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Who: Arthur
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: SS Red Fish
When: nnnnnow


[A young man with dark, slicked-back hair gives the screen a polite smile.] Hey, so I'm guessing a lot of you have been here for a while, and I was hoping for some tips. Any favorite protein food recipes? [- said with some humor to it. He sighs.] I'd really like to get home as soon as possible, but I'm sure that's a common sentiment.

I was wondering if anyone here has heard of a PASIV device. That's P-A-S-I-V. If you don't instantly recognize the name, you most likely don't know what it is.

Oh, I'm Arthur, by the way. [He gives the camera a quick, flippant salute before turning off the video.]

[Action] (Red Fish)

[Arthur sits in the kitchen, picking at his food for a while. After a few minutes of that, he gives up, taking out his red die and rolling it around thoughtfully across his palm.] Feels real.
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[ cas is rumpled and groggy as always, dark hair stuck up at all odd angles, sleep lines still on his face when he trundles into the kitchen area, smelling faintly of marijuana and.. grass? actual grass, like, the stuff that grows on the ground.

he drops into a nearby chair like a sack of rocks, yawning into the elbow of his canvas jacket. ]

Nothing is real before I've had three cups of coffee, buddy.
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[ keep it coming, arthur, cas has a doctorate in dealing with rude jerks. ]

What, of this ship? Nope. [ and, after taking a nice, long drink of piping hot coffee, cas squints at him over the rim of his mug. ] New guy?
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They sure don't.

[ and it's doubtful that they're going to start any time soon. but cas seems nonplussed enough. he smiles, slow and lazy. ]

Good to meet you, Arthur. Name's Cas. I'm guessing you got the rundown on the Marsiva, more or less.
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Oh yeah, understanding it is simple enough. Coming to grips with it - that's a whole different story. [ he shrugs. ] But hey, you get used to it. It's really not so bad here.