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01 [ video / action ]

Who: Dean doing the OTA thing
Broadcast: fleetwide video
Action: anybody on the Marsiva
When: 1/27 - 1/29

a; (acting alone)

[ The video cuts in accidentally (are accidents ever accidental?) to Dean using a plastic knife of all things to pry a panel, about four feet in each direction, off the wall in front of him. It takes some jimmying, but after a couple seconds, it pops right off, and Dean catches it before it falls more than an inch or so open. He looks around quickly as he slides the panel aside (got to work fast with cameras on and no easy way to disable them), but when he looks to what the panel was covering, his head jerks back in surprise. Then he crouches in close to get a better look. ]


[ Behind the panel is a network of machinery, all interwoven, some of it whirring quietly as it moves together like... like nothing Dean's ever seen. He stares at it, his expression as openly mystified as he feels before he slides the panel back on and snaps it back into place. He stands, loose-limbed and completely clueless as to what the hell he's supposed to do with that. ]

Oh, this is way above my pay grade.

[ Seriously. Where are the air ducts? The red and green wires? The, you know, normal wall stuff? Dean thought he could figure this spaceship thing out, but damn it, Shatner and Ford never prepared him for this level of sci-fi weirdness. ]

b; (the buddy system)

[ In the cafeteria sometime later, Dean is scouting out anybody who looks like they could throw a decent punch. Why? To fight them, of course.

Now, he's not going to go right up to somebody and just sock 'em one. Come on, he's not stupid. No, he's going to try to antagonize them into punching him, instead.

Look, alright, it's worked before. ...Except the other guy ended up dead. It's a long story. Anyway.

You can find Dean staring at you if you're the kind of type who looks rough and tumble and easily angered. Or you might find him eyeing up the big burly-looking guy in the corner in a completely no-homo kind of way. You might also observe his fine table manners, as while he's doing his "sizing up" of the room, he's also shoving food in his face and chewing with his mouth open, because damn, you get hungry after puking as much as he has in the past two days.

Or you might find Dean getting the crap beaten out of him by someone twice his size (which is saying a lot; he's not a small guy). You might want to help him, if you're the helpful kind of person, because the non-existent authorities sure aren't going to step in, and somebody should. Or you might find him after nobody did step in to help him because, let's be real, he deserves the black eye and busted lip and bruised kidney he gets. Just don't expect him to apologize if he got any blood on you. A little blood's not going to kill you, and everybody knows a blood splatter always makes for good TV. ]
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a; 1/2

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[ oh, that's -


it's like a splash of cold water right down his spine, and cas is pretty glad to be alone here right now, under this tree in this park, so no one's around to see him drop his guard so quickly. he's not even sure whether he should be glad to see him or not, all things considered. ]
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[ ahem, right, here goes the smile. ]

That's, uh, pretty innovative thinking. I guess. Probably wouldn't screw with it any more, though.
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[ .. ah. right. okay. not the dean he knows, fair enough. cas can't tell the difference, with so much space between them; talking across these devices doesn't really afford him the chance to feel anything.

he's trying not to be disappointed. it's probably for the better. ]

Uh.. [ raking a hand back through his hair. ] .. like shit? Yeah, I know. You've mentioned that before.
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[ .. human. right. cas glances away for a moment, chewing thoughtfully at his lip. it's easy to jump to the worst conclusions. ]

Well, you're not wrong.

[ but he's leaning forward now, from where he's sitting at this little picnic table at the park. it's simple enough to deflect the topic right off of himself and back to dean, however, which is right where he wants it. ]

More importantly, you. You're probably freaking out right about now, right?
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[ he knows your lying faces, dean. has been up close and personal with them for the past five years. but you know what, he still can't help the smile that darts across his mouth anyway, warm with nostalgia. it's been a long time since he's seen dean talk like this.

or, well, a few days, technically, but before that? he can't remember the last time he heard dean joke about anything, especially under duress. he doesn't press for more though, because dean's good under stress, and so long as he's not tearing apart the ship or getting his ass kicked anymore, cas is satisfied.

but this isn't a goddamned pong game, dean, stop deflecting his deflections. ]

I haven't gotten a signal in years, Dean. Who knows what the angels are up to, don't look to me for answers, I've got nothing.
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[ a heavy sigh. cas runs a hand back through his unkempt hair and shrugs, still maintaining that now slightly nervous smile. ]

You don't miss a beat, huh? So you remember, then.
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Yeah, it's, uh.. it's been pretty good.

