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$1 | video & action.

Who: Fiona Gallagher and you.
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: the Marsiva
When: 1/20

[The camera manages to catch Fiona waking up with an angry yelp before she stumbles furiously out of bed, and off screen. Something like a muffled scream can be heard, but not seen. She's gone for a fair amount of time before she returns to addresse the camera directly.]

[She looks tired, a breath away from haggard. Her voice is harsh.]
I feel like my room's been downgraded. What are our coordinates? [She frowns, scratches the back of her neck.] Where are we? And... how long's it been since the fire?

[That out of the way, she relaxes and asks in a more conversational tone:] And has anybody got a smoke? I'm definitely not quitting now. [She rolls her eyes.]

Oh, and Adrien, you owe me a drink. [Muttered:] At least.

[Anyone who wants to find Fiona on the bridge of the Marsiva is welcome to do so! They can find her when she just woke up, when she went off screen to scream into a pillow, or after the message when she'll be spending her time inspecting everything, and trying to find some cigarettes.]
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[ castiel is sitting at the edge of his bunk on the hospitality deck, thumbing at the bottlecap from his pocket, when he sees her, screaming into a pillow, and yeah, all right, that seems a reasonable enough reaction, as far as he's concerned.

chuckling low in his throat, cas hefts himself up, fishing for the pack of cigarettes in his back pocket as he approaches, pulling one out and holding it out between his fingers, toward her. he has no idea if he'll even be able to resupply these things, but hey, he's always been a generous guy. ]

Looks like you could use it.
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Of course.

[ he'd be lost without one. he's pulling out a second cigarette as he speaks, then the plastic lighter after, nestled right into the pack beside two neatly rolled joints. popping the second cigarette into his mouth, he offers the lighter to her first. ]

Knock yourself out.
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[ girl, you have no idea how apt that pet name is. or used to be. either way, it gets a half-derisive snort out of him while he snags the lighter back to light up his own, dragging deep. ]

You're very welcome. [ he says around an easy grin, exhaling through his nose and tucking the pack neatly into his back pocket again. ] Had a rough time of it?
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[ if she'd kept it to herself he surely wouldn't have blamed her; cas is right there in the boat with her on that one. talking about home? not a great time. but she tells him anyway, and there's a fleeting, appreciative softness in his eyes. ]

Sorry to hear it. [ well and truly. but she steers the conversation on, and he respects that. ] But yep, just woke up here a few hours ago. It's a little creepy, but hey, the food's good.
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[ to be honest, he's really used to existing around jerks. it's kind of a gift. it all rolls off his back like water off a duck, and hey, he's not always the nicest guy either. but the cafeteria's always a good distraction, so he nods, gesturing fluidly with one shoulder while taking a long drag. ]

Right this way.
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[ thankfully, it's not exactly a long walk, even if it's one of the only two rooms off down its own corridor. slipping his thumbs into his belt loops, he ambles along toward it, clearly in no rush. ]

Sure am. Woke up here a few hours ago.
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Heh. It was pretty disconcerting at first, but yeah.. I suppose I am. I don't really have much to go back to, so, I figure it's best to just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

[ even if he's definitely not even close to inebriated enough for this shit. ]
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Yep. [ in a manner of speaking. but that's a can of worms he's alright leaving behind, for now. ] Though I haven't really seen it for awhile. [ it's excuse enough to move his eyes toward the window, appreciatively, but hesitantly. mixed feelings are mixed.

but hey look, they're coming up on the cafeteria now. ]

Sounds like something you're accustomed to. [ you know, aliens setting you on fire and all. ]
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Not quite. [ though i mean, yeah, sure, strictly following the etymology of the word, he's an astronaut - but he's not going to play with semantics. not right now, at least. his brow furrows while he steps into the cafeteria. ]

What's a pension? [ he kind of got into the human game a little late. ]
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Something like that. But hey, that's pretty convenient I suppose.

[ making light of death a little, maybe.. but what else can you do. the little nudge about family, though, is enough to make his chest tighten, and castiel lifts his hand for another drag. he doesn't know this girl, but if she's left family behind.. that's a real shame. ]

Anyway, here we are. Bon appetit.
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[ she's a pistol, isn't she? reminds him of someone. cas can't help but grin. ]

All right, all right, you really want to know? I'm an angel. Or, I was, a couple years ago. Not so much anymore, but, you know, spent a few billion years cruising the cosmos before I lost my mojo.

[ s h r u g ]

And no, I'm a terrible cook. Not among my talents.
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[ while she's rifling through food supplies, cas gets comfortable, leaning his elbows onto the counter and watching with idle curiosity. ]

Surprise me. I haven't exactly had many, uh, home cooked meals, so. [ canned food. canned food forever. he rakes his free hand back through his messy hair, looking thoughtful. ]

Castiel, angel of Thursday. Not very exciting. You can call me Cas.

[ castiel.. that name doesn't suit him anymore, makes him itchy. ]
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[ well that certainly earns a nice, deep brow furrow. he tilts his head thoughtfully. ]

We aren't affiliated with any religion in particular.

[ you catholics and protestants and jews can all duke it out however you want.. cas isn't terribly fond of organized religion. it's got its upsides, but it's sure got its downsides too, so it's not something he's ever been particularly interested in. ]

But hey, it's nice to meet you in any case, Fiona.

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