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ᴏᴏ1 : ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ

Who: Hino Rei [[personal profile] flameandpassion] and YOUUUU.
Broadcast: Fleetwide!
Action: The Marsiva.
When: Now!

[ ah, the flood of new people.

rei has been watching the network for the past half-day or so, and carefully exploring the marsiva. she's run into a fellow fire princess, but has avoided most everyone else. instead, she's been listening. waiting, watching. absorbing as much as she can before recognizing that this is, indeed, not a joke.

she's no longer in adstringendum, but somewhere new. either castiel's ritual failed, or the animus decided to say one last 'fuck you' to their favorite shinto priestess before kicking her out the door. aelia, as always, is a cruel mistress.

so when rei turns on the feed, she looks like a typical eighteen-to-nineteen year old girl, but her eyes look a lot older. her hair is long and falls across her shoulders, and she's wearing a sweater, jeans, and boots -- all miraculously mended thanks to the atroma. how nice of them.

there's no hope in her expression, necessarily, but she can't help but ask : ]

Is there anyone here from Adstringendum?

[ that should bring out the familiars, anyway. and rei waits, almost as if she's expecting someone to burst in from off screen and go SURPRISE -- but when that doesn't happen, she continues, a bit wryly -- ]

If not, then I guess I have to start from scratch. Hino Rei, your new securities personnel. Or... whatever they call it.

[ she certainly doesn't look pleased about it, anyway, and finally, her expression breaks into something frustrated. ]

But if this so-called reality TV show thinks that they can just take over where the Animus left off, they have another thing coming, because I've had it up to here with --

[ and rei stops herself before gritting her teeth, exhaling slowly, and frowning into the camera. ]

When do I get off of this thing?
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[ adstringendum, that name keeps coming up, over and over. it would be a simple curiosity alone if it weren't tied in with him, even tangentially, because it's not necessarily him that was there, but it's.. still him, even if it wasn't.

ugh. time. dimensions. it's messy enough when you're only dealing with one planet, one world, but it's an absolute disaster when you're including the entire cosmos, and all planes of existence therein.

at any rate, cas is meandering out of the cafeteria while she's making her broadcast, because he's almost always in the cafeteria, lbr, but he waits until she's finished to wander near, swallowing a nice healthy bite of pb&j. ]

So you, uh.. you've been to that place too, huh?
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[ .. damn girl, what did he ever do to you?

cas's brows shoot nearly up to his hairline at the rather, uh, less than warm welcome, but hey, he'll give her the benefit of the doubt here. it's not exactly a great time, waking up in an unfamiliar place, unless you're, you know, coming in from a sloppy death in a really, really shitty universe.

but you know, his experiences aren't universal. ]

Yeah, I'm.. fine. [ he says, with a cocked brow, because what, he's not bleeding from the nose or anything, right? he's in one piece. but then, if she was in that place for so long, chances are she might have known him before. not him, but.. him.

great. ]
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[ well, that certainly answers that. she's not the first to know his name before he's given it, which is a really, really bizarre thing that he's begrudgingly getting used to, so he can only figure that his assumption was correct.

at any rate, yeah, weirdo americans would apply if it hadn't taken him some time himself to understand the purpose of a handshake. but that feels like an eternity ago. loose and easy, he extends his hand to offer a firm shake. ]

.. Cas, if you don't mind.

[ it's been years since he's been called anything else, and his full name, the association with heaven, and god - yeah, it doesn't sit well on his shoulders anymore. it's not something he deserves. but he's smiling anyway, warm and languid. ]

It's nice to meet you. Sorry you're stuck here, but hey, at least the food is good.
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[ i mean, when it comes down to it, differing experiences aside, there are definitely things that transcend across all castiels. he grins. ]

You got it. Right this way.

[ the hospitality deck isn't really all that big, and the cafeteria is one of only two areas that branch off the main drag, so it's not terribly easy to navigate. he glances toward her anyway, to make sure she's following, before easing his free thumb into his belt loop. truth be told he's glad she isn't asking any questions, even though she's surely got to be bursting with them. he and the other guy.. they're all but night and day. he'd always known he'd changed, but knowing it and really seeing it are two different things.

it's only a matter of time before his dirty laundry gets aired, anyway, so for now he's just going to enjoy the peace. it's only a few more paces before they reach the cafeteria. it's a sight for sore eyes, every time. ]

Soup's on.
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[ oh yeah, you can bet that his bunk is littered with all manner of non-perishables, like a squirrel packing away nuts for the winter. he's ready for you, fleet.. shuffle, or whatever.

he barks an easy laugh. ]

No, uh, not really.

[ it's not like there's anything better to do but sit around and eat and smoke and stare at the network anyway. might as well accomplish that all here. it's really weird though, from his perspective, that she seems to already.. understand his habits. not weird bad. but definitely weird weird. at any rate, he's moving toward the counters. ]

Take advantage of it while you can, though. From what I hear, food's a real downhill slide after leaving this place.
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Heh, you and me both.

