and it seems as fitting an action as anything else Kai can think of. ]
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Who: Touristas, visitors, and friends.
Broadcast: probably not
Action: S.S. Tourist
When: June!

[ The ship! It mingles in a month! Happy summer, happy calibrations, let's boogie ]

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