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Who: Voltron cast
Broadcast: No
Action: On the Marsiva
When: Day after Pidge's arrival (last week of calibrations)

[The first morning after calibrations started was awkward as hell and kinda sad. Shameful, too, but at least the boys accepted him. Not the way Shiro would've wanted them to find out (or at all, really) but they talked, and it worked out.

Now though? He's furious. Worried, too, but mostly angry. Atroma has done so much shit, but bringing the Green Paladin straight into calibrations is just an asshole move. ...because she IS here, isn't she? Atroma wouldn't create a room just to mess with them.


Pidge? Pidge! [He calls out as he storms out of his room, just waking up, ready to find his team and punch... well, he can't punch Atroma, but boy is he ready for it.]
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[It was the fastest Keith had gotten out of bed through the whole calibrations situation. It had been hard to get up each morning, dealing with the fallout of getting dragged through other people's heads and having other people getting dragged through his, but he had motivation this time. He almost fell out of the bed in his rush, having to detangle himself from the stupid flamingo blanket.

He heard Shiro down the hall, and ran that way.]

Shiro? Did you see Pidge, too?
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[Don't monopolize running, you guys. Because Lance is on his feet immediately as well, even going as far to forego whatever semblance of a morning routine he has in order to find Pidge. Because she has to be here now, right? Why else would they have seen her?

Keith's room is close enough to his own that he spots him running down the hallway, and follows along.]

Okay...okay, I guess we're all running around like hyperactive cats for the same reason, yeah?
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Why didn't we know she was here first?

[Keith followed quickly enough, visibly frustrated and just Put Out by the whole thing. Dumping one of their own straight into those crazy dreams. Not even giving them a chance to figure out where they were or find familiar faces. Just BAM.

He was pissed.]
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I don't know. Maybe she was already asleep when she got here, or didn't have a chance to leave her room?

[He's not really angry, more worried than anything. Because something like a calibration room is not a great first welcome into this place.]

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[As it happens, Pidge is just a little further down the hall, just outside of her assigned room. She also happens to be in full paladin armor and has removed a small wall panel so that she can get at the wiring and circuitry behind it. So the others will probably find her in the middle of trying to connect her gauntlet to the ship's interface, brow furrowed in concentration.]
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[Keith wasn't sure if he felt better or worse about any of this.

First, the idea of someone getting dumped right into the callibrations rooms with no warning or waking moment to figure things out first was pretty ugh on the part of the Atroma.

Second, that made four of them here, and he really didn't like that so many of them were stuck here, potentially affecting how things were going back home. This could set them back a lot after that huge effort they put out to defeat Zarkon, and he wasn't looking forward to a potential mess on getting back home.

He wasn't surprised, though, to see Pidge already trying to hack into the computer systems.

He hung back, not wanting to crowd anyone, and letting Shiro check on her first.]
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[He's relieved to see her safe and sound, and...of course, hacking away at something. Of course. What else would she be doing? Lance takes a seat next to her, poking her shoulder.]

Decided to join the party, huh?
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[She looks up as soon as she hears her name, eyes widening just a bit to see Shiro, Keith, and Lance all hurrying over to her. For a second there she's just surprised to see them, but that there's a part of her mind that simply informs her (for a second time) that the dream she had must not have been just a dream. Though that doesn't quite explain her teammates' apparent panic upon seeing that she'd arrived on this new ship.]

I'm fine. [She means that comment for Shiro and Keith, and then immediately turns to Lance to give him a skeptical look.] I don't think "falling asleep and waking up in a different part of space" qualifies as a decision.
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Yeah, no, Lance... it definitely doesn't count as an actual decision.

[Keith siiiiighed.

He then glanced back at Pidge trying to hook up her wrist gauntlet to the wiring in the panel.]

Any luck?
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It was a joke, dummies.

[Sigh. Always such a tough audience. He gives Pidge a little hair ruffle.]

We missed you, short stuff. But yeah, what Shiro and Keith asked.
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[That seems like a quite a few questions being thrown Pidge's way, and for a minute she just kind of looks between each member of her team. For a second there she feels a bit bad that everyone else is also so quick to throw Lance's joke aside, but at the same time... Well. It was probably in poor taste as far as Shiro and Keith were concerned or something. (Not that Pidge even knew what Keith classified as 'funny.')

She idly swipes Lance's hand away as she adjusts herself to face everyone, dropping her arm into her lap and turning off the screens on her gauntlet in the process.]

Well, I remember the dream I had. [Then her brow furrows a bit.] Mostly. I know you guys were all there and someone said something about being dragged aboard a new ship. [She pauses there just to look between everyone again.] And that's... true, right?

I mean, the last thing I remember is being in the castle and we were all running to check on Black and Shiro. [She isn't sure if she should mention that Shiro wasn't with Black when they got there, so she doesn't.] So this definitely isn't the castle-ship or one of the Galra's, so I'm gonna need some time before I can hack into the interface.
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[Keith just rolled his eyes a little at Lance, but didn't fire back, letting Pidge and Shiro catch up the conversation. Instead, he crossed his arms and leaned back against one of the walls.

He considered the question Shiro asked for a moment, though.]

I think the amount of luck she'd have would depend on her augment. If she's got the right one, then she'll understand even more about the right things than she would have without it.

[If she had the right augment, she could potentially get the different data and communications functions in their armors to actually work with this place. That would be really handy and a huge advantage for them.

He looked over at Pidge now.]

Do you know what you got?
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Sometimes they give people totally different augments than what they're good at. But like Keith said, if you get lucky enough to get the right one, it helps a lot.

[Not much else for him to say right now. Definitely not going to do any more jokes.]
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[Pidge frowns a little, looking back down at her gauntlet.] I noticed that. Trying to get hooked in the usual way wasn't working, so I thought maybe if I could hardwire it in I could jump start something. But...

[Her frown deepens then, shaking her head.] I'm pretty sure I know how the ships here work. Like, in crazy detail. Which must be from the augment you guys are talking about, because I've never seen these ships before waking up here. It might be possible for me to get our armors running the way they should, but-- [And here she just gestures at the exposed wires in front of her.] I'm gonna need to do a lot of tinkering. In a way, these systems are more advanced than anything we've dealt with before.