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Who: Eleven + all you folks
Broadcast: yep
Action: on the vanquish if you find her
When: current.

[ perhaps you've seen her skulking around on your ship or at the last planet. the girl is less dirty than she had been, she has some clean clothes, too.

but still, eleven is an odd sight - small as she is with her shaved head well - are the flights flicking behind her? on and off until she takes a breath and it stops.

she's not the happiest camper but then again, she doesn't handle her distress as a child would. her knees are pulled to her chest at her little corner on the - floor? it must be the floor of some ship. ]

The shadows called her sister.

come home together, wake together and stay. sister.

[ that's what she knows. the lights go and off, she nods her agreement with a voice she must be hearing, her voice grows smaller. ]

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Who: Mantis and Thee
Broadcast: Yass! (And action, too.)
Action: Planetside
When: Throughout the day

A. Fortune Telling

It takes quite a bit to make a sufficiently mystic looking stand fit for fortune telling. Start with a space in the market, a table to sit at, chairs to sit on, and then you get into the real accessories. An umbrella to keep the sun off was the least of what one needed and having some strings of beads and shells hanging off of it to create that little bit of distracting sound to catch a wandering eye. The table, of course, had a lovely dyed blue scarf over it that had been carefully tied off to the legs so nothing flew off unnecessarily. Lastly came his sign to boast the name of his little attempt at enterprise: Blue Starlight.

He had wanted to go with White Starlight, given that heat is at it's most intense with a white hue, but that didn't seem quite as catchy to him and white scarfs would stain so much easier. Thus, Mantis is well situated in a quieter corner of the market. He worries that he is making too bold a claim without anything approaching a license to sell and such, but no one seems to pay him more mind than most do when seeing his mask. You have to be a certain kind of patron to come close to man dressed like that, and he is very much counting on that curiosity to justify the prices he had set. All that he has to do is wait for someone who wants a pretty lie.

B. The Beach

More distracting than the prospect of money is the prospect of relaxation. On Earth, you had to travel quite a bit to find ocean waters quite this blue. He can see all kinds of shells in the surf and that was enough to justify buying a pail to carry around as he wades along the shoreline. His pants are rolled well and up to his knees and his boots were carefully hidden in the shade of his small camp made of his fortune telling supplies, minus the sign hidden away. Good leather anything trembles at the very sound of a wave crashing on the sand.

Now and then he stops to pluck up a new shell. Each one is carefully shaken in the water to clean it off before being put in the pail.

C. Broadcast

Now quite done with lying and seashell collecting, Mantis is in his chair under the umbrella, having set up his communications device on the table. He's quiet for a few seconds before turning his head to look at the feed.

"I'm sure most of us have had time to reel from our dreams, if they can be called that. A broadcast sent out earlier confirmed what I had been wondering about the dream I had. This planet might not be around for much longer. Mine was filled with fire and death following a period of darkness. I don't know most of the science behind it, but it might be connected to the sun I am currently hiding from. They can die out, and when they do, they sometimes explode."

He sits back in the chair and crosses one leg over the other.

"Now, I could be wrong and this planet might be on the brink of several volcanic eruptions instead, but something is going to happen. If a planet can 'sing' and aliens exist, so can prophetic visions. We can't save the planet if any of what these visions have shown will come to pass, so let's enjoy it while we're all still here."
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Who: Katie McCoy and you.
Broadcast: Most definitely.
Action: ...the planet Lyuku, if you come looking, I guess?
When: Sept 7

[The problem with the investigations Katie's been doing over the past week is they've delivered her answers that she's reasonably sure nobody else will have. Which dilemma she probably should have expected if worst came to worst, but she's never been particularly good at planning ahead. Probably why she'll never get promoted, back home. (You know, apart from her general lack of reliability, but...)

The other problem is rock formations and trees and landmasses in general have no human sense of time, so the terrified message this world gives her could happen next year. Or it could happen in half an hour. She can't get enough coherency for specifics.

The other other problem is that every time she's tried to impart information to the Fleet it's been largely missed amidst the chaff she has to surround it with. Mikleo picked up one point last time. Edna and Sam also know, but that is too small a pool of people, and two of them have issues being noticed by most everyone else. This time, she can't afford anyone to not understand how very important this is.

In short, this is going to suck.]


