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( #001 )

Who: Hermione Granger and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva, baby
When: From now until shuffle!

[ When she wakes up, the first thing that's obvious to her is that this is not her house; it's nothing like it, and that's more than enough to have her drop her hands to her hip - where, again, there's nothing familiar. The next stop is around her neck and it's obvious that she finds some comfort there, her fingers sliding around a ring before she breathes out and moves to sit up. At least some things are familiar, and she recognises a video feed when she sees it, lifting her free hand to push her hair out of her eyes. ]

Well, this isn't the Drabwurld, is it.

[ She sounds remarkably put out about it, shifting to stand and adjust her weight, her fingers finally dropping away from the ring around her neck. It's only then that she really looks into her feed, wondering if it worked just like the lockets did - and, at the same time, wondering if she ought to be afraid. Considering the number of worlds and things she saw and went through in the Drabwurld, however, she thinks that it'll take a little more than this to put her on edge, even without her weapons. ]

I don't suppose anyone here has heard of Nimh Gleanne? Leathann? ... Anything like that?

[ There's a kind of awkward hopefulness in her voice as she tries to smile, the scar on her cheek shifting with her lips. ]

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[ cas is just returning from the cafeteria, wrapped sandwich in hand, when he passes by; so this really is a thing, isn't it? people just.. popping in, unannounced, inexplicably.

experiencing it is one thing, but seeing it with your own eyes is another. the hospitality deck is only so big, and he's definitely not yet seen her face. ]

That's, uh.. a mouthful. [ a thoughtful squint. ] Gaelic? That language was always too much of a tongue twister.
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[ he recognizes that behavior instantly, the way she tenses, the way her hand moves to her hip for a weapon that is no longer there. it'd been the same, for him, when he'd first arrived.

so he'll, uh, just keep his distance for the moment, make it clear enough he'd not a threat, until she comes to him. with a warm smile, he offers a firm and easy shake of his hand. ]

Call me Cas. [ a beat. ] That where you from? [ vague gesture. ] Drab.. world, you said?
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[ tack it on to one more world name he's never heard of; more and more it's really beginning to seem that this place absolutely must exist in another dimension, or a pocket universe, and he doesn't need to worry about trying to figure out if he recognizes any of these planets because he doesn't. he won't.

easy enough. ]

Can't say I've heard of it.

[ brb, taking a big bite of his sandwich while shrugging his shoulders. ]

Can't say I've met anyone else who's mentioned the place either, but hey, there's a decent amount of people here, maybe one or two might know it.
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[ there was a time when he definitely would've agreed with that, the whole knowledge over food bit. now they're definitely tied. you can be sure he catches the way she glances toward the sandwich, though. ]

Fair enough. From what I hear, people are popping in here all the time.

[ more and more, from the sound of it. ]

But it seems hospitable enough, all things considered.
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[ that sounds hellish, tbh. food is important, man cannot survive on biscuit alone. or angel, either, apparently. at any rate, barking an easy, fluid laugh, cas nods. ]

That's definitely an upside, for sure. Can't say I'm happy they took my gear, though.

[ these days, cas doesn't really like being separated from his weapons. ]
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Mmm, my guns and my blade, too.

[ spoken around a mouthful of sandwich, sorry hermione, he often forgets his manners these days. he remembers to swallow before speaking again at least, before wrapping up what's left of the sandwich again and stuffing it into his jacket pocket. ]

Sorry about your daggers, though. Maybe there's some way to get them back, though it'll be nice if we won't have need to use them at all. [ not that he's actually expecting that, but hey, who knows. ]
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That's too bad. Sentimental value, I get it.

[ he gets it, even if he doesn't have the luxury of being able to buy into it anymore. where he comes from, you can't really afford to get attached to anyone, or anything. still, it's a shame she's upset about it, but she seems the tough enough sort, and he's sure she'll manage. ]

Could be convenient, yeah. But truth be told I don't really have a whole lot of trust in any sort of.. overlords. [ he used to be one of 'em. never trust the guys upstairs. ] I prefer things I can accomplish on my own, but hey, I wouldn't go looking a gift horse in the mouth either, I suppose. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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I hear you.

[ a clipped chuckle. cas knows a thing or two about family, the importance of it, how much it can hurt to lose an item of sentimental value. but family's in your heart, really, and you carry them with you wherever you go - she seems a smart enough girl that he doesn't need to say as much, though. ]

You're pretty optimistic, huh? But sure, I imagine you can look at it that way, yeah.
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[ it's admirable, he thinks. cas doesn't really have a great track record with the whole optimistic thing. he's too damned pragmatic for his own good, too much of a realist even after spending so much time around humans - still got too much angel in him.

but then, optimism hadn't really gotten him anywhere good, anyway. still, that doesn't mean he's going to bring her down for it. it's a breath of fresh air, really. ]

Takes a lot of strength to think that way. I hope you can stick with it.

[ a brief shrug, and then he's gesturing at last, in a vague that way direction. ]

At any rate, more importantly, food's that way, if you're hungry. Showers over there. [ more vague gesturing. ] This area isn't very big, but far as I hear we won't be on this ship very long.
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[ good on you, hermione, you're stronger than him, for thinking that way. it's truly something to look up to, even if he can't manage it himself.

at any rate, he's fishing in his pocket. ]

Yeah, you should've gotten a.. thingy. Something like this.

[ palming his network device, he wags it in her direction. ]

It's sort of like a cell phone. You can rifle through it, or you can just ask people over the network. It's been working for me, so far.
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[ the way she lights up, cas can't help but grin. ]

Hey, it's no problem.

[ not like he really did much anyway, besides providing the basics, but hey, if she's grateful, he'll take it, even a little bashfully. ]

At any rate, I'm going to grab some coffee and finish this sandwich. [ waggling it helpfully. ] You need anything else, feel free to holler, all right? I'll be around.