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Who: Peebee and You!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Caprine
When: Today

[Peebee starts the feed even though she doesn't quite have it lined up yet, so you get a closeup of her as she tries to prop the device up. Finally satisfied, she stands back. There's the growing husk of some mechanical pod beast thing behind her, various cables and wires bound off and in varying stages of installation. Peebee herself has a spanner in hand, splotched here and there with grease. She's in the lab on the Caprine and it looks like a bit of organized chaos ... heavy on the choas.]

Hey, Fleet! Lab and Engineers; represent! I got a little project going on and I would love to pick your brains. I'm basing this beauty off of tech I found from our own world, but of course I haven't found anything like it here. Anyone else tinker? What do you use, whats your process?

Drop on by or hit me up here.

Also, I got treats and drinks. Makers party on the Cap!
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Who: Caprine Residents and Caprine Visitors!
Broadcast: n/a unless otherwise noted
Action: on the Caprine
When: Month of July

[Here for your Mingle needs; whether you are a resident of the Caprine or simply a visitor. Enjoy your time here!]
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Who: SS Caprine crew and friends
Broadcast: Depends on the thread
Action: SS Caprine
When: The month of June

[With some people gone and new people arriving, it's time for a Caprine mingle. Friends of the Caprine, those who want to come see their cargo-hold garden, or people who want to come share stories of McCoy - all and any are welcome.]


May. 31st, 2017 06:55 pm
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Who: Kai and Open
Broadcast: Yes
Action: The Caprine
When: Now

I’m sure everyone already saw Kirk’s post and knows that Leonard McCoy is gone. That means the Caprine currently doesn’t have a Captain, and as her first officer…I want to ask if anyone else is willing to step in as Captain. I am decidedly not up to the job.

[ He doesn’t care how little actual work being Captain seems to be. He doesn’t want it. ]

I do think first preference should go to anyone on the Caprine who wants it, but after that, anything goes.

[ A pause, like maybe that’s all he has to say, before Kai adds one more thing, voice softer. ]

Also, if anyone wants to come over, drink, and share McCoy stories, please join me this evening, on the Caprine.

[ They still have sufficient alcohol, and it seems as fitting an action as anything else Kai can think of. ]
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Who: Party on the Caprine. Open to all.
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Caprine
When: Night 4/01

It’s time for the 'thank Morrígan no one expects us to be fish anymore' party, as promised.

Feel free to come on over to the Caprine if you want in on this. No RSVP necessary.

[ Hopefully they’ll all fit. ]

[ ooc: It’s a party mingle! ]
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Who: Kai Gracen and Open
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Caprine
When: Now

You're speaking to the First Mate on the Caprine now, I guess. If any other first mates want to give me advice on my duties, that sounds grand.

[ A wink, yeah, he's already figured out about how much a first mate does (or does not) do. Mostly he figured McCoy might not mind what help he could give. ]

And for everyone new or new-ish on the Caprine, which might even include me, welcome.

Maybe we can have a party when we leave this system. It can double as a 'thank Morrígan no one expects us to be fish anymore' party.

If anyone wants to fetch alcohol from this planet while you're out, we can probably find a way to drink it.

[ Kai's mostly wandering through the Caprine now, trying to at least inventory what they already have. What previous crew members might have left behind and still hasn't been claimed. He knows McCoy is going to be on the planet, helping. It's just that Kai would be useless on two counts if he'd gone with, and he does feel a bit bad about it. ]
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Who: All Visitors and Crew aboard the Caprine
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Yeah!
When: Now

[Monthly mingle for the SS Caprine, get.]
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Who: All Aboard the Caprine
Broadcast: optional but not required
Action: aboard the caprine
When: now

[Please see Pinkie for your complementary snacks and welcome basket. Try not to wake the dragon because sometimes he bites.]
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Who: All the Capringles! (and friends)
Broadcast: none
Action: Mingle on the Caprine
When: September

[Who let Poe and Pinkie paint the shuttles anyway?]
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Who: Anders, Vash, and their victims
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Blue Fish, Tourist, Caprine, Three Twins
When: Backdated to the end of July

For Vash
[The plan was all too simple and even simpler to enact. Slip aboard the targeted ships, tinker with the food paste's mechanisims and lay a simple spell on them, then wait and watch for their victims. People wouldn't suspect a thing until it was too late, considering visitors were normal on the ships, it was flawless.