Singing planet sent the dreams.

Planet is terrified [Two.]

What we saw is coming to ths planet in the near fture [...three. Usually a limit.]

marsva sent us here ergo it will happenw hile wer'e here

evactuate peope
back la

[We're sorry. The pooka you're trying to talk to has passed out. Leave a message?  She's... kind of in the middle of nowhere if anyone has a way to track her down, sprawled under some pretty huge and old trees.  A geas to lie sucks.]

((Seriously, she won't be back to respond for at least a day. So feel free to threadjack others in this post and make her warning not be in vain.))
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: If you like!
Action: The planet Lyuku, the Iskaulit, and anywhere else you want
When: Sept 1 to Sept 28

[After a rather short time adrift, the fleet is finally in range of another planet. Small, peaceful, and colorful, there is plenty to do and explore.

Maybe it's enough to forget that vague feeling of unease.

Or not.

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 Who: Noctis, Luna, and YOU
Broadcast: N/A
Action: On the planet, on the beach
When: September 4th!

It's just been a few days since his own birthday and barely a month since the wedding but here they were already at Luna's birthday. Noctis wants to do a great job to give his wife the best birthday ever. Being in the empire for twelve years means she hasn't had a birthday party since they were kids. So he's enlisted the help of some special guests to help him give her a great party this year. This includes you, of course, since you were invited to this party by a very special dog.

Do you remember Umbra? Well he delivered invitations to Noctis and Luna's wedding last month as an adorable courier and he has done it again! But this time it's a birthday party invitation down at the beach.

When guests arrive there are poles, blankets, pillows and paper lanterns spread out on the sand. There are plenty of food and drinks and also a cake. And also a blanket that has a collection of wrapped gifts on it. There's also sunscreen available in case you forgot... There is beach volleyball, a sandcastle building competition, and later in the evening a bonfire to roast things like smores and hot apple waffles. Just make sure to wish the birthday girl a good day.

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Who: Rose and You!
Broadcast: Yes, at least for part of it.
Action: Around Eyuzi + Red Fish
When: September 2nd - 10th!

[The SS Red Fish]

[To say that Rose was having a rough first day would be an understatement. She'd been shuffled onto the Red Fish almost immediately after arriving on the Marsiva, and the fleet had docked in Eyuzi only a few hours after that.]

[All of this (combined with the lovely hum of the new system) combine to make one very, very sick Miqo'te. Rose spends most of her first full day on the fleet in her room, trying not to feel like she's dying. For the little bit of time that she feels well enough, she'll head over to the kitchen, and then the bridge.]

[Rose tries her best to be put together, but today is an obvious exception. Any of her crew mates who notice her will see that she's more than a little disheveled, and very unhappy. Approach at your own risk?]


[Once she finally gets her space legs, Rose immediately heads out to Lyuku, and is surprised to find how much she enjoys it.]

[She even voluntarily goes on one of the "Star Tours," which seems like a good idea until the tour actually begins. Anybody who is "lucky" enough to be in the same tour group with her might hear somebody snickering or making a less than kind comment under her breath. For someone who was raised in a superstitious tribe, Rose is surprisingly critical of other superstitious beliefs.]

[Once the group breaks to stargaze, however, she becomes almost uncharacteristically calm and respectful. For anybody who was waiting for a good chance to talk to her, this is the best one.]

[Broadcast, Fleetwide - September 4th]

[Is by the pool on a cruise ship a good place for a serious broadcast? Of course it is.]

So, I haven't been here very long, and I'm not sure what counts as normal, but I'm positive this isn't it.

I have a few questions, a lot of questions actually, for those that have been here longer. I don't know how I got here, and the only answer that I've been given is that we were summoned here by a group called the Atroma, to be used for entertainment.

Where I come from, kidnapping was never considered polite, but the offending parties were always courteous enough to be honest about their motivations. I know 'Entertainment' isn't the only reason the Atroma brought us here. I'd like to speak with anyone who's found out more.


[Rose will be on the cruise until the 6th, after which she'll be at Yanti Rock and Eynewa's Bow.]
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Who: Arthur and you
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Platetside, in the city
When: Sept 4th-15th

[As a habitual practitioner of magic, Arthur couldn't really pass up the opportunity to get some supplies after finding out just what sorts of things one could buy in these markets. So his hands quickly filled up with bags containing crystals, amulets, and a few different decks of their own style of fortune telling cards. So what if their cost took a big chunk out of his savings thus far, he had spells to do!]

