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Gumball Wishes and Taxicab Dreams

[On today's episode of the Drift Fleet:

The cargo holds are full of mysterious crates! The crews are filling beyond capacity with new faces! Official alerts are informing the passengers that they are signed to contracts that they've never agreed to! They are docking at the dazzling FS Starlight, but are flat broke!

What are they going to do!? Stay tuned to find out!

...Meaning, this is a kickoff mingle for you all to enjoy the beginning of the latest plot setting. This is a convenient place to start threads relating to the first week of the event-- meeting new crewmembers, reacting to the mysterious cargo, arriving on the station and discovering that you're all broke, etc.

Tag around, start whatever you'd like, have fun. And, as always, feel free to make your own posts and mingles from here on in, as this will be the only mod-posted one for this event!]
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bar, ofc

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[ cas is already about two and a half sheets to the wind by the time he ambles on into sam's place of work, but he's still ready to party, okay, and he can totally take a lot more than this.

still, he's feeling loose and comfortable when he leans onto the bar. ]

Should have taken her up on that offer, Sam. Six hands? Come on, imagine the possibilities.
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Hey -

[See, that there was Sam about to pleasantly say hi to the Cas he is 99% sure is the one from 2014. He's of course halted immediately by the fact that Cas sits down, smelling already like he's in the middle of a bender. W-well. It's not like he hasn't noted Cas' issues up close. But he can't help but give him an exasperated look.]

... Considering one of the ladies in that group ate the heads off her previous lovers, I think I'll have to pass on any Russian roulette today.

Where have you been, anyway?

[You wandered off into the station, he totally could have started putting up Lost Ex-Angel posters.]
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Suit yourself, but what a shame. So much squandered potential.

[ and you're a hunter, sam, you've ganked demons and worse, you can totally take on a six armed alien chick trying to eat your head. it'd so be worth it. youth is wasted on the young! but he digresses.

come on sam, what are u his babysitter?? cas lifts his brows. ]

Oh, you know, here and there. This place is pretty busy, lots to see and do, can't let an opportunity pass me by.
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[Oh lord, Cas. He rolls his eyes, but settles for conversation, cleaning the glasses absently, just to keep his gigantor hands busy.]

Yeah, it's hustle and bustle, alright. You see the casino? Dean'd have a field day there.

[But maybe he shouldn't bring that up, in case they have free booze. :|]
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[ yeah speaking of free booze, he can't help but notice that you haven't offered him a drink, sam. do you want tips or not? come on he's not that drunk, he can still walk and sit on this stool without falling off. be a pal. ]

Would he?

[ it takes him a moment to consider that, to remember that the dean sam knows is probably.. well, a lot different from the one that cas has known these past few years. dean doesn't have field days anymore. he doesn't have fun. he wouldn't give the most flying fuck you've ever seen about a casino, not anymore.

.. but five years ago? yeah, sure. dean was different then. or he's different now. something like it. cas huffs an exhale, worrying at a scratch in the bar with one bent knuckle, his expression distant, thoughtful, before he's snapping it back to sam. ]

Yeah, I suppose he would. Haven't visited it myself yet, no, but it's on the list.
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... Yeah. Yeah, he would.

[He squints, looking confused for a moment, and then bites the metaphorical hook Cas has accidentally cast out. He doesn't think about it before it pops out of his mouth, because the sudden uncertainty and curiosity is too much. Castiel seems to be troubled by it. And Sam's troubled by Cas' trouble.]

Is Dean... What's he like? In your future.
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[ yeah that's definitely not a hook he'd meant to cast, but i mean, talking about dean is at least easier than talking about himself, so he shrugs, frowning thoughtfully for a moment. ]

Well I mean, he's Dean.

[ so all of the bad things about him haven't really changed, but most of the good things have, beaten down and out of him the same as they've been beaten down and out of cas, and everyone back home. ]

So, you know, unpleasant. Cranky as hell.
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[Sam doesn't seem too convinced by the answer, deflating a bit.]

Yeah... Guess so.

I remember the last time we'd talked. Or — would have.

Can't imagine he's very fond of me, where you're from, but... I was just wondering. You know. If he's doing okay. [He scoffs.] I mean... doing about as okay as you can do, in that kind of life. You guys have had to deal with a lot, I'm sure.
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Yeah, well.. don't take it personally, Sam, he's not really fond of me, either. I don't think he's too fond of anyone.

