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Who: Crowley and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Málum - Iskaulit
When: Right now

[Crowley had checked the vast majority of his people were where they were supposed to be- annoyingly, Allen was passed out, but he's not going to share that with everyone because, well, he had more exciting news to share. He'd gone to check on his bar, and found the upgrades he'd paid for had finally borne fruit.

As such, he turns on the camera with a sharp-toothed grin. Bohemian Rhapsody can be heard faintly in the background (sometimes, the jukebox got stuck on it) as Crowley pans the camera to a slushie machine. Look at how that coloured ice sludge spins slowly. So delicious.

So! While we were having our fun little time in our own heads, it seems Málum has had a bit of an upgrade! We now have a bona-fide slushie machine. Which means we can have alcoholic slushies. So while you lot are drowning your sorrows about unwanted memories or...apparently celebrating coming out of a closet, you can do it with a boozy cup of flavoured ice.

Isn't that great?

[He could have bought him and Felix a bigger bedroom, he could have done that but no. This is what he devoted his credits on. This right here.]

If you come by with some emotional scarring from your calibrations, come by and I'll give you a single little slush for free. Just one mind.
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[ Yeah, Jayden's lost some people she was actually starting to maybe consider... the f-word. Gasp. Plus calibrations were bullshit. So she'll absolutely take him up on that. ]

Don't mind if I do. Might as well give me a whole blender full though. Fair warning.
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Then I'll be right over.

[ And indeed, here she is~ She picks a spot at the bar, looking over at the slushie machine with a smirk and an approving nod. ]

Guess you're moving on up in the world.
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Shouldn't be too hard. And the drunker people get, the less they'll notice the flavor.

[ She nods. ] I'll try one. And a shot of something strong, too. In the name of getting hammered.

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[Well, she's been asleep for the entire thing, but Fie does want a slushie...]

How about I show you the contents of my basket for a non alcoholic slushie? It's like a cheap knock off of the ones most people got.
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I'm also sixteen.

[She's really not sure if it'd actually matter to him, but better safe than sorry. Probably.]

I guess I was in a coma for all the stuff that happened, so I got a consolation basket.

[Fie reaches off screen to hold up a bag of candy labeled 'floot cubes-- tofu flavor'.]

These expired three years ago. [She turns the back around so he can see the expiration date. "Three years ago today!"]
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[Fie simply slides on the frames of her lensless sunglasses before pulling out the next item.]

There's also this. [Instead of the sparking cider, she got a strange substitute.]

Why would I throw it out, then?


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Well, I mean, if this wasn't a pleasure cruise before...
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You mean as opposed to being a reality TV star?

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Are you accusing me of being a drama queen, Crowley?

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[personal profile] namisan 2017-07-10 08:31 am (UTC)(link) know, that sounds kind of like fun. I could make a frozen Margarita.
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I'll be over to test it when I'm off shift. [Look man, drinking in her own establishment isn't as much fun. Also omg I'm sorry I lost this]
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[You betcha she'll turn up on her dinner break then, looking to break in this nifty new machine. If it's worthwhile, she might put in for the upgrade in her own bar. Though honestly she'd prefer not to, all things considered.]

Evening! [Hopping up on a stool at the bar and looking like a little kid. Inappropriate, Nami.]
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Huh. [Yuan is watching the machine curiously.] ...Haven't seen one of those since...well, since I was the age I look. Although I hear they've invented them again for the resort park in Altamira.
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I'll be down in a bit.

[The feed shuts off, and sure enough, it isn't too long before Yuan is wandering into Màlum and making his way over to the bar.]

So is the blue flavor amango, or blueberry, or something else I haven't heard of?
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Ah. [Yuan smirks as he settles onto a barstool.] I guess that will be a new experience, then. I doubt I've ever tasted anything 'blue' flavored even before I gave up the ability.

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