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001 | video

Who: Ciri and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide video.
Action: On the Marsiva! Feel free to tap her on the shoulder and say hi.
When: Nooooow, a little bit after her arrival.


[For someone who looks like she stepped out of some medieval era, Ciri doesn't seem too alarmed by all the space and technology. It's easy enough for her to figure out how to broadcast, and she peers into the camera for a moment before speaking.]

So, two questions: where can I get a sword, and how exactly are my abilities dampened, here? [Because the first thing she tried to do was teleport back to Skellige, only for a whole lot of nothing to happen. Maybe if she didn't have enemies to demolish she'd actually feel some relief about the fact that what makes her a target for so many people is gone.] I can't be the only one. Someone must be very skilled to figure out how to keep that much control over us.

And... one more thing. I don't suppose any of my companions have found themselves here. [She frowns, brow creasing with worry. It's unlikely. She knows how sudden world-hopping works... or doesn't work. Still, she must try.] Geralt? Yennefer? Triss?
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[ that panic moment of waking up without a weapon - yeah, he can totally level with that. he'd felt all but naked without his handgun when he'd arrived. it's no fun. ]

Sorry to say I haven't seen any swords around, myself. Don't suppose you know how to use a firearm, huh?
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Seems that way. They're not so tough to use, if you've got a good grip. I could teach you, if you like, once you're off that ship. How's your aim?
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[ he cracks a grin. ]

Should be a breeze, then. I'm sure you'll take to it like a fish to water. In the meantime, enjoy the food.
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Call me Cas. It's a pleasure.
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Right, Ciri, well if you're still interested, go ahead and look me up whenever you're off that ship, and we'll see what we can do about gearing you up.
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Yeah, sure thing, sounds like a plan. I look forward to it. Stay safe out there.