[ something broke in dean, same as it broke in him, same as, he's sure, it must have broken in his sam, too. it is what it is. it's just his reality - who dean is now, to him. ]

But he's, you know, managing. I'm sure he's.. fine.

[ even if cas can't say that, for sure. last he knew, dean was lining up to shoot the devil, and cas has a hard time believing that he succeeded, but he has to believe that he did, can't possibly entertain the alternative. he waves a hand. ]

But hey, you can't expect me to to yap about this without a drink in my hand, Sam. Come on.
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[HUFF. What a way to turn his mood around into something like a petulant housemate.]

Is this going to be your last one today?
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[ more like petulant housewife, please sam enough with your mother henning!! ]

Who knows. I can still walk a straight line, mostly. [ he's not even slurring!! ] C'mon, Sam.
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[He rolls his eyes, but gives him -- something light.

Pushes it over kindly, even if you're a jerk and probably can't tip him.

... Meeting you halfway is good enough.]

You been making money alright, with the whole 'frozen account' problem?
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[ .. okay yeah something light, he can accept this compromise. not ideal, but he's not looking a gift moose in the mouth, here, so he's quick to pull the tumbler into his palm with a warm grin. ]

Yeah, haven't had too many problems. Not like I had much to begin with, anyway, I'd only been here a few days before we popped onto the station.

[ a shrug, and he sips. ]

Done a few odd jobs, bartending's good money, though you've figured that one out. But uh.. whenever I go to the park to meditate, people throw chips in my jacket. Not sure what that's about.
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[He's all ears, attentive and considerate, but...]


So they think you're a homeless man.

[He's trying not to smile. Really.]

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[ ??? ]

What? Why? I don't understand.

[ see sam, maybe he hasn't changed so much after all. he doesn't know anything about hobo culture ok. ]
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[Oh, dude, whatever. He grins wide.]

You're a little... disheveled, is all. The beard and the messy hair and the rumpled clothes.

And the... randomly sitting around in the park....

[This shit is gold.]
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[ why the heck are you smiling, sam!! he's still so confused. with his brow furrowed, cas glances down toward his clothes, definitely rumpled, though a little cleaner than he's used to. ]

.. what does sitting in the park have to do with anything?

[ hobos weren't a thing in his timeline, sam. they're all dead probably, or if they're not, no one's throwing money at them, that's for sure. ]
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Well... Usually homeless people don't have better things to do with their time.

Being poor.

The people tossing you change feel bad because they think you're flat broke and without a place to live or food to eat. Which... I mean... they're not that far off.

[He frowns a little, though.

This Cas isn't homeless. Not technically. It just reminds him of Cas being out on his own back home, once upon a time, though. Castiel had told him about it loosely before, and... of course, Sam feels guilt about that, too. It was during the time that he was oblivious and in Gadreel's grips, after all.]
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[ .. okay, the pieces are starting to come together. ]

So, what, they feel sorry for me?

[ he must really look pretty pathetic, huh? maybe he'll comb his hair or something, next time. but let's be real here, he probably won't. ]

Well. Fair enough.
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... Yeah, yep, they kinda' do.

[He cocks his head to the side.]

... I guess it's a way to make money. Probably hunter-approved.

Though I think you'd be better off as some yoga instructor.


An official one, not an innuendo.
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[ his mind is a little bit blown, here. but it's nice to have the mystery solved, regardless. whether or not he'll feel bad about inadvertently stealing people's money is up for debate.

nevertheless. ]

Aha, something tells me a place like this doesn't have a whole lot of call for yoga instructors..
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I'm sure there are plenty of places to apply yourself.

The place is hustle and bustle, and all.
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Yeah, and yoga's kind of the opposite of that. But hey, if it keeps the cash flowing, I'll look into it.

[ he can hold hobo yoga sessions in the park. taking a drink- ]

Anyway, when do you get out of here?
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[He looks unsure about that, actually.]

I... don't know. I've been doing extra hours after the last guy broke his arm wrestling one of the rowdy drunk dudes. Usually I just work the nights until someone tells me to go home.

[Sam lives a very dull existence as a bartender, okay.]
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[ ... sam please. cas snorts. ]

Sounds, uh.. riveting.

[ couldn't have said that more flatly if he tried. knocking back the rest of his drink, cas sighs, satisfied, and slides the glass back toward sam, snagging a handful of credits from his pocket. ]

You should call me when you're done. There's this great little hole in the wall not far from here.

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