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Eleventh Blight

Who: Riona and you folk
Broadcast: A very brief one
Action: On the Blue Fish. At your own risk
When: After everyone's back on their ships

[Emotionally wrought from the calibrations, Riona sets out to find Leliana and unload a bit. Between what everyone saw of her, and what she saw in others' minds, her head's spinning and she's not sure where to go with it all. There's so much to process and sort through, and her best friend's always been good for that.

But Riona can't find her anywhere. Even Kiter aids in the search as they tear through the hauntingly empty ship, but when they come up with nothing, she finally tries her room. And it's empty.]

No. No no no...

[She pulls out her communicator and looks for her in the directory. Her name's missing, like she'd never been there. First Beverly, then the Starks, and now Leliana.

Riona's officially hit her breaking point.

She screams, agony and rage all coiled into one verbal assault. Kiter runs for the hills (or probably the cargo bay to hide) as Riona pounds her fist against the wall. Obscenities and pleas are hurled as she stumbles to her room, not bothering to stop the tears and the sobs that follow behind. She slams her bedroom door behind her and collapses onto her bed.]

[What seems like an age later, she finally regains enough control of her emotions to send out one text to the fleet.]

To those who knew her, Leliana has gone home.

[That's all she sends. It's all that's needed. And with that heavy burden done with, Riona breaks out that champagne and the rest of her alcohol stash. She's been crying so much that the alcohol is mixed with salt from her tears. Vaguely she realizes she shouldn't be doing this, not when she's still so upset, but she doesn't care. What's the worst than can happen? Frankly, at this point, she doesn't care. She just wants it to stop, and that's gonna be found at the bottom of a bottle.

Those on the ship or who want to stop by can approach her, though don't expect a sunny welcome. Bringing booze might help gain entry.]
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[Sokka sure hear that scream, and he's up and out of his room and racing off to her room as quickly as he possibly can. He knocks, at least, or rather, frantically pounds on her door, worry coiling in the pit of his stomach. Please, please, no more madness. Please. ]

Riona? What's wrong?
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[Oh...oh no, not another one. There's silence for a moment, as Sokka checks their crew roster- and he feels his heart sink. No.

Another moment of silence, then another tap on the door, Sokka exhales, resting his palm on it.

Riona, I'm coming in, okay?
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[And inside he comes, he has a gift basket tucked under his arm. He gives her a tired, sad smile. After the month she's had, this is the last thing she needs. There's more bad news, but first he puts the basket down, heading over to put a hand on her shoulder.]

Hey you.
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[His heart breaks for her, it really does. He wishes more than anything he could take away that pain, hold it for her, even for a little while- just to take the crushing weight of it off her.
She deserves that much.

You wanna drink the cheap awful champagne they gave us and maybe throw stuff at the wall?
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Eh, future-us can deal with the mess. Present-us can get drunk instead.

[He raises the basket in his hands.]

Allen's passed out so we are absolutely eating and drinking all his stuff. To stop it from spoiling.
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[He pops that last P with his lips, moving to sit down and opening Allen's champagne. ]

I went to check on him and he was flat out. I dragged him into the clinic so at least he's somewhere safe, but it's not like any of us can do anything given that he's our clinic guy.
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[He lets out a shaky exhale, rubbing the back of his neck. He takes a swig of the bottle, then offers it over to her. ]

Yeah, it's not...been a great thing for us recently. And we're running really low on people to lose anyone else.
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[He doesn't reply right away, he leaves it a few hours. Give her time. ]

...I am sorry, Riona. I knew she means a lot to you.

[And then there were three. ]
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I know, for that I am very sorry. not fair.
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Perhaps we are simply not interesting enough for them any more. I do not know if we should be glad for that or not.

[He doesn't WANT to go back there. ]

Do you need anything? Is there anything I can do to help?
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[He could not blame her for wanting to escape this place. Even he doesn't wish to stay here, just not go back THERE. ]

...Certainly, I can do that much.
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That it does. I will be there shortly.

[Because it's better than being miserable separately, right? After a short time, he'll get to the Blue Fish, heading to her door to knock.]
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[Wow, if she's in the jumpsuit, things must be bad. He moves inside and stays standing for the time being, concern on his features. ]

Given the past month, that is perfectly reasonable.
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Where are you?
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I am coming over there.
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Okay, how many bottles?
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I'll just pack a bag then.