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Who: The Blameless crew and anyone that wants to visit! You don't need established cr, just come by and say hello!
Broadcast: If anyone wants to, sure.
Action: Yes!
When: Through July.

[Welcome to the SS Blameless! The crew is small and two of them will be invisible to most people, but hey, we have a dog. That alone makes us the best ship. No, really.

Come in, come in! Congratulate the two new captains! (Marriage jokes? Oh, those go on that table over there, thank you.) Also we have a motherfucking lounge now, which will come with all the games bought in a waystation.

It's time for strip poker. Or, you know, space Uno. Whichever is less dangerous.]
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Who: Crew + visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the Blameless
When: All of May

[ when it's the month of may, the blameless will play. or something. have at it, you crazy diamonds. ]
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Who: Shiro and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Blameless
When: March 17th and 18th

[Network | Video from the HS Marsiva - Friday 17th]

[Waking up in a strange place is, sadly, something Shiro has done before. A couple of times actually. He must admit, though, he appreciates the lack of a headache this time. The worry is strong when he realizes he lost communication with his team, and there's nobody around to answer his questions. At least that means not bad guys either?

His body feels great (how, after that battle?) so he doesn't waste time investigating. Moments later he's at the cafeteria, eating something that is not goo (thank goodness) and going through the files on his new communicator. The idea of a reality show and that augment implanted in his head isn't well received at all, but there's something more urgent he should check on first. There are no signs of it on the network, but you can never be too safe.

The feed starts as he's taking off his helmet, his sci-fi-ish suit of armor and the calmness he speaks with not making him look a newbie at all. Someone familiar with military training, though, may find a bit of that on him.]

Hello. I'm Shiro, a new arrival to this... fleet. [He's about to say "this show" but ugh, he doesn't want to think about that.] Space isn't news to me, but alternative universes are. So I still feel I must ask: has any of you encountered or heard of an alien race called Galra? They aren't good news, and I wouldn't want them to have followed me here. Thanks for any information you can provide.

[Action | It's shuffle time on the SS Blameless! - Saturday 18th]

[The confetti is met with an unamused face, and Shiro is still brushing it off his armor as he makes his way through the ship, helmet under an arm and eyes attentive. The pudding is tempting (he isn't a huge chocolate lover but gosh, he hasn't tasted it in forever) but it can wait for now. First, he needs to meet his crew. Shiro is still a firm believer of teamwork, so it'll be better for everyone, he thinks, if he gets to know these new people as soon as possible.

He doesn't rush it though. Familiarizing himself with the ship is also important, so he walks through the hallways at a calm pace, taking in all the details and wondering what kind of piloting it'll require. Whenever he sees someone, he speaks up, tone and body language as friendly as it can be.]

Excuse me. Hi. I believe I'm the new pilot of the ship. [He offers his right hand and, if the person decides to take it, they'll notice it feels harder than a human hand. As if it was made of metal.] You can call me Shiro.
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Who: Crew of the Blameless and their visitors!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Blameless
When: October

[ so, fellow innocents! we're a-drifting again and it's time to hang out with your shipmates aboard the blameless!

as always, visitors are definitely welcome to swing by and bug those aboard. ]
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Who: The Blameless crew & visitors!
Broadcast: n/a
Action: The Blameless
When: August

[it's a mingle! go forth, blameless and friends]
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Who: Blameless crew + visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the Blameless
When: May

[time to get your mingle on, people lacking blame and friends!]
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Who: Crew of the SS Blameless and visitors.
Broadcast: Nope
Action: SS Blameless
When: March, or until we feel like a new one.

[It's a mingle! Get out of the car!

Unique ship notes for new crew and visitors: giant, unmissable scorch marks currently line the walls of several corridors leading from the cargo hold to the bridge!

Also, thanks to Kate, we now have a SWEARS AND ATTITUDES JAR displayed prominently in the kitchen. Whenever someone's being naughty instead of nice, they're compelled to deposit a few credits (or at least an iou) into the awaiting jar.

Also also, we are all still bunking together. HAVE FUN.]
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Who: Those who are without blame
Broadcast: Nope
Action: On the Blameless
When: Whenever we feel like it! Gawd!

[A brand new crew has been assigned to a brand new ship. Can they find it within themselves to get along? Find out next time! Or you know, in this actual log.]

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