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Gumball Wishes and Taxicab Dreams

[On today's episode of the Drift Fleet:

The cargo holds are full of mysterious crates! The crews are filling beyond capacity with new faces! Official alerts are informing the passengers that they are signed to contracts that they've never agreed to! They are docking at the dazzling FS Starlight, but are flat broke!

What are they going to do!? Stay tuned to find out!

...Meaning, this is a kickoff mingle for you all to enjoy the beginning of the latest plot setting. This is a convenient place to start threads relating to the first week of the event-- meeting new crewmembers, reacting to the mysterious cargo, arriving on the station and discovering that you're all broke, etc.

Tag around, start whatever you'd like, have fun. And, as always, feel free to make your own posts and mingles from here on in, as this will be the only mod-posted one for this event!]
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[ so he's been trying out the bartending thing, and it's pretty great, because the tips are great when you're a good listener, and the free drinks are even better.

so he's, uh, a little bit inebriated by the time he's wandered into nami's place, and hey, he totally recognizes you. leaning on the bar, he squints. ]

Nami, right?
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[Nami's here to drink and not serve, because her day job is serving bar and hell if she's bringing her work with her into this glorious place. So she's leaning on the bar and casually flirting with the bartender on occasion to get discount on her drinks. She leans back on her stool at the familiar voice to peer at him, cheeks flushed and looking a mite drunk herself. Oh hey.]

Castiel! Good to see you've found your way to the important places. Or do you prefer Cas?
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[ cas is all about drinking and not serving. you make good choices, nami. and she seems happy enough to see him, so he invites himself right up onto the stool beside her, waving a hand toward the nearest bartender. ]

Cas, if you don't mind. [ castiel just feels creepy now. ] Looks like you're having a good time, huh? I knew I liked you for a reason.
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[She doesn't blame you, bro. Though it's still weird to see a Cas so relaxed, she doesn't much care either. You're different people that look alike, that's all.]

Not just a pretty face. I hold my liquor, too. [No, really. She shifts aside to make enough room for him and flags the bartender to come this way.] What do you think of this place so far?
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[ he appreciates that more than you know. nice as it is to get friends for free, cas and castiel.. they're not the same person anymore. not really. he'd like to say he's not chafed by it, because normally this sort of thing would roll right off his back, but.. it's a little uncomfortable, being compared with the angel you used to be, and reminded of everything you lost.

so yeah. you're a pal, nami. once the bartender wanders over, cas squints toward the bar - he.. doesn't recognize any of the brands lined up on the wall, but at least one of them is labeled 'whiskey', so he points. ]

Double, please. [ a beat- ] And leave the bottle. [ and then, turning a bit more toward nami. ] You mean the station as a whole, I'm guessing, but uh.. not bad. I can't really complain, I mean, it's a hell of a lot better than anything I've experienced back home.
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Yeah, well your home is shitty. [A very definite opinion because she knows more about Sam's world than she really wants to. And she knows what caused this Cas to differ, and that makes it even worse.] Given the option, would you just stay here, you think? Nobody'd blame you.

[She's going to swipe that left bottle to refill her own drink, hope you don't mind.]
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[ .. uh

well, i mean. she's not wrong. but she sure did out and say that bluntly, and cas can't help but wonder just how she knows that - but then, she's friends with sam, right? so she arguably knows about his world, their home. he's not going to assume she knows the.. specifics, here. which is all well and good.

so he shrugs, lifting his glass. ]

Well, you're not wrong. [ a breathless laugh. ] But.. yeah, I think I probably would. Or, you know, on the fleet. Gotta keep Sam company, after all.
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Sam could use a bunch of good company. [She is firmly on the protect-the-cinnamon-roll train, inasmuch as Nami ever considers someone a cinnamon roll.] I think you qualify.

[Here, have your bottle back. She lifts her newly filled glass.] So here's to enjoying yourself while you're here. Cheers.
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[ a broad grin, and cas inclines his head. ]

That's something I can definitely drink to.