Fortune Telling
[It might not have been his specialty, but the nation was certain that no fortune telling via computer algorithm could possibly be accurate. Magic wasn't done by computers. Ridiculous.

And it didn't take a specialist either to spot the business opportunity provided.

A sign outside promised 'ancient and exotic fortunes,' the scent of tea constantly drifting out from the booth he'd rented for the duration of their stay. Technically, it wasn't a lie. He was ancient compared to most, and England was certainly exotic this far from Earth.]
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Who: SS Tourist guests and crew!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: The SS Tourist, of course.
When: The month of September!

I haven't done one of these in a while, forgive me for my sins.

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Who: Edna and others
Broadcast: No
Action: The Blameless and the Iskaulit
When: 9/3-9/7

The Blameless, 9/3

[After so many months on the ship with her brother and the humans that seemed to come and go as they pleased, Edna's gotten used to people who can see her. She knows that she still doesn't show up well on the communicators because they just don't have any resonance, but that doesn't matter to her one bit. It's much more interesting to be the disembodied voice over the little machines in her opinion.

Since Calibrations, the fact that she's so far from Rayfalke after spending nearly her entire life on the mountainside has left her feeling listless. The last system didn't help with its distinct lack of anything truly natural on the planet's surface. Jobs on the farms with Sorey helped, but she's just not that easily satisfied. She never has been, if you ask Eizen or Zaveid.

Her slow-building irritation isn't helped by the disruption being put off by the newer system they approach. If anything, it's worsened. And where she would normally walk around silently, moving between her room with her small collection of things from her friends and the Atroma, the personnel office that makes up her "duties",and the ship's kitchen. As the days drag on, her footsteps grow heavier, shaking the ship's floor for yards around her.]

Move. You're in the way. [Manners are overrated. Sorry, shipmates.]

The Iskaulit, 9/4

[She can't stand the ships and the confinement and the lack of fresh air. And so she's taken a shuttle to the Iskaulit to find an area to stretch her legs. She'd offered to help that Hawke woman with her strange sage-like herb, but she hasn't started yet with the irritation in the air as of late.

She stops when she reaches an area that's open and bare. It's big enough for her to let out all of her frustration on. Honestly, it's perfect. She removes her communicator from the pouch she's taken to carrying and sends out two identical texts to Mikleo and Eizen. "I'm on the Iskaulit. Come to the big open area on the other side of the ship from Malum." Then she prepares to wait.]

The Iskaulit, 9/7

[Anyone visiting the large ship over the last three days will not have missed all of the noise coming from this previously abandoned area and should they arrive, they'll find the small Earth Seraph staring at the scene of chaos with a sort of half-pleased smile on her face.

Until she's interrupted by someone she doesn't immediately know.]

Do you need help with something?
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Who: Shiro and you!
Broadcast: Nope, but you can still reach him through the communicator if you want.
Action: On the planet + the asteroid field.
When: First two weeks of the month, before metaplot hits us.
This got longer than I expected, sorry for all the cuts!

A. The fortune tellers

Please help him before he snaps... )

B. Exploring + zip-lining

Does this guy never get tired? )

C. Job: bodyguard (bar area)

Hope you have a multipass! )

D. Astronomy


E. Asteroid field

Look, Keith isn't the only daredevil, alright, he's just better at hiding it. )

F. Stargazing - closed to Kate

This is NOT a date, shut up, Lance )
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Who: Maglor and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Huntress
When: Now

[ The video flips on to Maglor carefully setting his communicator down. He waves at the camera. ]

This is for Vash.

[ He tells everyone cheerfully and then backs away, gesturing behind him, to where a vuvuzela sits calmly on a table. Nothing special to see here. He walks away, from the communicator, picks up the vuvuzela, and then the shappy mop of pink on the table, that turns out to be a wig. He straps that to the vuvuzela, comes back and picks up the communicator, and starts to walk ]

As requested, we are conducting an experiment, to see if the wig stays on.

[ He stops by the airlock, where there is a bit of fumbling around, and then the vuvuzela, complete with wig, is shown drifting off into space. The communicator stays on it until it's vanished into the distance. And then Maglor turns around, and you can hear him sigh.

