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Twin Roses July Mingle

Who: Crew & Visitors of the Twin Roses
Broadcast: Unlikely
Action: Twin Roses
When: July

[Come enjoy our lounge and our people!]

Yuri Katsuki | OTA | Around the common areas. [the ship description mentioned furry vermin]

[personal profile] pork_bowl 2017-07-10 03:14 am (UTC)(link)

[Yuri was minding his own business in the common room. He'd found some cardboard to fold up under one of the legs and under the back part of the seat cushion. This chair needed new springs and new upholstery... and new everything else. It was the one that sank the least when he sat in it, though. He was playing solitaire on his communicator minding his own business when he glanced up. Something small had moved and briefly, he wondered if it was Chuuya using his telekinesis again.

But when he looked up it was not a floating object at all. It was a strange furry looking creature that seemed to crawl out of the couch.

Yuri blinked at it. It seemed to be still... then it darted along the side of the couch like a roach. Suddenly he stood from his chair and looked behind him, he lifted the chair cushion to spot another white fluff scurrying away under the cardboard. He froze.]

What are they?? Do they live in the furniture? [The first one on the couch moves again and he flinches. He'll be trying to corner that one with two pieces of cardboard and if anyone finds him it will be when he's just about to pick the white thing up and it crawls up his arm. He shrieks and flails to get it off.]
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[This. This is actually pretty funny, so Chuuya watches for a little while for the entertainment factor.]

You'd probably get it off easier if you just relax.
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Huh?? Chuya h-help me, get it off!! GAH-- [It was crawling up into his hoodie.]

Noooo no no no get it away!!

[Enjoy him flailing around like a mad man. He tried to strip his hoodie off. It just bunched up around him and didn't come off.]

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Makie | Sort of OTA???

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[Guess who's basically hiding out in her room? This lady. Something about the knowledge that people may have gone trawling through her head, because she sure as hell went trawling through a lot of yours.

(aka: she probably isn't around much at all, but if you need to speak to her for whatever reason, you can find her in her room.)]
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Vash the Stampede | OTA

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A. Kitchen

[First thing Vash wants to do once they're back onto the ship is to go through the notes he's set aside from the last calibrations. If someone tries to read over his shoulder they may be surprised to see Vash looking over what appears to be gibberish. Possibly because it's coded.

He's also writing down gibberish notes that he's currently translating from what he has written down on his arms. It's not much, but he's trying to remember as much as he can. Coding it may be going too far, but Vash can be paranoid when he wants to be. He promises to collect the papers spread all over the kitchen table once he's done.]

B. Around the ship

[Once what he was able to write down about the glitch he saw and he's had time to look everything over he decides to blow off some steam. Someone got a toy dart gun in his gift basket!

Watch out for darts suddenly sticking to whatever object you might be holding. Or maybe even your forehead.]
Reach for the sky!

[Except Makie. Makie will be treated like a lady and only get just a cheesy smile and the silly one liner.]
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What are you doing?

[Listen, if you thought you were gonna get Chuuya with one of those darts, you got another thing coming! Like... Chuuya stopping the dart with a hand before it can hit him, and sending it right back at ya, Vash!]

You should know better than to play these games with me!
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[Vash could easily dodge the dart as it flies back at him, but that isn't any fun! Instead the dart pelts him dead center on his forehead where it sticks.]

Aw, come on! After being away from the ship for so long we should relax and have a bit of fun, don't you think?

Besides! I was just gifted this thing! It would be rude to not try it out!

B. Also gonna tie it into his post above

[personal profile] pork_bowl 2017-07-18 02:14 am (UTC)(link)

[Yuri was trying to get the weird white furry things off himself, flailing and swinging them off but they were sticky and they seemed to love crawling on his body. What did they want, food? Warmth? To freak him out??? He had found these white bunny looking things the size and shape of soap bars in the couch and they latched on.

He wasn't minding where he was going as he tried to pull a particularly stubborn one off his shoulder. Then it was gone, a dart stabbed the thing and it flopped off him. He gasped. Who-- where had it-- oh god were there more darts? He looked up.]

Vash?? You saved me. Oh geez... that was so awful.
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No problem!

