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001 || video + action

Who: Jon Snow and you!
Broadcast: Fleet-wide video, whoops.
Action: Marsiva
When: Present.


[He doesn't feel the fourth knife go in, the cold and the dark already rushing in to claim him. He's not expecting to open his eyes again--he's not really expecting much of anything at all--which makes it a shock when he does. Enough of one, in fact, that the very first thing he does is fall off his cot.

That'll make a great impression on any viewers watching. But right now, Jon Snow doesn't care about that, doesn't know about that, he's looking down at himself in shock--he was stabbed, he remembers that, he remembers the dagger in his belly and in his back and the cold, it had been so cold, but now he's here and it's as though they never were.

He's breathing again. That's--That's also unexpected. Calm down, Snow. You're lucky enough to breathe again.]

Ghost? [It takes him a moment to remember that, right--he left Ghost behind. It feels as if a part of him's been cut off from him, leaving the rest of him adrift and confused. He breathes in, out. All right, he's breathing. He'll deal with the rest of the panic and the rage later, and that growing feeling of being watched, for now he staggers to his feet, clearly still a little dazed, and looks around.] Where am I?

[This is more of a muttered question to himself, rather than one posed to the network, because then he stands up, clearly resolved to do some exploring.]
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[ whoa buddy, falling out of bed, way to make an impression. cas grins lazy into the feed. ]

Haven't seen any ghosts here, myself. Anyone given you the rundown?
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[ well hey i mean, first impressions are important. it's hard to forget watching someone fall on their face. sorry, jon. ]

Definitely. [ wait for it- ] Enjoy the food.
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[ cas can't help the grin. he's sure that this guy probably didn't expect him to go on about the food, but hey, that's exactly why he's doing it. no one ever thinks to warn the new people about the terrible food on the ships! it's a real tragedy. ]

Can't recall seeing turnips there, so I think you're safe. But once you're off that ship, the food gets pretty bad. So, you know, indulge yourself.
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[ sneaking food is absolutely a good idea. cas's pockets were filled with sandwiches and cookies by the time he was shuffled, tbh. ]

Well, assuming you've heard post of it. Atroma, ships, blah blah. You should probably start considering your skill sets, since you'll be flat broke once you're down here on the station, but it's easy enough to find work so long as you're not completely useless.