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Who: Marian Hawke & you.
Broadcast: Fleet wide
Action: MARSIVA, aww yeah.
When: Now, until shuffle.

[ Maker's balls it is cold.

Waking up in strange places isn't so unusual in Marian's Hawke's life, she's fairly to it by now, so she barely bats a sleepy eye when she rolls over and curls in on herself. Half mumbled words tumbling from her lips in a incoherently mess, fingers curling around whatever they can grasp in a desperate attempt to conserve heat. This continues for a good few moments until the woman manages to roll straight onto the cold metal floor. ]

─Aahh! [ There is no better way of waking someone up than a quick drop onto a cold floor - well... a bucket of water would have done as well, but thankfully there are no buckets to be seen.

It has her awake, alert as someone still gluggy with sleep can be, mope of black hair strewn about this way and that. Heart thundering in her chest a hand raises to rub the sleep from her eyes, jaw lock in evident irritation. ]
Stupid Wardens, how is anyone supposed to sleep in a cot so small... [ The realization comes slow, the metal walls of the ship close enough to blurred vision to make her think she's still in Weisshaupt waiting for old men to pull their collective sticks from their asses. ] Never thought I'd miss camping out in caves─Hello...

[ Ah, there it is, that little light bulb that flicks on and says "This isn't Weisshaupt, Toto" - or it would if Hawke had any any who or what Toto was. Regardless she inhales sharp and reaches for her staff, smooth wood a comfort as she uses it to stands herself up. ]

I see we've gone to the Grey Wardens school of decor. [ A bit boring she has to say, rather bland. No dirt, no drunkard puking his guts out in the corner, no wet dog smell. Frankly it is kind of disappointing.

Once her bearings are gather it takes Hawke all of a few moments to start snooping, trying to find something - anything - to tell her where exactly she's managed to find herself now. Eventually her combings finds her a device, odd little thing that she promptly starts playing with legs across upon the very bench she woke up on. A few hours of poking has her come to a few conclusions, one; this thing is weird, two; she can swear she has seen something like this before, and three; she can talk to people on it. At least she thinks she can.

A wild guess as her flick the feed on, though the camera is at a slight angle, all smiles and more than obvious bed hair. You'd almost have no idea that she is perhaps a little rattled by all of this with the way she looks. ]

Good morning, or is it afternoon? Honestly I have no bloody idea, I tried to fun the sun but it seems that I have misplaced that alongside of almost everything else. No matter, I'm sure it'll all turn up somehow.

I'm Hawke, by the way - best to get introductions out of the way early - and I have two very important questions to ask you... [ Trailing off the screws up her nose slightly before shaking her head. ] Is there a bar nearby and how can I get there?
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[ cas is hanging out in his bunk, utterly destroying a baggie of miniature chocolate chip cookies, when he hears a nearby voice - someone speaking over the network, he gathers (it's all still pretty new to him, too), he pops his head out of his bunk to listen.

i mean, he could just as easily listen on his own device, but he's old fashioned, and she's.. right there, anyway. ]

If you find one, share with the class.
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[ cas can't help the inevitable bark of a quiet laugh, and he swings his own legs over the edge of his bunk as well, folding the bag of cookies closed and tucking it up near his pillow. and then he's climbing to his feet too, because it seems the polite enough thing to do, and stretching his neck until it pops. ]

Glad to see you've got your priorities straight. [ and, meandering nearer, he offers a hand. ] Name's Cas. Welcome aboard, I think.
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It's a pleasure.

[ ale isn't exactly his drink of choice, but he can definitely appreciate a healthy appetite for booze. she's got a good grip, too; he likes her already. once he's pulled his hand back, he settles his thumbs into the belt loops of his worn jeans. ]

From what I hear, that's unlikely. No one's seen hide nor hair of them at all, as far as I know. The ale, though, that can be remedied easily enough. There're a few bars on the other ships, or so I've been told.
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[ piss poor ale and wines certainly won't do, you poor soul. just wait 'til he gets some of his home cooked absinthe brewing, you'll be the first to get a taste. ]

You're right about that. [ said with a heaved, world-weary sigh and a roll of his eyes toward the heavens. he doesn't like it any more than you do, hawke. ] 'Fraid we don't have much choice, though. Shouldn't be long, at least, and the food here's pretty good. I've got some smokes too, if it'll help. [ he's only got half a pack left, but hey, he's a generous guy. ]
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[ cas laughs quick at that, even as he's fishing his pack and lighter from the pocket of his canvas jacket. ]

Yeah, I hear you on that. I've never set anything on fire, to date, but I won't ever claim to be a good cook. I can, you know, keep myself alive, but that's about the extent of it.

[ and it's hard to go wrong with, you know, canned foods. really, really hard to set on fire. not impossible, but much safer than anything that requires real cooking. he tugs two cigarettes free, holding 'em up. ]

But they're something like that, yeah. Tobacco rolled up all nice and neat. Takes the edge off, a little. And food's this way - [ vague gesture ] - if you're interested. All pre-made, no explosions necessary.
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[ no one has yet to stop him from smoking on this ship, so cas lights up without hesitation, taking a long drag from the cigarette and exhaling through his nose, before offering her the lighter between two fingers. ]

Well then you're in luck. The stuff here is pretty good.

[ at least by his standards. rationed canned foods day in and day out for years isn't really the most appetizing diet. he turns, meandering toward the hallway leading to the cafeteria. ]

And you can eat as much as you want. The stuff just.. replenishes itself. Machines, or something, I have no idea how it works, but there's plenty of it.
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[ when she doesn't take the lighter, he glances back to look and sees she's.. okay, right, well, fair enough. he doesn't know any mages, and the few witches he's encountered have generally been bad news, but she doesn't give off a particularly witchy vibe, or even an negative one at all, so he's chill with it.

curious, though. it's definitely got him cocking a brow. ]

Easy there. [ he says through a smile when she coughs, pocketing the lighter again. ] But yeah, tell me about it. You will not hear me complaining, that's for sure - about the food, at least. Not so sure about the blood and vomit. I've had my fair share of wild nights, but.. I dunno, I don't mind the crisp, clean thing they've got going on. At least the view is good.
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[ yeah she definitely doesn't read as witch, but then, cas never really knew many witches, and his power sure ain't what it used to be. so he'll just consider it a pleasant surprise, and remind himself that she seems the handy sort to have around. ]

You and me both, sister. [ he says with a laugh. ] But I was from a much nicer place, before that. I suppose I just can't get rid of that fondness for.. organization. Any rate, you'll soon find out for yourself.

[ since hey look we're at the cafeteria! it's not a terribly long walk. ]