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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Heron if people decide to barge into his room XD
When: A day after they all return from the Marsiva

[A shuddering breath is the first indication anything is wrong as pale hands pull out a picture of a rather lovely elven maiden. Daeron's hands shake and he places it carefully beside his bed, on the small table there.

There are no words, and the feed eventually times out, but not before viewers are treated to the lovely sight of a ukulele and harmonica just waiting to be played along with the rest of the by-now expected gifts. Not even the leaf-wrapped travel-bread (lembas) are touched.]
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(This might be the most unwelcome barging, but Maedhros pays no mind to that fact. He enters Daeron's room, picks up the ukulele and attempts to play it. Badly.

Come on, little Elf, don't look so sad.)
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(Clearly this is the time for the harmonica! Maedhros sets the ukulele aside and blows into the small instrument curiously.

That was almost something, right?)
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(He doesn't look in the least bit ashamed as he holds out the harmonica. Mission accomplished?)

I have been told I am immune to music lessons. (Shame. These look like fun! And he rather likes Maglor's vuvuzela.)
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No one can have all the talents they wish. (He chuckles and plucks one of the ukulele's strings.) He does say I can sing.
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(His deep voice lends itself to song easily enough. He closes his eyes and a sonorous sound will fill the room, ringing against the walls. Even though the piece he chooses is lighter than most, there is always a hint of sorrow behind the notes.)
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(The song brings with it good memories - of happy little brothers and cousins galavanting around a garden. Maedhros holds the images dear to his heart and when he opens his eyes, the blue of his irises is softer. He grins at Daeron's addition, thrilled to see the young Elf thriving.)

Much better.
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(This one is changeable indeed. Maedhros dislikes how difficult Daeron is to read, but he is determined to keep trying to navigate these waters.)

Why should I not?
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[ Oh. Oh dear.

Maglor doesn't know how to help, but he creeps over to the Heron and sits outside his door, singing to him, sweet and soft, the ocean to his wood ]
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[ Maglor can wait. He knows how badly it hurts. Like the sea which holds his heart, he sits and sings and offers comfort ]
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[ Maglor is ready for him, opening his arms to drag him close, wrap him in song ]

I'm here. Don't follow her.
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I know. But she is gone beyond all of us.
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I don't know. But we walk in memory. You and I both know how real that can seem.
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Mm. [ Maglor doesn't attempt to hold him, letting Daeron decide how much he's able to accept ]

But ghosts they remain, if powerful ones.