[ it's spoken lightly enough. swill buddies, for the win. he's going to drag as much food as is humanly (angelically..??) possible off of this ship, so help him.

he's watching her face from the corners of his eyes while she speaks, however, moving toward the coffee machines that are always alive and kicking no matter the time or hour. gratitude for the small things in life.

it's when she mentions meeting him that cas gives pause again, resting his eyes fully on her face for a few fleeting moments before he's snagging two cups and sliding them beneath the founts. ]

Wish I could say I remembered. [ spoken genuinely. he can't help but wonder if he's ever going to get used to being recognized by people he's never known. honestly, it's far more bizarre than squeezing through dimensions to the fleet. ]
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[ it's an odd thing to hear, really - friends. cas hasn't thought in those sorts of terms for years, and even then, he was such a different creature five years ago, a being entirely apart from what he is now, what he has become. friendship is a luxury none of them had had time for.

but he's paid his dues, hasn't he? he's made his sacrifices. he walked into that damned hospital to give dean a shot at the devil, and he's out now. isn't he? it's over. he's got time now to afford friends, he's given his life, atoned.

at least, that's what he can tell himself, even if it's impossible for him to believe it. not in a hundred lifetimes could he ever atone. ]

You know, I'd like that, too. [ he says, filling the first cup, sliding it aside, and beginning to fill the second. ] Even if it feels a little like cheating. I've kind of gotten a head start without even intending to, huh?

[ with both cups filled, he pops a big chocolate chip cookie between his teeth, then carries both coffees to the table, sliding one toward her. no cream, no sugar. he doesn't think to ask her how she likes it because.. well, he doesn't know that there is any other way to drink it besides black. ]
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[ ... goddammit sam.

cas respects the guy, truly. likes him, even if his relationship with sam is a little.. odd right now, all things considered, and cas is sure he didn't mean anything by it, but that sam spilled anything about his world at all - it chafes a little. where he comes from, everything that's happened to him, it's an undeniably sensitive topic, and that people could know about it, any of it at all, no matter how small the detail, without him knowing it himself, or having given that information freely..

well, he's not really in love with the idea. and rei seems a decent girl, says she'd been friends with the other guy, but it still doesn't sit right. it feels uncomfortable, like being exposed, like something bad and wrong about him is right there in the open and it shows as much in the way his expression stills, the way his breath eases out of him in something not quite a sigh. ]

Right. [ he says, quietly, but it's not like she's asking questions so he plows right on past it, leaning forward on his elbows to break a bite-sized piece off of the cookie, forcing the easy expression back onto his face. ] Well, I'll do my best not to screw up the opportunity, but no promises.
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[ the moment she shifts tactics he regrets having shown it at all, because cas isn't really into it - the feelings thing. he's been around dean too long, forgotten how to talk, how to cope beyond drowning it all in liquor and sex and laughing it away because what else is there to do?

but you know, maybe it's for the best, if it means having a good, honest conversation about this, because there's no denying his burning curiosity here concerning adstringendum, this place he definitely doesn't remember, or has yet to arrive in, or.. well, there's a hundred ways to define it. doesn't matter.

either way it's got him leaning toward her on his elbows in clear interest.

and okay, it's a lot to digest. dean, of course, had been there as well - he should have guessed as much. but lucifer? the name alone is enough to get him lifting his eyebrows, a tight, tense expression settling over his features, it's not a name that settles easily into his gut, it roils and it rails. but that's lucifer for you.

at any rate, he's quiet once she finishes, thoughtful, before at last he takes a drink from his cup and sits back, exhaling slow and easy, kicking his feet up onto a nearby empty chair. ]

Sounds like a blast. [ he says, dryly. ] Five years. A long time to be away from home, too. How'd you get back?
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[ .. welp. ]

Tough break. Sorry to hear it.

[ genuinely. it's pretty rough, thinking you've fought the good fight, that you'll finally be able to rest for once, only to be flung right into some other problem, some different problem, far from home. ]
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[ she's pretty tough, huh? it's clear enough through this exchange alone that there's a great deal of strength in her, and that's certainly something that he can respect. at the very least, he doubts he'll have to worry about her taking care of herself. ]

Right. Seems there're a lot of people hanging around from Adstr.. Ads.. uh. That place. So you definitely won't be lonely. [ easy shrug, and he pops some cookie into his mouth. ] But hey, you get bored, the door's open.
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[ cas isn't even worrying about shipmates yet, tbh. one day at a time, as far as he's concerned. ]

Yeah.. that's pretty bizarre. Earth seems a pretty popular destination, too. At least half of the people I've spoken with are from Earth, or if they're not, they've heard of it. For a cosmos so big as this, it's a little telling.

[ shrug. ]

Guess we're popular.
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[ HEY LOOK..... he was on earth before he came here so that. counts for something ok. ]

What's reality television?

[ he's a lot more human than you might remember, rei, but there's no tv in shitty apocalypse land. ]


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