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Who: Arthur Kirkland
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Huntress
When: 14thish

[If anyone's managed to catch sight of Arthur since they were returned to their ships, the look he's sporting is certainly an improvement, but to anyone else he'd look pretty damned sick. It turned out that being caught in dreaming over certain unmentionable holidays celebrated with explosives and charred meat earlier in the month... was not good for certain Brits after being returned. Apologies to whoever's room is next to his.

At least he looks somewhat satisfied with the mug of tea he's cradling.]

I'm not quite sure if I'd qualify gift baskets being much to make up for that little nightmarish run, but I appreciate the tea.

[When he puts the mug down, it has '#1 Mum' in bright red letters. Obviously also part of the basket.]

Jarvis, I apologize for being out for a few days. I've been a bit under the weather but should be back to work tomorrow.
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Tea? It seems your basket was far more thoughtful than mine.
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Re: Video

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Did something happen to you?
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That's a very oddly specific timing. But you are better now?
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That is well - would you like some company, perhaps? I know it can be terribly boring, being unwell.
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I will be right over then - I think Fingon has been baking, so I will drop by the kitchen and see what he's managed.
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[ Maglor nods and signs off, only to knock on Arthur's door in a short while ]


[ He has little... jam... tart... things ]
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Hello, my friend.

[ Maglor smiles back at him and does so ]

I fear I have no clue what my cousin has baked, but knowing him, I am sure they will be tasty.
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Well enough!

[ The rooms are small but Maglor settles into the space easily enough, setting the small tray of tarts on the bed ]

This world is an interesting one.
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A little, aye. A little seems to be all one can manage, at a time! It is so large and crowded.
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Is London so crowded, then?
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Eight... million? And that in but one city?
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[ Maglor shakes his head in wonder ]

So many! And just in one nation! Truly, but Men have a dominion far greater than we. I would scarce know how to manage such a vast horde.