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Who: Crew & Visitors of the Bloodsport
Broadcast: Unlikely
Action: Bloodsport
When: July

[Welp, that sure was fun.  Any fallout?  But the crew has shuffled around a bit, so maybe this is a good time to touch base.]

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Who: SS Bloodsport and visitors!
Broadcast: Probably not
Action: Bloodsport
When: 26 May onwards!

[You know the last time we had one of these was three months ago?  Things have been that quiet.

Or, y'know, we've all been busy with espionage.  Such is life.]

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Who: Bloodsport crew and various visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Bloodsport
When: February

[It's a mingle!  Please don't mind the narcoleptic captain or the comatose first mate.  Or the fact that one of our bunk rooms is full of giant wolf hair.  (Dammit, Bigby, couldn't you clean up before you left?)]

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Who: Crew of the SS Bloodsport and guests
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Bloodsport
When: December in general

[We're still missing a doctor, but it's not like we're gonna need one any time soon.  Right?  Don't jinx me now.]
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Who: Bloodsport crew and visitors!
Broadcast: Nope
Action: Bloodsport
When: It's a mingle!

[New crew!  Old crew!   Something something dark side of the force.  (Sue me, your captain's tired.)]

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Who: All y'all Bloodsport people and friends
Broadcast: N/A!
Action: Unsure but I think it's probably... the Bloodsport...
When: August

[It's a mingle!  There's new crew!  There's old crew going slightly nuts!  There's probably popcorn somewhere.]

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Who: ss bloodsport + visitors
Action: ss bloodsport

( mingle, mingle, mingle? )
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Who: Crew and Visitors of the SS Bloodsport!
Broadcast: Bloodsport
Action: Bloodsport
When:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk man latter part of May?

[We've changed captains and we're way overdue for a mingle anyway.  HAVE AT.]
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Who: Anyone!
Broadcast: NO!
Action: The Bloodsport
When: Now! Soon! Whenever!

[The pilot isn't living on the ship, the Captain is still a weirdo and civilians nearly outnumber other augments. Welcome to the Bloodsport mingle!]
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Who: Bloodsport crew and any visitors aboard their fine vessel.
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Ship shenanigans!
When: While they're still on the Starlight.


[time to check in on the Bloodsport... what antics has this well-behaved and perfectly well-adjusted crew been up to?]
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Who: Bloodsport Crew, ASSEMBLE.
Broadcast: Maybe??
Action: The ship (or on a station I'm not picky)
When: After all that Marsiva nonsense

[GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE. instead of waking up in the cold, super-sterilized rooms of the Marsiva, you come to back in your very own room on the Bloodsport! some of you have never met each other, and a few of you have never even stepped foot on the ship before... but it's never too late to explore and greet your neighbors!

and in case anyone was wondering, yes, there are still a dozen fishbowls scattered around the ship. the glowing fish inside them seem perfectly fine. you may all rest easy, or wonder why the hell there are so many fish on this ship in the first place.]
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Who: The crew of the SS "You Tried" Bloodsport (and anyone who happens to be visiting).
Broadcast: Probably not? Maybe?
Action: Aboard and around the ship.
When: Right after the latest Shuffle!


[that's right boys and girls it's another mingle. they navigated smoothly out of the initial danger (despite some people not helping), and they've gotten to hang out on the beach (or the storms, or with the sick Nunnilis) for about a week.

so... what are our intrepid travelers up to now? oh and also there's one of those glowing fish in a fishbowl on the kitchen table. it's green. you are welcome. don't kill it. you know who you are.]
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Broadcast: Nope!
Action: On the Bloodsport!
When: 6/14-6/21

[WELCOME TO THE BLOODSPORT HICCUP don't mind the crew. They're. Uhh. Unique.

Enjoy your pudding! What's the crew up to this week?]
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Who: Jinx and the Bloodsport! And anyone who cracks her encryption!
Broadcast: Encrypted on the Network.
Action: The Bloodsport
When:Now. Ish. Ly. Kinda.

Network: Encrypted )

Action: Bloodsport )

3. [video]

May. 17th, 2015 05:46 pm
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Who: Simon Tam and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Bloodsport
When: March 17th

[When the broadcast turns on, several colorful economy-sized bottles are sitting on the floor, and Simon turns the camera on himself, looking puzzled.]

Ah- is there a reason sponsors would have sent me- [he squints at one of the bottles] - deluxe beard shampoo when I have no facial hair?
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Who: The intrepid crew of the SS Bloodsport!
Broadcast: Maybe?
Action: Probably!
When: Right now!


what's cooking on the Bloodsport? what fresh drama is unfolding?

has anyone thanked Robin for how the cargo hold doesn't smell like death and slowly-reversing decay anymore because that stuff was gross.]
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Who: Simon Tam and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Bloodsport, the waystation, idk, you pick a place and we can make it work! This is a catchall for anyone who wants to get to know Simon, especially if you've threaded with River.
When: Through the rest of April


[Simon smiles at the camera, before he clears his throat and addresses everyone.]

Ah- hello to members of the Drift Fleet, old and new. I'm Simon, the medical officer on the Bloodsport. It seems that my sister River has been going around and making lots of friends since she arrived here- I would like to speak to and get to know all of you in turn if you wish. I will be here on the Bloodsport and making housecalls elsewhere as needed.


[Perhaps he's treating you on your ship. Maybe you visit him on the Bloodsport or run into him at the waystation the Fleet is currently docked in while he scrounges for food and medicine. No matter what, Simon wants to know the people his sister is bonding with. Why not say hello?]
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Who: Bloodsport Crew!
Broadcast: if applicable!
Action: yes, that!
When: during the medieval-funtime world!

[aaaaay bloodsport how u doin'. how's life around the ship? what have you already dragged back from ye olde renaissance world? what trips are you planning? what's broken and why isn't it fixed yet? who's flying this thing?

mingle, talk to your newer crewmates, go nuts.]
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Who: The fine crew of the SS Bloodsport.
Broadcast: If a thread goes that way!
Action: SS Bloodsport
When: 2/14 ~ 2/17 (So people can be on either side of the augment glitch change)

[Crazy glitches! New passengers! Peculiar moons! What a month it's been for our good friends on the SS Bloodsport, and what a month it will continue to be! What awaits them in the coming days? Danger?? Intrigue??? Being nerds???? Find out, on Drift Fleet. For anyone aboard the Bloodsport, or just visiting, this is the hip happening place to mingle.

Have at it!]
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Who: everyone on the SS Slashbait SS Bloodsport!
Broadcast: none.
Action: mingle post ; closed to SS Bloodsport crew.
When: pretty much anytime today!

[ So, a week after the SS Bloodsport has gotten itself a capacity upgrade, it's gotten a new pilot! This calls for some quality time together, checking in with the captain, and generally doing whatever the heck you wanna do.

And don't worry! The pilot definitely knows what he's doing. :) ]

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