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Who: Fingon, open.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: Huntress.
When: Backdated a few days for gifts.

{Fingon chokes back a laugh when he finally opens his basket of gifts. A portrait of a family of Elves is shown, as the Fleet may have come to expect from this family. Loving fingers trace over features and his voice is steady as he speaks, if quiet.}

I remember when this was painted. My father and mother, my younger brothers and sister. Are there many families who have been reunited here? I have been blessed to be reunited with cousins who are dear to me, and for a time my grandfather. But thus far that is all.

{He's ignoring one of the other little gifts. A fearsome - if small - figurine of a horned beast painted garishly in red, with a whip that looks like it could wrap around and choke or hurt if given the chance.}
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(It is time to return the favor! He slips into Fingon's room and takes hold of the figurine, squeezing it in his fist.)

I know the fate of this one.
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(He holds the beastly figure behind his back and dips into kiss that smile.)

That is their fate, Finno. Don't you doubt it.
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(Maedhros beams into his eyes, unashamed, unapologetic.)

I would sooner lie to Eru himself than you. Every beast of Morgoth's - of Sauron's - will die a painful death and their spirits will know no rest.
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(He is happy to hold him - always, forever.)

It is so! I think they should fear their ends very much. While my brothers and I heal and are perhaps reborn, they will rot and suffer.
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(He feels a sudden rising of warmth.)

We could be...reborn? Together?
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If I am not able to join you, please go on without me, Finno. There is family for you to see.
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And I shall come to you somehow. Perhaps I can become a part of you.
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Which part? (He lifts Fingon's arm after he stows the balrog into a bag at his waist.)
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(Maedhros flushes to the tips of his ears, eyes brightening.)

That is, by far, the best part.
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I had almost forgotten that Turgon could smile like that.

Did you want... [ Help violently grinding the statue into dust ] comapny?
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I will just visit you more often to look.

[ Maglor shakes his head ]

I'll come round then. Did you want me to bring snacks?
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I'm not sure about families, but I have heard that many have friends who end up here.

I myself have someone very dear to me here, but none of his family has appeared. I'm sure he misses them.