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001 first log [video/action]

Who: Worf and you.
Broadcast: Open.
Action: Marsiva kitchen.
When: Now. 4th of July.

[The feed cuts in showing a rather irritated Klingon tasting some of the "space gel" that the crew are forced to eat as a substitute to real food. He's in the kitchen, having had no choice but to tear himself away from all the memories and strange rooms aboard the ship. Worf isn't good dealing with odd situations like staring into someone's past or trying to get his head around things like that.]

How can anyone call this food? It is tasteless and lacks everything real food has! This is nothing compared to Gagh.

[That's Klingon food. Worms that are alive and move a lot.]

This show has gone on long enough. I demand to know what is happening and why there are these strange memories of people being shown in rooms. If you were a man I would kill you where you stand!

[He's targeting his anger at the network, hoping to get his rage across to the Atroma; his captors. Maybe Worf is just annoyed at the food selection and lack of prune juice. It seems he wants to pick a fight with something or someone.]
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It's probably being controlled by men, if we can find them I'll happily give you first shot.
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[ Signy doesn't know that anyone would say she has much of a sense of honor, but she knows battle, and she doesn't fight it like the Atroma do. ]

Captain of a starship, where I'm from. Worked up to there from pilot. Yourself?

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It is not tasteless unless you do not flavor it.

[But it is just... so very, very wrong]

But I recommend finding real food at the next planet. And that if we ever do encounter the ones responsible, you stay out of my way. You may handle any with the sense to flee, but first blood is mine to claim!

[she's... still holding onto that grudge]
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They stole my hammer while dragging me to this miserable excuse for entertainment. They do not simply appear to be cowards, they are cowards.

[It's a sore spot- one that could only be remedied through gratuitous and highly unnecessary violence upon those responsible. With a minor detour along the way, since she had promised one of the new hosts she'd rip out her tongue and she wasn't about to start breaking promises now.]

I am Princess Looma of House Red Wind. I am definitely a warrior- not that it appears to be a profession in any great demand among the rest of the fleet.

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Come by the Blue Fish once we're out of here. Unless the ship had a power crash, I've got freezers with meat in them. Real food.
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Yup, it's the ship I captain!

[He's so proud, he loved the Blue Fish a lot. ]

All kinds. I think I got some tallbird left, fish, various others. All of them are alien, but most taste like chicken or pork for some weird reason.

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Ugh! Gagh, the one thing I'm grateful I haven't seen here.

[Sorry Worf, she's not a fan.]
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[She makes a gagging sound.]

Oh, I remember. She's probably the only Trill besides Curzon that could stomach it.

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[H u H.]

Honestly the food is not really food, just gruel in paste form to keep us alive. We've all found it easier to spice it or leave the cooking to those better trained for such things.

[Pleasant smile.]
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Well, I wish you could have meat, ser, but that is unfortunately not the people we live with.

[Tyrion gave a what could you do, shrug, before he tipped his head.]

Quite a few, actually.

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[Was that…? No, it couldn’t be. Then again, who else would it be? He did have rather distinct features, after all, it was hard to mistake Worf for someone else, or someone else for the Klingon. Wow, really, wow. Even with several members of Star Fleet around, and from all different times and universes too, it was pretty cool that Worf was here; he had always been one of Remy’s favorite to watch as a kid. The man kicked butt.

And while he couldn’t offer something more appetizing for the man, Remy was mentally debating if to offer something else, worried it might be seen as insulting instead… and he really didn’t want to make an enemy of a Klingon. But given the chance to speak a language he spoke and enjoyed, Remy would want someone to do that for him.

So here went nothing.]
nuqneH qaleghneS. [It really wasn’t the kindest of languages, quite different from the French Remy was so use to breaking into.] Don’t quite keep Gagh ‘round these parts, but ya may get lucky on one of our stop overs ‘nd there be something similar to it. Been able to find a few spices close to those I know back home on some of our stop overs.

As for the ‘show’, we all stuck in this together ‘nd don’t got ‘ny real control over it. All part of bein’ held by our hosts here. Happened before as well, shouldn’t be happenin’ too much longer before we back on our ships ‘nd headin’ to a new planet.
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Know of it, oui, never seen it in person. [Thank goodness, it never sounded very appealing, short of cooked up with some garlic and spice and a few other bits and pieces.

Or deep fried, everything was better deep fried.]

As for the Atroma, it kinda hard to fight against something ya can't find. We get feeds of them, they move us 'bout... give us oxygen 'nd food, but don't think 'nyone ever came in contact with one. 'nd while I think some have tried takin' their anger out on the ships, I ain't big on the idea of pullin' apart the very things keepin' us alive in deep, dark, space.

It ain't my normal choice of actions either, but 'til we get an option to do 'nything 'bout it, all can really do is sit back, try 'nd keep skills sharpened, 'nd wait.

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[ video ]

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Have you ever had Altean food goo?

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[Well. That sure is a Klingon. Although the Federation and the Klingon Empire aren't on the best of terms in Chekov's time, he was friends with B'Elanna Torres for a while (whether or not she would have agreed that they were friends is open for debate, but) and is inclined to keep an open mind.

He is also inclined to be grateful that he isn't saying hello in person since this particular Klingon seems to be in a foul mood.]

There are talented cooks in the Fleet, but I doubt that any of them know how to make Klingon dishes.

[Just. Easing into it. There's no telling when this Klingon is from and what he thinks of Starfleet.]

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I feel like I just had a translator glitch...

[Because it sounded like Worf was just trying to hack something up and not pronounce the name of any sort of actual food] for the hosts...what if they're women?

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[ For a minute Kirk looks - well, not quite alarmed, but certainly surprised and just a touch tense. Because, well, Klingon. He is from the era in Star Fleet history where just about everything in the universe and Klingons were not friends, least of all because he was still pretty damn high on their shit list.

Certainly the threats and anger seem on par with the Klingons he knew, though Beverly had talked of them a bit differently. ]

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