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Mingle McMingleface

Who: Crew & Visitors of the Bloodsport
Broadcast: Unlikely
Action: Bloodsport
When: July

[Welp, that sure was fun.  Any fallout?  But the crew has shuffled around a bit, so maybe this is a good time to touch base.]

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[Ohhhh so you're the CAPTAIN of this thing. Good...ish to know.] Daryl's gone, huh? [Cloud would say that sucks but...he hardly knew the guy. Now who's he gonna blame his misbehaving on?]

Got no thoughts though. Don't know if you wanna bother with a kitchen meeting for that.
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[uh no YOU'RE that jerk from the bar]

Pass. No offense. [look, he's just gonna deny being the one slowly stealing bits of metal from around the ship, what's the point......]
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[Well, he could ignore the order, but this is a very small ship and Cloud sincerely doubts any of the others are any better.

Reluctantly he heads for the kitchen, halting in the doorway with his arms folded, five-foot-seven of hiked up shoulders and defensive body language. If she just wants a look at him then fine, here he is.]
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Not really. [Distantly, he knows he's being an unwarranted shithead, but it'll probably only hit him just how much a couple days from now. God, he hates this place so much.

He at least gathers that 'not really' isn't much to go on, so after a second of pause he continues,]
Was in a rocket ship for a little while, but didn't do jack. Just floated there.
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[He's fiddled with his communicating device a little, but he's not entirely comfortable with it yet. Besides... sometimes it's best to just... get things over with.

It doesn't take him long to find the kitchen; this ship isn't that big. He tries not to look too apprehensive when he enters. He might know what this woman looks like, have spoken to her, and he's seen a couple of her memories, but meeting her in person... that's something different.]

So... here's where I ended up after all.

What sort of things did you want to hear about?
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Atroma SS Bloodsport Switch - Bridge

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There's nothing like suddenly being on the bridge while fanfare plays and...more pudding and confetti.  Merlan just kinda stands there for a moment, adjusting to the sudden change of surroundings.  SS Bloodsport, Nami - Captain, Pilot, Cloud Strife - Pilot, (she hasn't met),  First Mate - Sam Winchester, Security Officer - Alisha Dipdha (who she hasn't met), Ginko - Lab Support.  The list is solid in her mind as she picks confetti from her hair.  It's disorienting, for sure.

"So much for the SS Paisley," she finally says glancing around the bridge.  "Tell me this doesn't happen often.  I was just headed for a cuppa, too."
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"Perhaps they have," Merlan murmured, a slight smile tugging at her lips. "Ah, thanks for the welcome. I thought I was supposed to be on the SS Paisley but I guess I'm here, now. Not really sure how that works."
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"It sounds like we're stuck in a deck of cards, being shuffled from place to place. Pft, entertaining. Well, I guess this is a sort of circus, really." Merlan says, shaking her head before nodding at Nami's question.

"Yeah, that's what my augment is."

Her fingers brushed at the thing that had been rather unceremoniously stuck in her head. It was way more than weird to have tech stuck there and it made her vaguely uneasy to even touch it. Her nose wrinkles a little and then her expression settles into quiet amusement.

"At least I'm acquainted with most of the crew, here. There are a few I haven't met, though. Maybe the Atroma just enjoyed my exploits on the Marivsa. Who knows..." The corners of her eyes crinkle as she smiles at Nami.
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"Oh? Well, good timing, I guess." Merlan hummed a little at the two unfamiliar names. "Sam and Ginko I've met previously, so Alisha and Cloud are the two I don't know."