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[Open] - Catchall for July

Who: Merlan Margaret O'Keefe, [OPEN]
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Paisley (first week), touring fleet, etc.
When: All of July post Marivsa/Calibrations

A. [SS PAISLEY] - Video/Fleetwide - [ AC/DC - Ballbreaker - Whiskey On the Rocks]

"It looks like I'm on the SS Paisley and I've got what looks like a gift basket."

There's nothing better than the sounds of home. Merlan's got her iPod going in the background, though it's sort of tinny and faint, AC/DC is playing Whiskey On the Rocks as Merlan investigates her first gift basket and her quarters. The video catches her humming along with the music and appropriately air guitaring along before she digs through to find an adorably carved rosewood cat, a rather irritating copy of Dante's Inferno in the original Italian, and an Irish wool knit shawl.

She holds up the book and flops back on her bed for a moment, upside down to the camera, her hair swinging over the edge of the bed as she flips through to find the beginning verse.

"Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,
ché la diritta via era smarrita.

Ahi quanto a dir qual era è cosa dura
esta selva selvaggia e aspra e forte che nel
pensier rinova la paura!

Merlan shakes her head a little in amusement.

"I guess this is going to be quite the journey for us all, including our friend Dante and his guide, Virgil,"  she says quietly before setting the book aside to hold up the beautifully carved cat.  "I suppose a cat will give me luck and hopefully nine lives but I'm not sure if the wool wrap is going to do anything when it comes to the cold.  Are the ships always so cold?"

B. [Action: SS Paisley/Personal Comm - SS Paisley Crew]

Merlan stood just outside of her room as the fanfare sounded, the confetti flew (landing in the waves and curls of her hair and catching in her collar) as she bent to inspect the pudding.  Her expression was torn between amusement and suspicion.

"Yes, well. Hello to the confetti crew and...pudding?"  She examines it.  "I'm not sure I'm going to eat this.  Does anyone want a pudding cup?"  Yeah.  She's just going to find the kitchen hoping to find a good cup of tea, even if it means gingerly picking up the cup and taking it with her.  "I'm putting this in the refrigerator, if anyone wants it." 

C. [Exploring different ships, hitting up The Space Bar, checking out what the Iskaulit has to offer, running, or finding a place to work through some katas and fight moves.  She wouldn't mind a partner at all.  But mostly, she's dropping in to make sure she familiar with the layout of the other ships and saying hello to those she meets.  Merlan is nothing if not easy-going but she's much quieter than she was on the Marivsa.  There's a great deal to think about, after all, but she'll absolutely engage in conversation.]

D. Wildcard
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[personal profile] huaaaaagh 2017-07-14 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
Kirito's not really in the greatest of moods - the shuffle was bittersweet, since it's good to be "home" so to speak, but with Asuna leaving, the ship feels more empty than ever. They've lost far too many in the last several months, and it's quite frankly exhausting.

He's just in the middle of doing the rounds, pointless as it feels, when he hears the telltale fanfare of a new arrival, so he ventures over to see. He doesn't recognize the face, but there's plenty of people in the fleet that he doesn't know, so. Here goes. "...Not a fan of pudding?"

That was a goddamn sad attempt at a greeting, Kirito.
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"I was sort of wandering, but sure, I can make that my next stop. We do have tea though, and it's not bad. Um- Kirito," he waves back with an awkward introduction of his own. "I'm captain on the Paisley, not that the job counts for much."
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"Mostly because it's arbitrary and thrown at whatever random person happens to be next in line," is his answer, accompanied by a shrug. "I only got the job because the previous captain left. It's not like I earned it."
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She gets a rueful smile for that one. She's definitely not wrong, he's just ill-equipped to make the most of it. He still has no idea why Stefan chose him as first mate. "Maybe one day I'll learn how to do that. Until then, hopefully I can just keep everyone alive."
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"...Yeah, believe me, I don't need to learn that lesson." Been there, done that. "I definitely have learned to rely on other people, though, so you don't need to worry about that."
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[ Eithan spends a pretty decent amount of time on the Iskaulit, truth be told - and he's making his way toward Málum for a drink when his path crosses hers. He smiles when he sees her. ]

'S a little roomier here than back on the Marsiva, right?
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sorry for late - crazy week ):

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Yeah, it can be a bit overwhelmin' at first. [ But he seems pretty fond of the place, regardless. ]

Still want that tour? I've got nothin' to do and nowhere to be. I'll even buy you a drink after.
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Awesome. Trust me, the drinks are worth it. The people who set up the bars here? Clearly know what they're doin'.

[ He grins as he starts down the hallway. ]

So, what sounds more interestin' to you - the interfaith center or the garden? Just to kinda pick a startin' point.