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Caprine Mingle!

Who: Caprine Residents and Caprine Visitors!
Broadcast: n/a unless otherwise noted
Action: on the Caprine
When: Month of July

[Here for your Mingle needs; whether you are a resident of the Caprine or simply a visitor. Enjoy your time here!]
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[ Kai's the first officer and security, and a man with pointed ears, an elfinly delicate face, and purple eyes. He neither seeks out the new arrival nor avoids her when he learns about her, and they're guaranteed to run into each other sooner or later. ]

How're you finding it?
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[ He cocks his head at her, taking in her enthusiasm and the way she address him. He's not sure if she's calling him human or what, but he's mostly fine with it if she is. Still, she's blue, so it's not like she has much to say on the whole 'human' front. ]

You mean the space, or the awful food? Not that either are, really.

[ ooc: Sorry this is crazy late! I got married and honeymoon stuff, so I'll be a slow for a while longer. I understand if you'd rather drop this! ]
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[ Kai blinked at her and while there was a part of him that wanted that assumption she was offering, there wasn't much point to going along with it. She'd figure it out at some point, and whatever he wanted to consider himself, his blood was decidedly not human.

There were some humans who'd had plastic surgery to look more like him, and that was something he found...disgusting.]

Ah, no. I'm elfin, not human, by biology.