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Oh look it's another mingle

Who: The Blameless crew and anyone that wants to visit! You don't need established cr, just come by and say hello!
Broadcast: If anyone wants to, sure.
Action: Yes!
When: Through July.

[Welcome to the SS Blameless! The crew is small and two of them will be invisible to most people, but hey, we have a dog. That alone makes us the best ship. No, really.

Come in, come in! Congratulate the two new captains! (Marriage jokes? Oh, those go on that table over there, thank you.) Also we have a motherfucking lounge now, which will come with all the games bought in a waystation.

It's time for strip poker. Or, you know, space Uno. Whichever is less dangerous.]
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A second-? Ah, no. I'm good. [Keith shook his head, mildly amused.] Thanks.
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Seems like it. We didn't have a lot of changes, and it looks like all our crew made it through.

[He glanced around.]

Anything changed here?
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[Nope. Totally skipped responding to the question about himself. On purpose.]

Wait... co-captain? Is that a thing they do here?

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[ kate does yoga chic with a certain aplomb. she might argue that it comes part and parcel with her relocation to california, but the truth is that she's always lived just about on the bleeding edge of effortlessly trendy. having money always helped; she could have afforded to dress like she didn't try too hard to be so on point.

in the fleet, it's a little more of a challenge. especially with winn gone, and she can no longer plunder his skills with a needle and thread. nevertheless, she makes do. and when shiro walks in, she's abandoned her longer sleeves to a puddle of pastel pink on the floor next to her mat. she's in the pigeon pose, stretching out a hip. and when she sees him, her concentration melts away into a smile. ]

He's only good for downward dog, I'm afraid. [ it's a bad joke; she doesn't care. ]
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[ lucky offers up a pleasant and growly groan -- happy with the attention, and happier still to stay flopped in place with his spine aligned with the edge of a cargo crate. his head settles on the floor again once shiro moves onward, jowls puddling. it may be early, but it seems the dog is in no state yet to display much energy. he's lounging.

kate, on the other hand, is bristling with energy. she notices the way shiro averts his gaze and -- well, it's not the first time shes made note of his chivalrously diverted attention. mostly, it makes her laugh; she figures he's just being polite. for her part, her looks are far more exactly. she doesn't leer; she's not that bad. but she doesn't shy away from the sight of him.

she pats the space of bare floor next to her mat. ]

Grab a spot. Hope you don't mind that I started without you -- but if you call me 'Miss Katherine' again, [ she grins, ] I might have to exile you from this session.
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it's all good.

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[Eventually Gil realizes he needs food so he stumbles out from his work and makes his way to the mess hall when he sees Shiro. He pauses at the game.]

It's not my game of choice but I've been known to take a stab at it from time to time.

[He doesn't mind the distraction, so he settles at the table.] As long as you promise to play poker the second we get a chance.
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That's right. [He offers a smile as he responds to his name.] And you're...?

[He hasn't learned everyone's names yet, but he'll get there.]

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i'm a voltron!

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[Pidge is half-distracted by looking around at the ship itself. She can't seem to help herself; probably a result of the augment she has. It's smaller than the Bishop - not that she's made a mental competition for who has the better ship or anything - but it seems to have some some upgrades that the Bishop doesn't, which is so interesting--

And it's not until Shiro has come forward with an armful of plushies that her attention snaps back to him. Her eyes go a little wide, partly in surprise and partly because awww, is that a green lion, that is so cute. So Pidge laughs as she reaches for her corresponding lion plush, lifting it into the air to look at it the way one might do for a baby.]

Awww, where'd you get these?
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it says so right there, gender: voltron

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[She flashes him a grin, pulling the Green plush to her chest.] I'm okay with just Green.

[There's the tiniest pause, and then-] ..Well, maybe the mice, too. [Which she reaches for once she's said it.]

dance party? 8D

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Lance chooses the D

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[It took long enough for things to go back to normal and for them to be shuffled back to their own ships. At the same time, however, it was lonely to be away from the others after he'd spent months sharing the same living quarters.

When the dinner's scheduled, he's one of the first to arrive, dressed in the best he can find laying about that isn't his usual armor. Even better, Shiro's giving out plushies when they get there, and Lance immediately latches onto the blue lion.]

Oh my god, oh my god, they're so cute!!!
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When Gil finally does arrive at his assigned ship, he pretty much books it right to engineering so he can get familiar with the place and he stays there for a long good while.

If someone wants to come say hello, he's happy to be friendly as ever, but he has a lot of catching up to do if he's going to understand anything about this ship.
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Captain Kate turns up before long -- grabbing hold of the doorway to engineering and using that grip like an anchor as she swings a step forward. Aside from their less tangible crewmates, it'd been just her and Shiro for so long. It's odd, almost, to see someone in engineering again.

Odd, but not unwelcome.

"Hey," she signals her intention for a chat. "Settling in alright?"
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Gil looks up when she enters and offers her a smile. "Yeah, that's right. You're the captain, right? Do you expect salutes and all that jazz?"
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"One of."

Because although she'd been selected as the captain, she'd seen fit to ask Shiro to join her under the umbrella of that title. Ever since her time in a team with the Young Avengers, she'd like a bit of equitable power-sharing. It suited her. But as for the other trappings?

"Don't worry about it; I'm not bit on salutes." Now, finger guns? Finger guns she likes. "You can call me Kate. No titles necessary."
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"Well that's good. I like jazz as much as the next guy, but never been really good at playing it myself," he offers her a smile, hoping she doesn't mind the extended metaphor. "Back home, the ship I was on was called the Tempest, headed by a Pathfinder named Sara Ryder. This place is super different. I don't even know what kind of tech this beauty runs on, but I'll figure it out and keep her running 'ship shape,' if you will."

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