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probably paranoid (video/action)

Who: Billy Cranston and anyone!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: S.S. Red Fish
When: July 9th, the return to the ship

[Billy is relieved to be back on the Red Fish, and that thought depresses him slightly. But that relief is fleeting. Much to the annoyance of his crewmates, he immediately rolls up his sleeves and gets to work---but not without contacting the rest of the crew first.]

Hello again, everyone. I'm not exactly sure I'm glad to be back here, but it's...almost comforting, isn't it? After everything, and what we now have to live with it might not be, but...

We've been absent from our vessels for a long time, and that's more than long enough for strange things to happen to them. Has anyone found any changes to themselves or their ships that they didn't apply for? Or has that happened in the past? Too many possibilities to think about.

[He signs off and continues his search. Of course, Billy could always be stopped from noticing changes thanks to the augment, but he still has to try. He'll continue to bother his crewmates with his hurried panel-tinkering, and they may notice that his movements are quick and jerky, almost as if he's over-caffeinated.]
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[ video ]

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Not that I can tell so far. Are you okay?

[Dude... cut back on the coffee.]
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Re: [ video ]

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Just a gift basket thing. It had some weird stuff in it.

[Keith frowned.]
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Re: [ video ]

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Well, like... I'm not really sure what it has to do with me other than this was stuff I had in my house. But, I feel like it should really go to Lance because it's for his Lion.
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Re: [ video ]

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Yeah. He came in just before all the dream stuff started.

We had two others show up, too. One during the crazy stuff, and the other just before we were returned to our ships. Pidge and Allura.
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Re: [ video ]

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Yeah. [Though, Keith could kind of understand? At least, the mixed feelings part of it. It's good to have people from home. But, it's also bad that his friends are stuck here, too.] I guess I am, too.
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Re: [ video ]

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[Keith sighed. Well... he was hoping things were better between him an Lance after the whole calibrations things, but he was still uncertain about Allura. Still, working together seemed to be an okay thing for now. Actually being friends again? That was apparently still up in the air between them.]

Yeah. It is.

[He did still have Shiro, at least. That was more than he could say for back home at this point.]
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[Ardyn found Billy tinkering, as he often was, and approached the boy noticing how he was acting.]

The answer to your question so far is a no. All the augment upgrades I have received from the Atroma have been ones I have requested myself. Telepathy I and II upgrades have been successful for me.

[Yeah, he likes it, ok?]

What happened to you? Did our esteemed captors upgrade part of your augment without informing you?
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Oh, I completely understand. If you are not used to the power before, then your body and mind will have to adapt to these changes. As for me.....I possessed much more power than this before I came here.

[Don't worry, Billy. He can understand where you're coming from.]

To be honest I haven't actually tried using the telepathy ability yet.

[Don't tempt him?]
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How long was everyone on that larger ship, anyway? I've heard that's apparently where people wake up regardless, but I don't know more about it.

I can't say I know much about "changes," though, sorry. I just know I want to knife this thing behind my ear off.
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That's an awful long time. The average person only stays on there about a week, right?

I knew I felt nauseous any time I considered it or attempted to remove it, but I didn't think it went that deep. I shouldn't be surprised that's the case. I definitely would appreciate it, though, if you could tell me if you did find out.

I'm sorry if I struck a chord.
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Don't worry, I'm not about to start making waves or keeping to myself. I know as well as any that teamwork is going to get you further than going at it alone, especially in a situation like this one. We're all hostages, here.

It does seem to be the case. Just the sheer ability to drag us here unnoticed implies the kind of power I've never seen before.

It's alright. Just sucks that no one I know is here with me. I can make due, of course.
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Quite the double-edged sword, isn't it? You wish they were here because you enjoy their company, but you want them safe and happy so you'd rather they'd be back home.

I do my best work on a team.
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I understand that sentiment well. There are different levels of camaraderie and I don't think anyone can really replace the ones who you're closest to and learned to trust over time.

Trying isn't all that bad, either.

But I'd do almost anything for my partner to be here.
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Same to you and everyone else here.
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[ Carl had seen Billy's post on the network, and instead of replying to it, just seeks the guy out. He's really not hard to find, and he brings a few extra tools with him just in case. ]

Have you found anything different?
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Anything I can help with? Two heads are better than one and all that, right? Maybe you could show me some things.

[ Maintenance augment and all that. He doesn't know how to fix an engine or the major broken parts, but if there's something wrong with the food machine or the cleaning bots, he's got it handled.

He gives Billy an almost annoyed look, that one eye narrowing with a tilt of his head. ]

I'm fine. I heard about the dreams while we were there. Didn't get any, so I guess that's something??
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[ Carl follows close behind, listening to what he has to say. If anything like that did happen... well. He doesn't remember it. ]

Everyone has stuff they don't want to talk about. Or haven't in a long time, so it's easier not to.