The same vuvuzela, complete with wig, is lying on the floor behind him ]

And now we know.

[ CLICK. Yes. That's literally the entire reason for this post. Blame Vash. ]
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Who: Crew + Visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the Starstruck
When: Septemberish

[ an open mingle for crew and visitors throughout the month. go wild. just not too wild. ]
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Who: Riona and you
Broadcast: Yup
Action: On the Blue Fish if desired
When: September 2nd

[These past weeks have been rough, to say the least. Today has been harder than normal, though she knows why. Ultimately it shouldn't matter, she tells herself. It's just another day, nothing's different-

No, that's a load of crock and she knows it. Birthdays aren't meant to be spent alone.

Ordinarily she'd just take to going to one of the Iskaulit's bars to help her ignore her troubles. Or maybe, since they've landed now, she can try and find a place planetside. Alcohol makes everything better, right? (No, it doesn't.) Yet she finds herself hoping to find another way to spend her birthday, rather than just doing what she's been doing for weeks: get drunk until she stumbles back to her bed and wakes up with a hangover. Logically she knows if she says something about it, her friends will reach out to her. But something holds her back, some combination of not wanting to seem needy and looking like she's throwing a pity party for herself. Besides, she's never been one to broadcast - figuratively or literally - her problems. Why start now?

Even still, it's harder to plug her ears and pretend everything's going okay today. It'd be nice to just... do something for once. Go out, have fun. Maybe even smile. But she feels more or less glued to her bed, and no matter what she tells herself, she finds it hard to work up the desire to get up.

...okay, maybe she should. Ask for help. Subtly. Luckily, her communicator is nearby.]

Lovely little place we've come to, isn't it? [From what little she's seen of it through the windows.] Though, given the recent rash of nightmares and how this planet "sings" like some of the other ones did, I suspect there's something underneath the idyllic facade this place presents. Or maybe I've just grown cynical. [Or wised up to Atroma's patterns.] Maybe it's nothing, but... be careful down there, everyone.

[It's a struggle to keep her tone light, as if she's merely discussing what color she should paint her door.] Matters of cynicism or caution aside, I have a query for you all. How do you motivate yourself to... go do something? Not necessarily to be productive, but more just because you know you should be doing something, rather than letting yourself sink into a rut? There's not a lack of things to do, especially now that we've landed, but sometimes it's... difficult to find the motivation. [Okay that sounds mildly alarming and that's not her intention at all.] Just every now and then [More like nearly every day], but it's frustrating when it happens nonetheless, doubly so when there's a new planet to explore. Maybe it's just a matter of riding it out, but any advice would be appreciated.
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Who: Worf and OPEN
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Vanquish
When: 2nd September

[Worf had already spoken with certain members of the fleet regarding blade and martial arts training. He'd also talked about weapons with Jill Valentine regarding types of weapons. Right now, he was within the training room of the SS Vanquish, pushing up some heavy weights above his shoulders. It was good to stretch his muscles once more. Letting the weights slowly to the floor, he addressed the network;]

For those who wish to train with me I am within the training room of the SS Vanquish. Sokka? You wish to learn how to wield your Bat'leth? I will teach you the ancient Klingon ways if you wish.

[He grabbed a towel and wiped his brow for a few moments.]

Jill? I am still interested in discussing weapons from your world. If you wish to spar with me I would welcome the challenge.

[Because Worf could face as many opponents as the fleet could throw at him.]
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Who: Makie
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Twin Roses, Iskaulit
When: 3rd Sept


[Makie hardly left her room before she fell asleep in it, after Calibrations.  She shuffles out now, though, sleepy and a little unsteady, which is all the giveaway for her to realise she's overslept again.  Seems to be a habit.  She makes herself a cup of tea, checks on her belongings to make sure they don't need maintenance.  When she finds out how much time has passed from her crew, well... that's enough for her to finally leave the ship.  Even mopey depressives can feel the need to stretch their legs.

She'll visit the gardens, check on the memory tree.  And finally, she finds the swimming pool.  Because it happens to have set up shop in the place she used to go to practice in private.  Huh. 

Well, nobody can complain about her swimming now, can they?  One small problem, though...]


