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lifted by the wind

Who: Daenerys & Open
Broadcast: Yes~
Action: Not unless you want to seek her out/contact her beforehand.
When: Evening, July 3rd.

[She is smiling like a satisfied cat, eyes agleam.]

The Dragon enters the Fleet and the Lions and Wolves scatter. [Fitting, though a bit disappointing. She has envisioned her enemies for so long and they still evade her, dancing just beyond her fingertips.]

[Private to Tyrion.]

You have my sympathies. Let us make the most of our time amongst the stars, hm? [She is already star-gazing, sitting before an impressive window, her hair completely loose and recently brushed.]

The only Lion worth my time remains and that works in my favor. Our favor.

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[There's been so much happening lately she hasn't stayed abreast of all the latest comings and goings of the fleet. It also takes a moment to translate those animals into people.]

Robb and Jeyne too then? [She doesn't sound pleased about that. It won't be long before Kitty discovers Robb left his direwolf pup to her, but for now all the animal companions are locked away while they continue along on the Marsiva.

Then an alarming thought occurs to her.]

You don't mean Tyrion, right?
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Good. [About Tryion.]

Robb was in one of those comas for a long time. I guess he never woke up. [It's one of the things that makes her very wary of them. Most of the time people do come around and it's fine, but she's seen too many people she cared about who went down and then just disappeared. Some of her concern here isn't for the method of disappearance or even for their friendship, but just knowing he's as dead back home as she is.]

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I honestly can't tell if this is a metaphor or not at this point.

But I can guess that you're probably the Dragon in this, huh.
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I swear, no one can give me a straight answer, can they?

So, is it a literal thing, then? If you don't mind answering. Wouldn't mean to infringe on privacy or anything anymore than it already is.

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And what does that mean to those of us who do not waste our time speaking in riddles?

[Because she's not 100% sure what a lion or a wolf is, but she's pretty sure she hasn't seen anyone besides humans running about, lady]
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Do I look like someone who knows anything of this "Westeros" you speak of?

[spoiler: hard no on that front, there's a very blatant lack of red-skinned, four-armed and four-eyed giants roaming about]

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You don't look much like a dragon.

[ Neither does Kai, maybe, but he'd say he looks more like one, with the pointed ears and the fangs. ]
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Yeah, mine too.

[ Is he joking? Is he not? He's not giving a particular indication either way. ]


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[He feels he needs to stand up for his former crew here- he can guess what she's talking about when she mentions dragons, wolves and lions, after all. ]

I'd hardly call what the Starks did scattering. Atroma just sent them away. There's a difference.
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[That gets his hackles up a little, he tries not to let it show, but his mouth forms a thin line. ]

I know. [He wanted to save them, to take them away from that- bring them home. Somewhere...better. ]

So. Are you one of the people in Westeros who isn't kind to them? They had a lot of enemies, it's hard to keep track.


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Public Video

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Well, I shall miss the Wolves. They were good allies, while they were here.

[Let it publicly be said.]

Knowing their fates ... well. I hope they never return to Westeros. Some mercy for the children of one's enemies is always appreciated.

[Remember that, Dany. She is alive because someone showed mercy to her at a difficult time.]
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Re: Public Video

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They were. Treated so poorly as they were by Baratheon and Lannister families -- you might have found them more willing allies in time.

[Ah but what little time they had ...]

I would never. You always put the good of your people first, I have seen that first hand.
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I miss Cersei like I miss the searing pain of the wound on my face - that is to say - not at all. Jaime ... [a sigh.] Jaime is forever complicated, my Queen. Thank you, regardless.

[She is utterly stunning, her hair loose and her gaze to the stars.] Let it be said the only Lion left bows to the will of the only Dragon worth taking a knee to, if we are to be sentimental.
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Re: Private

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Love makes us do the most idiotic things, sometimes ... [He sighed softly.] Jaime more than others, it seems.

[One hand to his chest, a slight bow of respect.] My family abandoned me long ago, my Queen.
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[Her tone's hard, if still mostly civil. While she's glad Jeyne went with Robb, it still hurts to lose them. And Sansa, too.] The Starks were good people, Daenerys. The ones here had no part in what was done to your family. Considering what they are going back to, it's hardly something to be smiling about.
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[ video ]

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[Keith saw her in Tyrion's dream. But, still. He can't help but wonder which Lions she was talking about. He was curious, and maybe a little put out at the implications of 'scattering'.]

What Lions?

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