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[ 3rd Blessing - action/video ]

Who: Lunafreya and YOU~
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: If you are aboard the First Breath! And a little somethin' somethin' for Noctis....

[ As the feed clicks on, the first thing the view can see is the face of one Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, seated upon her bed which has been neatly made. As a matter of fact, everything in the small space she calls a bedroom looks clean and tidy, as if no one has been sleeping or living in it. There is a very distinguishable lump under the sheets, though -- if one looks hard enough, they may see a tuft or two of midnight black fur. A certain pup has taken residence in her bed, it would seem. But that isn't the point of this broadcast. She flashes a tired smile. ]

Good evening, everyone. I wanted to issue out a formal apology for those of you whom may have seen some things a few days ago. [ Oh, you remember. During calibrations. ] I pray that you will forgive me for any trouble being stuck with me may have caused, or the visions you may have seen.

[ With that said, she offers a tiny, apologetic bow. She knows not all of the visions -- memories, whatever they were -- were not the most pleasant, and she truly does regret that people had to see any of them at all. But she straightens soon enough, hands folding in her lap once more. ]

Even with the chaos, I managed to meet some wonderful new people, and I must say I feel extremely blessed to have made such wonderful friends within the fleet. [ Ya'll know who she's talking about. ] There are even more people here now, and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. I especially look forward to meeting and getting to know all of my new crew mates. Bless you all.

[ Just before the feed cuts, Luna can be seen offering one more polite bow. For those aboard the the First Breath, feel free to come hang out with her. Meet Umbra! Just say hello! ]

Heeeeeey gurl

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[Surprisingly he is awake. He doesn't sleep as well on these mattresses and being shuffled around yet again is disorienting. He needs a few more days to settle and some time with his friends. Seeing Umbra will help too.

He hears the knock and sits up, he'd been sitting on his bed fiddling with the communicator and wondering what to say to Luna. Of course she took the initiative first. He rushed up his ladder to open the hatch.]

Luna.... Umbra? [He grinned and pet the dog.] You too? Come here. Where's Pryna?
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What's a girl like you doing in a place like this~

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[He doesn't like being alone in a strange place. He has Prompto and Ignis of course but... he liked Luna. Wanted. NEEDED to see Luna. He hadn't worked up the nerve to come find her yet.]

That's great... come in, here. Let me... [He took Umbra into a one-armed carry and headed down the ladder to his room. He set the dog on the floor and he set to sniffing the whole cabin.]

It's not much to look at but... well here it is. Luna... are you okay here? Is... is everything... I... [he has so many questions but doesn't know how to ask them. How he she here, did she really die? He knew she did, she said goodbye to him. But she'd been declared dead before and he never saw her body... he didn't know what to think.]

are you okay?
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let's float holding hands

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[He has a lot of things to get through. Confusion, disorientation, fear of her suddenly going back to being dead... fear of going back home now that she was here...fear of her not feeling the same about him. Though he knew... he KNEW.]

I'm glad... good. Good...

Me? I'm alright. I don't know why I'm here or anything. Things have been so confusing. That room we were in...

[he cried like a baby when he saw her, he hugged her so tight, that was kind of embarrassing...]

Uhm... sorry.

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ew, way to ruin the mood.

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You have quite the positive outlook on all of this.
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Well, you're right about all of it. It's a little difficult to wrap my head around. I'd certainly be the first to help organize a coup, but it's hard to when you're not sure where to find your captors or what any kind of threat or action may do to our situation, being stuck here.

Can't hurt to try and be positive, though.
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Then let's not think about that. There's enough of us and I'm sure we've got plenty of smarts and ingenuity on our side. You just have to believe that the right thing will happen in the end, don't you agree?

Sooner would be nice.

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Why're you apologizing for shit that's completely out of your hands? I'm pretty sure you were probably one of the nicer people to go brain spelunking.
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Mm. [Well, it's not like she's wrong about some people maybe wanting to hear an apology, but getting it from someone like Luna just...feels odd.] D'you know if that stuff happens a lot? Because it's gonna be a huge problem if that's the case.
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Yeah tell me about it.

Guess that solves the question of whether or not they care if people get seriously hurt here. [The creature comforts are just for show, seems like.] What if somebody got like, brain damage or something?

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[Guess which space troll is here to irritate you, Luna? He comes bearing his usual smug face and fashionable dumpster fashion.]

Oh, how delightful you consider me a friend, my lady. The feeling is mutual?

[Not you, Ardyn. She was referring to the other people aboard the fleet such as Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and others. Not you. He offered her a tilt of his fedora and a slick smile.]

Perhaps, we can arrange a little meeting aboard your ship, hm? I haven't been aboard the First Breath yet.
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[There's a bit of commotion outside your door, Luna. Almost as if someone wasn't paying attention to where he was going and knocked himself into a wall. The "ow" and a peel of embarrassed laughter would confirm that that is exactly what happened.

Regardless, his eye will be trained on the viewfinder of his camera rather than anything else as he attempts to get an artsy shot of the corridor.]
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[He yelps, jumping, and his shot is ruined. He checks before even turning to see what startled him. (Priorities.) The image is a diagonal streak of colors. He sighs, fingers finding the delete feature even as he turns and stands.]

Oh. Hey. Hello. [Damn it. He pinches his lips together.] Hi, Luna. Sorry if I disturbed you. I was just... you know. [He raises the camera as explanation.]
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Nah. [He waves off the apology and turns to fiddling with the camera out of nervous habit.] I can always take another. No big.

Um, been settling in okay?

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