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[Vash smiles as he stuffs the toy gun into his pocket.] Well, it looked like you needed a hand. [He bends over to pick up the poor critter and allows it to crawl up his arm.] I see you've made a friend.

Vash is hero

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[Only because she's a lady Vash thinks can take a joke where he's worried Makie will only be insulted and confused.

The plastic suction cup on the dart sticks to the wall as the culprit slinks out from behind the opposite wall with a snicker. He spins the toy gun around on his index finger.]
What if I offer to lend it to you on occasion? Never know when you might need a dart gun!
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chuuya nakahara | ota

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[Everyone's got baskets! Nice baskets! Hurray hurray! Or at least that's how it should be, right?

No, not for Chuuya. You see, the nicer items of his basket were replaced by more, uh, less than pleasant items. His basket in particular contains coffee grounds, Camellia seeds, and gauze, however his seed packet was opened? With some seeds missing?!

His basket also includes a coffee mug, however it is... placed... somewhere high and behind other things. So who is even aware of it's existence?! A mystery!]

What is this shit?! Is this some kind of joke?!

[And, to top it all off, the hat he was wearing went missing. Why always the hat?!]

Who took my hat?! VASH!

[Well, he's on the same ship as Vash, so he would blame it on him first! Naturally!]
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Re: chuuya nakahara | ota

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[Comes a shout from down the hall.]
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It was you!

[Probably. But he's gonna go with it because damn it Vash!]

You better fess up or I'll find something else of yours to break!
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To think it's the fault of a captain!


At this rate we'll look like a complete joke!

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Khadgar | OTA

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[Sorry if he's taking up too much space, books spread out slightly and notes being scribbled in a notebook. There are several parts scratched out already but a lot of it is magical theory for those that understand.

Occasionally, he twists himself into positions that seem uncomfortable just to double check something. All the while being grateful to have found some useful books in the water temple.]

Sorry, I'll move things if you need space. [He comments if you come near.]


[He's at least learned to take breaks from his studying and work to eat and relax. This time, he's not getting his face drawn on. The 'food' makes him want to put a bit aside to stock Twin Roses a bit.

Or maybe they can all start a fund for each system. That's an idea he could raise...]


[Find him somewhere else on the ship? He's a comms augment.]
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[Hell yeahhhh he's gotta take a moment to enjoy the lounge room. For all the talk he does about working hard all the time, he did enjoy taking the time to sit and relax quietly, preferably with a glass of wine.

In fact, he was doing just that - going over to sit and relax at the lounge with a glass of wine!]

Huh? You're good.

[Meaning he isn't bothered with the amount of space Khadgar was taking up.]

What is all this?
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[He looks unsure for a moment, before he seems reassured that the space he's taking up really is alright, then he sets his quill down carefully and brushes his hands at his robes.]

Magical theories, techniques. I promised I'd help a couple people break a curse.

[But it's clearly outside his skillset if he's studying so diligently. It makes him wish Antonidas was here. Even if he and the Archmage failed to see eye-to-eye, he doesn't think he'd turn his back on helping people who need magical help.]

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[He's been running around the ship like a food trying to get some of the furry vermin from the lounge off himself. He was exhausted but pest free now. So he came to the kitchen to get some water and maybe some comfort food if it existed. He noticed the newcomer though.]

Oh. Hello. Are you... I don't think we've met. I'm Yuri.
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Re: Kitchen!

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[Khadgar glances over to him with a smile.]

I don't think we have. I'm Khadgar. [He steps away from the available 'food' and offers his hand.] I'm sorry we haven't met until now. I get caught up in things sometimes.

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[He feels a little bad, taking up extra space. Especially since Kitty is a captain, so he at least shifts a few things anyway.]

I promised Cogsworth and Lumiere that I'd try to break their curse. So I'm trying to make sure I understand everything I can.

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[ Just like he promised before Calibrations started, he's come to bother Kitty just because. It feels weird not having any sort of reason to, but here he is. Hearing the warning, he looks around and there's definitely a large dog coming at him.

Well, not at him, just in his direction and Carl sidesteps as best as he can. ]

Crew member on the loose?

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