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Who: Fie Claussell & Anyone
Broadcast: Yes, fleetwide
Action: On the Wonderduck
When: July 11, early afternoon

[The camera's turned on and moved around until it's facing Fie, though the the top of her head is cut off by the cropping. Sure, why not. She's currently in the lounge of the Wonderduck, sitting snugly in one the armchairs with a small plate of fudge in her lap.]

Sounds like my coma thing was well timed. People seeing into my life like that without being invited? No thanks. [Fie stops to take a bite, licking some off her fingers at the same time.]

Still, I hope some of you were able to make friends and deepen bonds. [She swallows.] I mean, if that's your thing.

[Now, sitting back, the rest of her head comes into view. Like the ball a few weeks back, she's wearing a familiar hat in sharp contrast to her normal ensemble.]

But I want to know, what were some things you got from your world? Useless or not. I'll be here all afternoon.

[Meaning over the network... or on the ship. Come visit her.]
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[ Eithan is holding up this thing. He blows on it to set it spinning, then just linefaces at the camera~ ]
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[ Seeing the mug surprises him into a laugh, and he salutes her in return with the pinwheel! ]

Get any other awesome mugs in yours?

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Fie, it's good to see you again.

[As much as Eleanor had missed her friend, she's glad that Fie avoided the chaos that was 'calibrations.' Even Eleanor, who prided herself on her composure and honesty, had things that she would rather stay secret. She imagined Fie was the same.]

A compass and a mirror. Both are incredibly precious to me, and so I'm glad to see them returned.

[Eleanor almost felt naked without her mirror, as small as it was, and she was grateful beyond words to see it back. It didn't mean that she agreed with the Atroma, but she could recognize their generosity.]

Oh! And a small plate of cooked Pengyon. It's a delicacy where I come from.

[On her home island. In her village. AND NOWHERE ELSE.]
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Of course! Are you ready now?

[It's nice to know her friend is awake, and Eleanor is ready to catch up, especially with someone who didn't have to deal with the calibrations.]

Pengyon is a type of bird on my island. I have a little left, if you'd like to try it. It's very delicious.

[eleanor no. eleanor no.]

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[Lumière avoids the comfy armchairs largely because it takes him about half an hour to get out of one afterwards. Still, he'll chill on their shitty coffee table. ]

It was pleasant to be in my own body again, even if it was just a dream.

[He'll take it. ]

There was not much of interest in mine. Most of it, I cannot use. You are welcome to anything in it.

[Seen as you got an extra shitty basket and all.]
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[He's a giver.]

I am sure you will, one day. Anyway, you were lucky to miss out on all that chaos. It was not pleasant for most people.


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Seems like it might've been. There's value in transparency, but I think it should be brought on by a bond of trust, not being forced out into the open against both parties' will.

May I ask if you got anything? And are you alright? Comas are pretty serious.
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Do you disagree?

Well, that's a relief! Is it a common occurrence? I haven't been here too long, so it'd be nice to know what to prepare myself for.

shh my sweet, i understood c:

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truly a talented genius!!

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You should really consider playing new tricks. Especially on other people!
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What food? I didn--

[Wait a minute, that's right.]

You did that too?! I should have known you did something to my basket, and that I didn't just end up with a reject one!


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Mmm... that whole thing was really weird... kind of wish I'd slept through it, too. I'm glad you woke up, though!

[Not that she'd known Fie was asleep, but, y'know. Comas. Kinda bad, even if it's become a normality here.]

I got a couple packages of seaweed in my basket... a mallet, some other stuff... oh, and this thing.

[She holds it up and gives it a little spin.]
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Mm! It's for mochi-pounding. Really useful, since I've sort of been bending the kitchen utensils lately...

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Welcome back, Fie.

[Should he say "yes you were lucky to miss it"? As much as he hated it, he has to admit, a couple of good things came out from it. So better concentrate on the rest.]

Most of my gifts weren't from home, but I got some candy. [He shows her a bag of these.]
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Decorations? [That's a new one. He shakes his head.] It's konpeito - sugar candy. There also are some gummies. It's fudge what you got?

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[Shinji holds up what appears to be a yellow plastic bucket, emblazoned with red letters spelling out "NERV" on the side. He doesn't look particularly happy about this gift.] I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with it, [he says.]
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Mm, you seem to have a unique way of looking at things.

[Shinji is kind of smiling as he says that.]

I got some colored pencils, too. I like those better.

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