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Shufflemageddon- it's a Bishop Mingle!

Who: Bishop crew and any visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Anyone aboard the S.S. Bishop
When: RIGHT THE HECK NOW (and also throughout the month)

[New crewmates, new captain, new reasons to wonder how the ship's still flying]
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[At some point, early in the month, Looma is getting a visitor! Lucky her. Sokka heads through the Bishop, seeking her out giving her a lazy wave when he finally finds her. ]

Hey, Looma! Thought I'd pay you a Captain-y visit, see how it's working out for you.
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Noctis Lucis Caelum | OTA

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[He's in the kitchen, or what can be called a kitchen... sort of. This wasn't really a kitchen in his eyes. Sure it had all the necessary appliances but... he couldn't get into this. This was so bizarre. Where was the food? He didn't want to deal with that gel stuff. He knew how to make it into things and he didn't want to know how he knew that.

He grimaced at the potato flakes and the canned meat... and especially the beans. He tossed everything aside in disgust.]

I can cook but I have no ingredients!
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[He startles at the booming voice abbr then again at ther intimidating figure. He's quiet at first.]

The next planet... when's that gonna be? How do we get more? Do we have money?

Sorry... new here. I'm Noctis... I don't think denying people would be right. How ungrateful are they going to be? So be potatoes and... beans aren't anything to celebrate. Better than that paste. I'm not eating that.

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[ Poor Noct. Luna's made her way over to the Bishop, and she's on a mission. She asks around and soon she's directed to the kitchen -- and she arrives just in time to hear his outburst. She can do nothing but stare at him, before she bursts out into a fit of amused giggles. The King of Lucis himself standing in a kitchen rummaging through things so that he can cook for his crewmates.

Luna herself, however, looks just as silly. She's got a pair of bright pink, very cheap sunglasses sitting atop her head, and a bag draped over one of her arms. She's been looking through the gift basket that had been left for her, clearly, and she's brought things to share with him. ]

Good afternoon, Noctis. How do you like the Bishop so far?
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[He flinched when he heard her voice. It... it was real. He whirled around to meet her gaze and despite the silly pink sunglasses Noctis looked grief stricken.]

So it wasn't a dream. You're really here... [He hurried around to her side and before he could think he threw his arms around her. He just couldn't let her go again in case she went somewhere.]

Luna.... Luna. Where are you staying, how did you get here? How did you find me?
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[ For a brief few moments, Luna almost thinks this may have been a mistake. She probably should have called first and given him some kind of warning instead of just popping up, and that's something to keep in mind for next time. The look on his face stings her, though, and she swallows. ]

I am, and I have been here for nearly four months. [ She offers him a tiny smile, before she very carefully wraps her arms around him in return. It's still strange to her that he doesn't remember the time they'd spent together here, or the rather feverish kiss they'd shared during the ball... but perhaps that's for the best. She's certainly not going to bring that up.

She does, however, shift to place a hand against one of his cheeks, pushing herself up on her toes to press a warm, grateful kiss against his other cheek. ]

I am currently residing on the First Breath alongside Prompto and Ignis. I am one of the communications officers there. As for how I got here and how I found you, I took a shuttle and I asked around.

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such a cinnamon roll

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yes ma'am

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John Laurens | your friendly med officer

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[--So he's quite happy to be back aboard the Bishop. Which is much less quieter than it was before, and he appreciates that! Deeply. He's also noticed a bunch of new things, and is, therefore, exploring. He finds his way to a room labeled armory, and:]

Yo, holy shit, we got guns now! Hell yes!
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[ Making his rounds and scribbling down notes, Rick paused thanks to a sudden exclamation. Wonderful. Weapons never made things more complicated, especially with those who weren't as skilled with them.

Walking over, he looked at the man in question with a tilt of his head. ]

Do ya know how to handle a gun?
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[John's raising his eyebrows in some disbelief.]

Willin' to bet I was usin' one before you were ever thought of.
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[ With a nod of his head, he moved forward to try and peer inside to see what all they had to work with. ]

What's your weapon of choice?

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Pidge Gunderson | Resident Engineer, reporting in!

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[As it happens, Pidge is simply standing in the middle of what appears to be a bedroom. Quarters. It's kind of similar to what the paladins have back on the Castle of Lions, but only in the sense that it feels pretty... utilitarian. Small. Essentials only. It's probably a good thing Pidge is so small.

After a quick look around, Pidge can only guess that this is no longer that first ship, the Marsiva. The others had said that eventually everyone would get assigned a smaller ship in the fleet or whatever, so this was probably it. Made enough sense, right? With that in mind, Pidge decides to move out of the room and start investigating the rest of the ship.]
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Oi -- you! Over there! Person! C'mere. Got somethin' to show you.

[Do you dare, Pidge?]
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[Way to get Pidge's attention, there. With a quick look back just to see that it's no one else being called over, Pidge kind of just... stares over at the man down the hall with an eyebrow raised in confusion. Not moving yet, just.......... staring.]

Uhhh. What?
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Come 'ere. [Run fast, Pidge.] I got somethin' I want to SHOW you underneath my coat!

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[Looma's probably pretty lucky that Pidge even happens to be back in her bunk by the time she comes calling. She's actually in the middle of poking at the paladin armor, trying to figure out what's working and what isn't. So it's additionally lucky, then, that the captain knocks so loudly. It's enough to pull Pidge's mind from her work, and to have her get to her feet to answer the door.

And look up and up and up once the door is open, just to see Looma's face.]

A request? With what? [...Then, as kind of an afterthought, she adds:] Captain?

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Rick Grimes | Security!

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[ Waking up in another new location worked at Rick's nerves but after the initial frustration, he realized he had a lot more ground to cover. Exploring every inch of the place and making notes seemed like the proper first step. Interacting with the new crew members, well, they could have more information than they thought. Most witnesses took in far more than they originally believed until more things started to come to light.

Just arriving there proved a challenge.

With a sigh, Rick wandered around with a notepad and a pen, trying to figure out the new 'ship' and all its features. ]
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[ At the sound of a voice, Rick looked up from his notepad and had to keep glancing up to take in the face of the one who spoke. Back to questioning the head trauma possibility. Flipping the notepad shut, he straightened his own spine out but knew he would never match the intimidation level, at least, height wise. He never took up much space but more than made up for it in other ways when needed. ]

I am. Just got assigned to this place. [ Perhaps, he would believe it to be a ship soon enough but not for the moment. ] You got somethin' to hide?

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[Oh hey....dude he's...seen in Carl's memories. Well. This isn't weird at all. (Not in the least because he's seen Rick's wife die....)

Sayid is heading from the cargo hold to his room when he comes across Rick. He pauses for a long moment, clearly slightly surprised, before he approaches the man.]

New crewmember?
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[ Looking up, Rick placed the notepad and pen in his pocket for the time being. ]

That's right. Rick Grimes. [ He held out a hand, attempting to offer a small if a little tight smile. ] Taken it you've been here awhile?

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