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+1 tiny invisible child

Who: Mikleo, OTA
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Huntress, Iskaulit
When: Now-ish!

( video; )

[The communicator comes on with a shaking motion, revealing a captain-sized bedroom decorated with various nerdery; those who've been there will recognize it as Mikleo's. That fact is fully cemented when the camera zeros in on Sorey, asleep on the bed with the sheets half-kicked. The communicator is juggled around, then back again, zooming in and out as if being played with by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. It's quiet for a long moment until at last a voice speaks up- young, maybe six or seven, sounding incredulous and very confused.]

How long... did I sleep...

[Sorey stirs then, and the voice yelps quietly and rolls off the bed, communicator turning off in the process.]

( action; huntress )

[There's a little boy wandering cautiously through the halls, poking into rooms if the door is unlocked, gawking at just about everything he sees. He'll be initially shy around strangers, especially any non-seraph and extra especially around humans, but he's a curious sort, so expect to be grilled for information once you prove to be harmless.]

( action; iskaulit )

[At some point he'll make his way over to the other ship, courtesy of one of his shipmates, and that's when the exploring really begins. He'll get into everything he possibly can in this place- every open and available room, every nook and cranny, even the accessible vents, here and there. He's in the library (oh, the library), the garden, the interfaith center, his water room. He's clearly not afraid to poke around unknown places, either.

Just like on the Huntress, the presence of others will make him wary, and humans (or those who carry some malevolence) will get double-caution out of him, but curiosity won't kill this cat. That's the idea, anyway.

Sorey's probably nearby, being the hovery-protective sort that he is, but that's mostly so any malevolence doesn't cause a problem. Mikleo's no longer protected through the sub lord pact, after all.

He may also be accompanied by a baby pengyon, toddling along behind him. Just because.]

((ooc: so yeah mikleo's de-aged for a while, thanks to an augment glitch! he's invisible on camera and his permissions for seeing him in person are here! by now he should be visible to his whole crew. ))
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[ As soon as Zaveid sees the video feed and hears the familiar voice he's up and moving, stepping around and away from the greenery of his room. It doesn't take too long for him to push himself forward, and by the time he's outside it's easy to spot Mikleo poking his nose in, peeking around here and there. ]

... Hey.

[ ... Why do they always find him? These damn kids... At least this isn't going to be forever (he hopes). ]
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Sure am. Name's Zaveid.

[ It's easy for him to move to crouch, to make himself level with the younger version of his friend. Mikleo doesn't seem entirely trusting and he probably has good reason to be - for a child who grew up with only one child around him it's to be expected. At least he might be something of a familiar face, and he can offer that if nothing else. ]

Wind Seraph. Wanna come in for a bit?

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action; iskaulit

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[Velvet is spending some time in the garden, because she is sick of being cooped up on the Red Fish, but she hasn't really been in the mood to socialize much. The garden seemed like a good place to hang out, since it's quiet but also a decent change of scenery.

She is understandably surprised to see a baby malak there, though. Especially considering his resemblence to Mikleo. But she's pretty sure Mikleo is not that small. Or shouldn't be that small.

So she's also very confused.] lost?
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[She stays where she is for the time being. He seems kind of shy and cautious, and she doesn't really want to spook him.]

No. I don't think it belongs to anyone in particular.

[Not that she knows of, anyway.]

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[ He's left the ... weird noise making things alone, and gone to the garden, to tend to their little glow tree, which is growing very well, Maglor is pleased to note.

There's no running water, as such, to draw Mikleo, but there's a voice very like one, singing of rain and streams, and the song breaks as Maglor looks up at a familiar presence ]


[ .............Is that a tiny Mikleo.... ]
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[ Oh no it is and he is adorable ... wait. Does Sorey know? ]

Hello. [ He smiles and pats the ground next to him invitingly but does not get up ]

I'm Maglor. Where are your carers, little one?

