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[Video] It needed to be done

Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Video! And open to everyone. Everyone.
Action: Anyone on the Bishop I guess? If they want?
When: Backdated to the 10th

[After seeing to her new captain-y obligations, and figuring out who the new people on the ship are, Looma's got some important business to take care of. Very important business. She's set her comm down and everything, and look at that she's still got her nicely wrapped little gift basket in one hand! Though it doesn't look like she's so much as opened it yet.]

It has not escaped my notice that our new hosts have provided us with gifts. And, as I know they are watching us, I believe it is only appropriate I express my gratitude as directly as possible.

[Which...involves opening an airlock for some reason. Okay. Oh, yep, she's just tossing her beautifully wrapped gift basket right on in there isn't she- and glaring so hard at the camera the entire time you'd swear she was trying to burn a hole in it. Once the door's sealed, it's just one angry button smash before the whole thing's just shot right out into space. Didn't even break eye contact, either.]

I trust that should suffice.
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[Worf is smiling, as he watched her throw her "gift" out of the airlock. Why yes, he is amused.]

I admire your courage at defying these Atroma. They are fools if they think they can bribe us with material goods. That is the best place for their hospitality.
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Aww Looma! There was good food in there!
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Don't see it as a gift, see it as compensation for everything they put us through last month. We earned our cruddy little giftbaskets.
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You don't have to warrant it. Consider it compensation for going in your head at all. I mean, it's not like they give us free stuff all that often.

...Not completely terrible free stuff, anyway.
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Wow, really? You don't keep secrets? Like...not ever?
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But what if it's someone else's secret? That they like, told you confidence?
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...Is doesn't?

[He clearly hasn't noticed, because he sounds genuinely surprised. ]

Really? You'd object to your friends tell you things in confidence? Because friends generally do that.
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Well that's one way to stick it to them.
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That is also another way, but I appreciate the method you did choose more.

[ Really, why are so many races so ready to rip limbs off? Why do they not like limbs? She has four! ]

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Or less. We don't exactly know the temperament of our new observers like we did with Diamond and friend.

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In the future, please consider expressing your gratitude by giving me any candy that was included before sending gifts from our hosts into the vacuum of space.
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It is possible to accept gifts from an enemy without condoning their actions.
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Of the things they have done to this point, I think that giving gifts is the only thing worth encouraging.
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Nice. [an eloquent 'fuck you']