I'm looking for someone to teach me how to swim.  In exchange, I offer lessons either in music or swordsmanship.

[Take your pick.  There isn't likely to be a flood here; no children to save from the water.  But she'll return to Adstring eventually, won't she?]

Have I missed anything important...?
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Who: Ezri
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Caprine
When: After reaching the Eyuzi system

Hey everyone, Dax here.

With those dreams some of us has, I thought maybe it'd be a good idea to try distracting ourselves with something a little more pleasant. Not forget them, they might be important, but I checkout out the planet briefly before coming back to the Caprine.

Some of the Lyukites offer 'star tours' where the stars actually determine the tours path. It's a shame we won't get to see how much the tour changes, unless Atroma brings us back later, but it'd be a shame to miss.
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Who: Ardyn Izunia and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Red Fish + Eyuzi System
When: Today


Does anyone feel a It's as though something or someone is calling out to us with powers. I can feel it through my veins like a magnet drawing me closer, aiming to catch me in it's net. A pulsing energy like I've never experienced before. Then, there's the melody like singing. We must be approaching something....a planet maybe? I must say this feeling is rather new to me, although I've felt effects like this before, this one is on a new level altogether. Perhaps, I am quite mad, but I do feel this. If anyone else can relate to me on this it would be appreciated, just so I can feel a little more comfortable.

[Ardyn doesn't know that his broadcast might take a little longer to reach fellow crew members, due to the static within the air. It's all to do with the arrival to the new planet...]

Eyuzi system:

Fortune Telling:

[Ardyn had decided to give it a go. Why not? It was just a fantasy after all, right? He had never really believed in gypsy witchcraft, so why should he now, just because he was on an alien planet? Smirking softly, he picked up a palm scanner and wondered if it would indeed tell his fortune.]

Does anyone believe in all of this? I find it hard to believe that any of this could actually work.

[He spotted other trinkets, cards, herbs and other items, which were supposed to help tell your fortune. A waste of money? Perhaps. Was anyone else falling for it?]

Cruise Ship:

[Now, this was more Ardyn's style. Sitting comfortably with a glass of red wine in his hand, the Chancellor stared out of the window at the rolling waves being swept up by the boat. Ah, it was almost like being at home. Galdin Quay came to mind and also Altissia. Such beauty. He sipped his wine and wondered who else would venture aboard the boat in search of some sanctuary away from the metal prison in space.]

Ah, this is the life. It's nice to actually smell the salty air once more. Too long have we been cooped up like animals in a cage aboard the ships.

[He got up to walk along the deck to take in more of the view. He might even have a hot bath soon to ease his aches. Oh, such luxury!]


[Well now, Ardyn might be holding a rainbow snake within his fingers, as he offered the trader a wry smile. He wasn't afraid of the reptiles, oh no. He loved them. Yet, he wasn't sure the Red Fish would be a suitable habitat for the snake, so he allowed the animal to slither back to his master. A shame.]

You know, he would have kept me company, yet I believe space may be too cold for this little fellow. Alas, I could have had a friend for life.

[Ardyn sighed and then moved to another stall, checking out the merchandise and wondering what, or if, he should spend his currency on.]


Have at thee.
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Who: Looma Red Wind and anyone who can still put up with her
Broadcast: Network
Action: Anyone actually awake on the Bishop
When: Early, early in the space-morning whenever that is

[While most people would be content to, you know, sleep once in a while, it seems like Looma's spending this Drift dealing with a remarkable lack of it. She looks the part too- one does not switch over to getting by on nothing but micro naps over the course of several days without exhausting themselves. Tetramands are apparently no different.

She's sitting in her chair aboard the Bishop, fighting back sleep as best she can while poring over any readout of the ship she can get her hands on. Less than half of it makes any sense to her, but it doesn't have to- she knows what everything should look like, she's just on alert for any suspicious changes.]

I have only been a part of this wretched show for less than one human year, so there is much about our shared enemy that I do not understand. I know that this last occasion was not the first time they have thrown us into one another's memories, but what has been happening recently feels... different.

[Yep, she's another one who wound up getting a strange dream. She's not a fan of it. For one thing, they're not supposed to happen while you're awake. To say it's put her on high alert would be an understatement- her only response was to assume an impending move by the Atroma or, even worse, a complete unknown.]