[ bit of an understatement, really, but cas is still waiting for the day for it all to go pop, for the other shoe to drop, and the catch to rear its ugly head. as far as going back home, though - a brief shadow ghosts behind his eyes, and cas laughs in that thin sort of way, and he almost says it, that he's got nowhere to be going back to anyway, that he's living on borrowed time as it is, because this is dean. this is the only person here he can trust fully and completely.

but in the end he can't bring himself to say it anyway, because that's not something dean needs to be worried about right now. ]

What about you? You're looking older than I remember. What year are you from?
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[ halfway through 2015, all right, so not too terribly far from sam, then. like as not they're from the same timeline. that's good. it's good that they're together again in this place, even if cas can already see they're back to bickering like cats and dogs.

but it feels right. not going after sam back home.. it'd been wrong. honestly, it's probably the biggest mistake that they made. if he'd made more of an effort to reach out to sam, if he'd done more to convince dean to find him, to work together - well, chances are it wouldn't have all gone to shit. chances are his dean and sam would be just where these guys are now. older, tougher, but still alive. still free. nothing like the dean he's known these past few years. and maybe he'd still be an angel, not.. this.

he sits back a little, a thoughtful crease in his brow. ]

A week or two, thereabouts. And uh, yeah actually Sam and I are on the same ship. Haven't seen much of him since we landed on the station though, been busy.

[ been drunk and/or high, tbh, but also making money, and occasionally hanging out in parks, too, like this. even if he's definitely a little stoned right now but it's whatever. ]
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Nope. Not a thing.

[ dean's not going to happy to hear it, he knows - past or future, dean's always been about results, can't stand being idle or sitting on his hands too long without going stir crazy. at least, if they're in the middle of a mission, or a case, years ago. days off are another story, but these past few years.. dean doesn't really bother with those, either. ]

They cover their tracks like nothing I've ever seen. No one seems to know anything at all. We don't even know if it's a group. Might just be one person, or a company name, or.. anything. Hell if I know.
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[ wow, dean said thanks. that's a novel concept. cas's eyebrows lift for a moment, but then he grins. ]

You got it, boss.

[ not like dean even needs to ask, really; anything cas finds out would be surely redirected right to him, and sam, and on down the line from there, but so far this place has been quiet, and even if dean might not like it, cas is trying to enjoy himself here.

speaking of - ]

More importantly, you tried the food, yet?
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I have no idea what that is. I also have no idea if it was a cow. Probably wasn't, actually, but I mean hey, who cares. Tasted great, right?

[ cas can't help the grin as he leans on his elbows, a little closer to the feed. ]

Anyway, that's not the problem. The problem is that the food on these little ships - it sucks. So, uh, if you want to be a pal..
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[ why should he even care. he's been eating like, canned beans and expired food for the past five years, peopleburgers are great, and he's not people anyway. except they're probably just space cow, dean, stop being so dang dramatic. ]

First off, I don't want the peopleburgers, though they were pretty good, yeah. Secondly, you're probably only going to be on that ship for a few more days. You'll be knocked off into one of these smaller ones, soon enough.

[ so fill your pockets and bring him goodies please!! ]
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[ well we'll argue this again someday if we ever actually find out they ARE peopleburgers, for now you're just being overdramatic!! ]

Woahwoahwoah--hey! You've only got so much room in your pants, don't bother with the fries. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! They'll last longer.

[ a beat. ]

Oh, and those little bags of the cookies. Don't forget!

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