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[Video] Calling dibsies

Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Open broadcast because someone can't be bothered to filter things
Action: If you wanna seek her out, sure
When: Evening of July 3

[Oh hey it's Looma again, and she's not beating up the ship at the moment. Go figure right? Instead she's killing time by a sealed and locked door on the Marsiva, because she's pretty deadset on forcing her way into the rest of the ship the moment she sees it open not that she ever will.]

It has come to my attention that the Bishop is now without a captain. I intend to claim that position. Any among the crew who wish to dispute that claim may challenge me at their leisure. The only promise I make to those who do is that I will ensure you survive your failure.

[It's a little hard to tell whether this would classify as a promotion or a coup, all things considered. Which was impressive since it's not like she got rid of Cersei, but she also had no intention whatsoever of being subservient to anyone left on the ship. And she was more than willing to take that position by force if necessary.]

As for everyone else... I would be interested in hearing if anyone has found a way off this section of the ship. The thought of being trapped here any longer is infuriating, and it is difficult to continue isolating myself.

[She's trying to prioritize everyone's safety, that's gotta count for something, right?]
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You ain't hearin' any dispute from me, go ahead an' take it.
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[He sounds a little amused.]

I ain't much of one for givin' royalty positions in the first place; but she's gone so that doesn't matter. And you're still better qualified than I am.
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...Okay, but why have a ruler in first place, if we're gonna go like that?

--Which are? I'm thinkin' they're not really the same as mine.
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You sound like the kinda gal I wouldn't mind serving under.

If you're up to exploring for a way out or whatever, I've got nothing better to do (it's frustrating, honestly). Just give the door marked JILL VALENTINE a swift knock or two.
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Only been here about a week, give or take. This would be my first time on a spaceship, here or otherwise.

Oh. Sorry, didn't know.

[ She just wants cool company, but she'll settle for a chit-chat. ]
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Seems to do the trick, but I'd definitely rather it do the trick and taste good. A nice steak sounds fantastic right about now, if you ask me!

Ha, well, you're the one doing the Captain-claiming, not me. Unless you mean off ships entirely? Is that a thing?
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I didn't know that there was more than one deck. Has it been accessible in the past?

I'm gonna kick back for now. Maybe in the future (if I'm still here) it'll be something to look into, but as things stand I don't know enough about the way things operate or anything to be confident in my ability to lead. I wish you luck on becoming Captain, though! Do you just claim dibs and it's yours?
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Then it's worth checking out when/if possible, if you ask me. Even if it's always been off-limits, there's got to be a reason.

[ Although she wonders if it's just maintenance or something? It could be that some kind of gear for filming is there. ]

Yeah, I definitely like you. ;) I hope that you get to gear up and go for it.
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[...Oh God help them.

When Sayid sees this particular broadcast, he definitely decides to go in search of Looma. Using clues from the video feed, he eventually manages to locate the Tetramand. Approaching her, his face is pleasant but bland.]

I'm not here to challenge you, for the record.

[Probably better to just....get that upfront, especially since he's made the choice to come find her. That could be taken the wrong way.]
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[He still stops just far away enough that it's obvious that he's not trying to pose a threat.]

That's not what I came here to discuss. I believe the position of first mate is also unfilled. I'd like to take on that role, if you wouldn't object.

[Because someone needs to be there to temper her, and he's not sure anyone else is going to step up to the task.]
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[Sayid certainly expected that to be harder. But then again, the hard part will probably be acting as Looma's first mate in general.

He smiles faintly, and nods.]

I'm glad.
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[Oh glory, how can he defy Looma? Impossible.]

How will this new promotion affect our influx of hair-care products, Cap'n Looma?
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You did! You taught me the finer points of conditioning with your great pile of product!

[So okay maybe he's willing to argue THIS point.]