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[Sorey stirs a little at that first flurry of activity, but the guy's tired and he can be a pretty heavy sleeper when he wants to be (which is a lot of the time). Mikleo manages to slip out without him even noticing much, and when he wakes up to see him gone he just assumes he'd gone on ahead with his day.

Sorey rolls out of their bed and rummages around for his clothes, mentally checking to see where everyone is. Edna's got that hesitantly far-off feeling, but not like Lailah's, so she's probably on her ship. Dezel and Zaveid are still there, and Mikleo-


Sorey drops his pants, blue shirt only halfway buttoned. He searches frantically for that thread that'll lead him to Mikleo and comes up empty. It's like before, before Galahad, before Lailah and Mikleo made the pact but that can't- That can't be, she's not here to break the pact, and if he'd gone home he would just feel far away so what could have-]

No- [Sorey gasps, vision blurring as he goes tearing out of the captain's quarters still half-dressed.] No- Mikleo! Mikleo!

[The only other time he'd felt this kind of emptiness was when Mikleo was dead.]
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[That's-...Mikleo's voice? Not really, but it has his cadence, but he sounds so high-

And when Sorey rounds the corner, he sees why. Just like what happened with Opal, it's Mikleo, and he's small. He's a child so of course he wouldn't have the pact, but Sorey is still stuck so hard on him not being dead that he just slumps to his knees in the doorway and hangs his head, exhale gusting out of him as all his energy bleeds from his limbs. Not dead. He's not dead, he's okay, he's right here.]

You're okay...oh gosh. Oh gosh, thank goodness...

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[Well now. He's not expecting some kid to crawl up on top of the boxes he's sleeping on, so he's just as surprised as Mikleo is. The voice is younger and slightly familiar due to the memories he's seen, but the wind tells him what he needs to know.

That's what he gets for dozing off. Zaveid really is a terrible influence.]

Are you--

[The wind tickles at the boy's hair just to make sure.]

Oh, hell. [WAIT, SHIT, he shouldn't be cursing in front of kids.] Where's Sorey?
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[That's definitely Mikleo. A mixture of politeness and also sheer audacity. Couldn't be anyone else.]

He wouldn't dare smack me. I'm an adult. [Funny how his maturity is reduced to like five when he's around a kid though.] Did you just wake up here?

[He uncurls from his place atop the boxes. He'll want to deposit Mikleo back into the arms of his keeper. Unless Sorey is also tiny... and then...

Gods. Zaveid and Dezel are not fit to be babysitters, and he's not sure Edna is any more qualified than they are.]

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Is that a pengyon?

[ Funnily it's the strange bird that catches Eizen's attention first, the blues and greens a stark contrast to the metal walls. It's only after he lowers himself down that he notices Mikleo. A much shorter and much younger Mikleo.

Huh. ]

Hey kid.
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action | huntress

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[Keith was sitting at the main table in the dining area, working on some notes in his notepad. He took a second to glance up when he heard someone come in, then did a double-take in surprise.]

Uh... Mikleo?
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[It's one of those rare times that Edna bothers coming over to the Huntress to check on Sorey and the others. They're all able of existing without her for a while and she's needed some time away from everyone while dealing with...whatever the last month was with the memory trips.

She's not sure what's going on as soon as she lands, but it doesn't take long to figure out that things are not as she expected them to be. Sorey, Zaveid and Dezel are all missing, but she can feel them thanks to their bonds. Mikleo...she's not sure at all, which worries her the most.]

Oi, Meebo, Sorey, you two here?
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[Edna opens her mouth to snap something back in return and the closes it just as quickly. Where her familiar teasing target should be is...a child.

Sure, on an intellectual level, she knew that both Sorey and Mikleo were smaller at one point, babies and children that grew up into the young men she met on Rayfalke. But knowing a thing and seeing it are two things, as she knows from the time they spent viewing history through the Earthen Historia.

And, well, there's only one person this could be, considering who is on the ships from their world that share seraphic powers.]

Me-Mikleo, why aren't you with him if he's napping? [She knows where her vessel is. But she's still confused a bit about why Mikleo is tiny.] What happened to you?

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