I have noticed several others have been having strange dreams. I was not asleep for mine.

I must know if the Atroma are responsible, or if there is some new presence toying with us. Have they been behind anything like this in the past? If they have not, I have two concerns.

One: They are plotting something, and changing how they plan to toy with us.

Two: We will soon be dealing with some new threat.

[She's...kind of forgotten where she was going with this, by this point. And for a moment it looks like she's going to nod off in the chair again, before her eyes snap wide again and she regains some measure of focus.]

...any insight would be appreciated. Especially from those of us who have been here long enough to know what to expect. I have been unable to find any satisfactory explanation on my own.


Sep. 1st, 2017 10:17 pm
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Who: Fenris and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Tourist
When: 1st

[It's been a pretty crappy month for Fenris, most of it his own doing. He'd been hoping September might at least find some semblance of normalcy again. A little quiet and calm to collect himself once more. He should have known better- Atroma is very good at making sure that sort of thing absolutely does not happen.]

Kirk is asleep, and will not wake, so I assume this is Atroma's doing. I will do my best to take care of the Tourist until he wakes, but I will need some help running the Space Bar until Nami returns to us. It will be rather tricky to manage the two.

[He might not sleep well, but he still needs to try and DO that. Plus he absolutely does not trust Atroma to not do something awful while Kirk sleeps. Given everyone's weird nightmares recently, he'd put good coin on something awful happening, in fact. It's his job to make sure no one dies horribly or the Tourist gets set on fire in Kirk's absence, and it's one of the few jobs he'll actually take seriously.]

Thank you, for any aid you can give.
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Who: Gil and OPEN
Broadcast: Video
Action: Blameless Engine Room
When: Today, but like super early.

[Gil has always thought that the day/night cycle was always a little wonky in space, even if you're used to it. It's less "there are actual times of the day" and more "we all agree to turn off the lights at this time." And then what happens to the poor sods who's brains don't shut off at that time? Well, they get to annoy everyone.

He's in the engine room for the Blameless around what might be the equivalent of three o'clock in the morning, mostly just trying to memorize the lay of the land. He's been here long enough to know his way around, but he wants to be able to get where he needs to be with his eyes closed. When he broadcasts he's sitting on the floor with his back to a panel.

I would really like to know exactly how this fleet works. They supplemented my already impressive knowledge base to make sure I knew how to keep the different tech going, sure, but knowing how to keep a thing running isn't the same as knowing how it's running.

And here's the thing. Faster than light travel is hard, right? Traveling between systems of planets isn't supposed to be the sort of thing that just happens. It's not like popping over to your neighbor's to get a cup o' sugar. It takes manipulating the rules of physics or going to cyrosleep because otherwise you'll be ancient by the time you get to a place. [He chuckles a bit here, to his own private joke that probably only Peebee is going to get, and then quickly moves on.]

In the Milky Way, er, well the version of it I'm from anyway - alternate dimensions amiright? - we have this really impressive tech left behind by the Prothe-- [A pause, his face falls a bit, then scrunches up.] Er, left by somebody and it allows faster than light travel by effecting your mass. You drop your mass but keep your bits where they are, suddenly you can get flung across systems in a few hours or days rather than hundreds or thousands of years. These Mass Effect fields and the relays built using them enabled humanity to drop in on an intergalactic society - after a war first of course, because we're a wily bunch in any dimension.

It was theorized that this method would be the only way to get around reliably. Otherwise, you'd have to make yourself the thinnest meat spaghetti ever or punch a hole through the fabric of space to get anywhere of value. And, I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of being spaghetti-ifed or tearing into the fabric I'm standing on.

[He turns his head to look at the tech around him, and the corners of his mouth frown.] But none of that has to be the same here, right? Going to a different galaxy already taught me that and who knows exactly where we are now. [A pause, before he remembers what he was talking about.]

Mass effect drives have a particular look and hum to them. They act in certain ways. I know how to coax one to sing, but the humming here is different, the notes to the song aren't the same. So how is this working? [He pats a part of the engine room that is off screen, and then finally he looks at the camera again, as if considering something.]

Any of you come from realities with FTL travel? If so, how'd you do it? And if you say worm holes I am going to be extremely impressed that you can get anywhere predictably because talk about punching through space...

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