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001 ♛ Video;

Who: Daenerys Targaryen
Broadcast: Fleetwide video.
Action: She can be found on the Hospitality Deck of the Marsiva if anyone wants to find her wandering around.
When: Today!

[Daenerys hadn't even had fortnight to settle in, to take in the situation she's found herself in. One moment she was in the almost safety of Drogon's company and the next she was surrounded by Dothraki. Now? She was.... looking at a strange speaking device? She learned enough that people could communicate with it, but not enough right away on how to do so herself. It takes her a moment to figure it out and when she finally does, her violet eyes are still wide with concern on the video feed. Once she realizes it's working, she tries to go for a more calm and assertive outward appearance.]

To think that such a place would be capable of stealing so many from their homes. I can't imagine the ransom they'd be seeking. I wish to speak to whoever thought it wise to attempt such a feat and if any others can provide valuable information, mayhap you'll receive a reward from me in return.

[Mostly her eternal gratitude, given that she had little else on her person in the way of money. Carefully, she tucks a stray silver lock behind her ear. She wanted to ask where Drogon was and yet she knew outright asking her captors where they'd taken her dragon might be too foolish of a thing to attempt.]
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[ well she's certainly a striking thing, isn't she? ]

Sorry to say it, but it's doubtful you'll get in touch with anyone important. Seems we're not worth the time.

[ not anything he isn't particularly accustomed to, anyway. can't ever trust the big guys upstairs. ]

Information, I can do. At least a bit. You're on a big ship called the Marsiva at the moment, but you'll be shuffled off soon enough. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the food while you can.
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You'd think that, 'til you're stuck with the food on the ships.

[ food is always a worry, as far as he's concerned. ]

But yeah, you got it. You'll end up on one of these smaller ships. It's random, but from what I hear, you can move around if you don't like where you've been assigned.
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[ a bit more softly - ] I know.

I'm sure you've got important things to get back to, but hey, chin up, right? Anything that has an entrance has an exit. We'll get there.

[ that he's not really keen on getting home himself is, you know, irrelevant. ]
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Weapon or something? Seems like anything dangerous was stripped from us before we arrived.

[ he might not have a cool dragon child, but he sure didn't feel right without his gun and his blade, that's for sure. though that's not really the same kind of pining she's experiencing. ]
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Dragon, huh?

[ cas hasn't known too many of those, but he's not unfamiliar with their existence, either. ]

Not surprised to hear it, though. From what I hear, those things pack quite a punch, and they seem pretty intent on keeping us pacified. But I'm sorry you had to be separated from your.. friend.
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[ .. well, some added mix-up here, considering the dragons on earth have a humanoid appearance - or at least, are able to disguise themselves that way, so he's just going to have to assume that she's a dragon, too. ]

.. ah. Well, no wonder you're angry, then.

[ hell hath no fury like a.. mother scorned, after all. or something like that. ]

Wish I could say there's something I could do to help. Maybe if you blow a few holes in their ship they'll give you some attention, though uh, I guess I shouldn't be advising that, really.
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No? Why's that? Lose your spark?

[ he has no idea how dragons work, but hey, if angels can lose their grace, maybe dragons can lose their fire. ]
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[ ah okay, so maybe not a dragon. just friends to dragons. or.. surrogate mother, in this case. fair enough. ]

Well, that's just as convenient an ability, in most cases. Perhaps a bit too slow-acting though, to be of much use to you right now, I suppose.
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[ woah pulling out the big guns eh, scary dragon mom. ]

Yeah uh, gelding isn't the best way to make friends, I don't think, especially if you don't have that dragon to back you up. At any rate, I'm sure you'll manage. It's not so terrible here. At least, not so far.
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[ hey yeah well, fear tactics are definitely a thing, and they sure do get the job done. ]

Me? .. well, yeah, I mean, I guess I do. Sure beats home, that's for sure. I've got no complaints.
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[ he chuckles, soft and quiet. ]

Nah. I mean, not when you put it so considerately. Where I come from is just, uh, kind of unpleasant, is all. And the food here is way better.