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005 [video/action]

Who: Ardyn and YOU!
Broadcast: Open Broadcast
Action: Kitchens of Marsiva
When: July 4th

How long will it be until we can return, or rather, be returned to our ships I wonder? Such odd occurrences have happened aboard this ship over the last month or so. These rooms involving our pasts and memories of others, quite unnerving I have to say.

[The calibrations. How could you not notice when your life was like an open book for anyone to wander in at will. Ardyn didn't like it, not one bit.]

I seem to have been granted a few little presents from our esteemed masters though....

[He offered a small chuckle in amusement, as he moved to fill up a glass of something, since he was in the kitchen of the Marsiva.]

....upgrades they call them. Augment adjustments to these strange little chips in our heads. Has anyone else had one and found themselves gifted with power they never had before? Telepathy is such a useful gift to have, since those Atroma robbed me of my abilities when they dumped me aboard this space prison.

[He took a sip of the liquid and smiled slowly. Wine? Possibly.]
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[He's just chilling on a worktop somewhere, don't mind him.He's kind of glad for his own calibration, it's been...nice to have his body again, even if it's technically only a dream. ]

I do not know, I doubt they will have this happen indefinitely. Their whole point is to stay interesting, no? The same thing forever would get tiring.

...Are you saying you had them but an ability in your augment? [Does he sound unsure, he's absolutely unsure. Why would you let them play about in your head, buddy?]
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God forbid we stop being entertaining, after all.

[It's part of Lumière's job to be entertaining, but even he's allowing a sliver of bitterness to creep into his tone. It's very different when this isn't by choice.]

Oh, I see. So you essentially found a way to get back what they stole from you. Very clever!
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OH, no, not us. We'll always find new ways to entertain the masses, no? We have...talents in that area, you and I, no?

[Oh, he does love sordid ideas, though. Those are the BEST kind. ]

Not especially, no. What I want more than anything is just to have my normal human body back. No bells, no whistles, no fire. Just myself.
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We would be rolling in ratings in no time.

[Not that he can buy anything useful. Except maybe a roomba to get around on. He flashes Ardyn a flirty smile for that comment. ]

That is a real shame, mon ami. With my human body we could really give them something to spectate. It is a true tragedy.
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[Merlan's slipping into the kitchen for another cup of tea when she hears 'telepathy']

Telepathy upgrade? It really is a useful gift, especially when other means of communication aren't viable.

[She takes a seat not far away.]

It is something I have had all my life.
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I was, actually. [She waves a little.] Are you having issues with your ability now?
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Mm. Lots of practice, then.

[Her eyebrows arch at the question.]

How does anyone come to be born with blue eyes, brown, hazel? I just was.
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[A very put upon sigh, as Cogsworth's clock-faced head appears on the screen.]

Marvelous, now I know you are a powerful enchanter.

[...and now the clock perks up.]

So perhaps you can help Lumiere and I with our - ah - issue!
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[.....Oh. Dear. God.

So Cogsworth is now going to be lifting his little brass arms and try to form the sign of the cross but you know.

Little brass arms.]
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Uhm. Yes. Yes I absolutely believe that you are a daemon and I am trying to figure out if this is punishment for something that I have done.

[Or, in fact, Was.]
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You have what now?

[That's just great. Just what they needed. A telepathic trash can Ardyn.]
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[Such a creep. Apparently, one can glare and shudder at the same time.]

I heard you. I was hoping I heard wrong.
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[That is the last thing anyone needs, Ardyn. Stop.]

It's a valid fear. You mean you aren't already? [It's just a string of curse words pointed your direction.]
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That's just ... great. How about you don't?

[Note to self: Think of nothing when Ardyn is present. No, wait. That's too hard. You can't just think of nothing! Then you'll think of something. Think of chocobos! Soft, fluffy, cute chocobos.]
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Telepathy? Oh, c'mon, this whole calibration room thing is bad enough with the seeing into people's heads. Now you can just upgrade your OS and bam, mind reading powers?
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What kind of powers were that? Where I'm originally from, like, my home planet, no one had...powers. Everyone was just a normal human.

I... I mean, there's gotta be some drawback, right? You don't just get power for free.

[Even if it's almost tempting to think about it. Lance is far from power hungry, but having an advantage and something unique to offer to the team other than his sharpshooting abilities?]
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[ video ]

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Lovely. This is just what everyone needed.

[ Gross. She doesn't want you in her head, jerk. Or anyone's head, for that matter. ]

You just never know when to stop, do you?
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Sarcasm does not suit you, Chancellor.

[ Oh, she's going to. ]

You are a curious creature indeed. A curious, troublesome creature. On that note, I'm going to kindly ask you to stay out of our heads.

[ Ours being Ignis', Prompto's, Noct's, and her own.... actually, everybody's. ]