[ because enjoying himself is pretty much what he's all about these days; after their glasses clink he knocks it back easy, and exhales in satisfaction, tipping the bottle to refill his glass. ]

So, what is it you do, anyway? I mean, I know you're a bartender. That what you've always done?
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Nope. That part's totally new, actually! It's just a way to pass the time and get free drinks. [Shameless.]

I'm a cartographer! And a navigator. [Sip.] And a pirate.
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[ woman after his own heart, tbh, passing the time and getting free drinks is exactly why he's been doing it on and off here, too. that other stuff, though? he cocks a brow. ]

Sounds like an exciting lifestyle. You look pretty clean for a pirate, though.

[ earth pirates were pretty gross. he remembers. ]
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I'm one of the cleanest. There's two women on my crew; we're the only ones that bathe regularly. [She makes a face.] Our captain bathes once a week, and that's usually because we've kicked him through the bathroom door and locked it behind him.

[So yeah, the crew is generally disgusting tbh. Ladies look after themselves, tho.] You known a lot of pirates?
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[ that earns a definite laugh. ]

Known? None at all, but I remember them. Not the most hygienic group of people, but hey, who am I to judge. [ he grins. ] No surprise you keep 'em in line, though.
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Damn straight. Not a one of them could survive out there without me. [Well, she's the navigator and all.]

But yeah, our crew is probably more civilised than most, dirt or otherwise. I used to hate pirates when I was a kid. Turns out when you grow older you start seeing shades of grey in a lot of places.
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.. yeah, that's for sure.

[ he'll drink to that. cas takes a healthy pull, swirling the whiskey briefly against his tongue to taste before he swallows it. ]

Guess that's what growing up is all about. Not that I know what it was like to be a kid, but things were pretty black and white for me once, too.
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[That gets her attention, and she pauses, drink halfway to her lips.]

We don't have angels in our world. Not real ones-- well, not that we know of, anyway. [You never know.] You never get to be kids?
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You might. Who knows. To be honest, most humans on earth don't know we exist either. Dean didn't believe we existed at all 'til he met me, and I think he was trying to talk himself out of it even after that.

[ he can't help the nostalgic smile as he swirls his glass. ]

But anyway - no, not really. I mean, not like humans do. God made us just as we are, we don't really.. grow, or age.
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That's kind of tough. You never got to play on a swingset.

[Said lightly, and she grins. She thinks a whole bunch more on the subject, though. Everyone should get to be a kid at some point. Even she did before Arlong.]
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[ taking a sip, he chuckles. ]

Ah, I don't know, it's not like I knew what I was or wasn't missing, anyway. But I'll put 'try a swingset' on my bucket list.
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If I ever find one in our travels, I'll make sure to look you up.

[She gives him a mock toast with her glass, and then downs a third or so.] So. Can you get drunk? Enquiring minds would like to know.

[Just because it's hilarious if she can drink Cas under the table, okay.]
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Oh yeah, definitely. Takes a lot, though.

[ sorry nami, you can try, but he's still got enough angel in him to give him a leg up. not to mention he drinks all day every day, for the most part. he's got the constitution of mt. everest tbh. but hey, go for it if you want! ]

Wasn't too much of a problem back home, I had a decent supply, but it's damn expensive here.

[ especially when he's spending almost every penny on overpriced space weed and sundries. ]
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Well, it probably doesn't help that you only just got here.

I'll float you a couple rounds. After that, you still wanna keep going, you can pay me back later.

[There's an offer.]
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Oh, no, hey, that isn't necessary.

[ he's quick to say, his free hand lifting to wave dismissively. ]

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply -- I'm sure I'll be able to manage.

[ he just doesn't want to take anything from people!! and now he feels guilty for making it sound vaguely like he was attempting to weasel anything out of her. ]
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[Nami doesn't seem to take it badly either way anyway, grinning impishly at him as she finishes her drink.]

Well, as long as you're not gonna leave me here to drink on my own. Where's the fun in that?
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[ cas grins, and sips again. ]

I think I can promise that much. Though I don't know how such a friendly lady is here all on her own, anyway, on a busy night.

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