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July Goldstone Mingle (with a short sad broadcast shucks)

Who: Goldstone crew and visitors!
Broadcast: A short locked to and for the crew. :'|
Action: SS Goldstone Mingle
When: July 9th - 31st!

Takeshi will address the crew promptly when they return to the ship — it's up to him as captain to make sure everyone knows what's going on, right? So with a subdued tone, he says over the loudspeakers: "Captain, um, Takeshi here. Miss Opal and Miss Maggie have gone home... I know we're gonna miss them a lot, but let's hope they've got really nice people to go home to... Friends and families and things they had to do. Umm... Take care of each other, and remember that some of us don't seem t'stay still for long, so be nice and remind them how much you care 'bout them, just in case, okay...?"

A pause.

"They wouldn't want us to stay too sad, so... keep your chins up and let's do good things moving forward, so they'll be real proud of us."
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[Aww, kid. It's sad to see Opal gone, but this is an old dance for Crowley. He's horribly used to it. Still. Takeshi is clearly TRYING, and that means the world. Especially after those Someone-awful calibrations. The kid did not get the best start in life, that much is clear.

So, with only the tiniest hint of sarcasm for a change:

Aye aye, captain.
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[Child that is creepy, he's gonna put a bell on you to hear you when you're coming. He'll do it!!! ]

I'm as good as can be expected. This wasn't my first calibrations rodeo.
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[there is no response from Tempest to Takeshi's broadcast; she'd rather do it in person, and she'll run into the tiny captain sooner or later.

As for the rest . . . well.

Shortly after they're all returned to the ship, Tempest's door opens - and with a harsh curse the basket given to them by the Atroma is thrown from the room into the wall with a dull thud. Of course, she removed the bottle of alcohol first, and maybe a few other things, but. Hey! Free candy to anyone who wants it.

She slams the door shut.

. . . then opens it once more, stomps out, grabs something from the mess and stomps right back into her room. SLAM.

Though if you want to catch her at a less angry time, she can always be found tending to her plants or nursing some tea in the kitchen]
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[is she ever in a good mood, though?

The door flies open, and Tempest looks like she's all fired up to tell whoever it is to get lost—and all that fire fizzles out as quickly as it appeared when she sees who it is]

Ah - Takeshi. Hello, dear.
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[To be honest, his attachment to their former crewmates was minimal and his own sense of loss is even less so. Like Crowley, he's been through far too many times for it to bother him. Takeshi's message, however, causes a far more intense clench of sadness that the departure of Opal and Maggie never could have duplicated.]

I shall do my best.

[He pauses]

And how are you doing?
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As am I. We are quite lucky to have such a brave and capable captain...

[He feels a stab of guilt at that thought, that the boy should have to shoulder this so-called responsibility alone, but he had no illusions about his own capability in that area]

Are you certain there isn't anything you require?
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action - mingle - OTA

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[it takes some detective work, but eventually aizawa figures out which ship takeshi is on and heads over for a little visit. he's just going to check up on him, make sure that family he saw isn't around (which he doubts, but still...better check).]
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[...........hang on a second, aren't even baby pandas dangerous, they're still bears aren't they]

Uh. [knocks on the doorjamb, honestly kind of ready to grab that panda cub if necessary] Hey. Remember me?
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