They'd start with the Caprine and end on their own ship, because what was 'home' without a little fun?

Anders grinned over at his partner in crime.]

I can't wait to see their faces.

For the prank victims
[OOC: Completely voluntary, if you'd like your character to get splattered with food paste, then reply away and maybe you'll even catch one of the guys.]

It would seem like a simple malfunction, if it wasn't for the magic used to cause it. A shimmer in the air and a little burst of light blue light was all the pomp and circumstance given before a burst of sticky and wet food paste burst from it's container and onto the unsuspecting victim caught in it's spray.

Have fun picking that out of your hair.

A sharp eye might be able to pick out the culprits hidden away and snickering to each other like school boys who thought they were overly clever.]

((OOC: Also feel free to have threads that don't involve Vash or Anders, if the inspiration strikes!))
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Who: Calling all Capringles, it's time for a camingle!
Broadcast: nope
Action: On the good ship Caprine
When: August

[Ready to meet the newest addition to the crew? He'll be around...]
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Who: The Capringles and any visitors!
Broadcast: If you want.
Action: The SS Caprine
When: Throughout the month of July!

[Hooray, no more gas masks!]
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Who: SS Caprine + visitors!
Broadcast: Maybe
Action: The Caprine (duh)
When: All month long

[Friends! Ships! Friendships! ... other ships? Maybe!]
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Who: Finn, Pinkie Pie, and YOU!
Broadcast: EVERYWHERE!
Action: The Caprine, especially the bridge.
When: Today~

[Video: Encrypted from Finn]

[HOLY COW that is a huge pink pony grin in your face!]

Gooood morning, everybody~! Gueeeess who's birthday it is today~? If you guessed Finn, then you'd be right! AND you'd be invited to his super special first EVERY birthday party on the Caprine! If you guessed wrong, don't worry, you're invited anyway! There'll be cake and ice cream and music and games and lots and LOTS of blue fizzy drinks! Hope we see you there~!


[While Pinkie has Poe distract Finn for most of the day, this little party pony's hard at work making this the best (and only) birthday this ex-Storm Trooper's ever had! As advertised, the whole ship is decorated bow to stern with streamers and lights and balloons. There's music throughout all the speakers, dancing and games on the bridge, and SO MANY TREATS in the kitchen. There's mild and spicy nachos, salsa, cubes of spiky blue fruit that tastes like cantaloupe, candy, and HUGE birthday cake made from as many real ingredients as Pinkie could get her hooves on. There's also a HUGE punch bowl with Pinkie's best punch recipe, and pre-poured cups of what looks like some blue fizzy milkshake. Knock yourselves out, guys, and help Finn have the best birthday ever since the First Order is made of jerks!]
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Who: The crew of the Caprine and visitors
Broadcast: N/a
Action: Yes
When: Throughout the month of May

[Enjoy the snacks! Sadly they are mostly goo.]
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Who: The SS Caprine, any visitors at the time, and that loud, pink equid from a couple hours ago
Broadcast: N/A
Action: The Caprine's bridge.
When: A couple hours after this post.

[Well, that sure was a thing. Luckily there were quite a few nice, friendly faces to help Pinkie out with that initial panic, even a familiar one she hadn't seen in a while.

That took up a good bit of her time, but after wandering around and looking at all the new shiny stuff, trying (and failing) to test that augment thing of hers on the few maintenance bots milling about, sampling the cafeteria's salad and dessert menus (hey, apparently synthetic Black Forest cake's not TOO bad), and harmonizing with the muzak, the poor thing was running out of stuff to do, and there's no one to talk to. Frankly, she was starting to get a little bored.

She flops against the table with a sigh.]

Hope I'm not here TOO long; it's kinda lonely...

[Sounds like somebody heard her, because soon there's a robotic voice announcing that she report to the SS Caprine. Soon followed by a REALLY weird tingly feeling throughout her whole body.]

Whoa, wha wha WHAAAA--

[And ENERGIZE! A second or two more, and she plops back into reality.]

--AAA oh hey it's over!

[And in a totally different place, soon to be greeted by music, dessert, and- professionally speaking- some nice quality confetti. And maybe some greetings from her new crew mates, if you're so inclined.]
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Who: Caesar Zeppeli
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: On the YuckMoon & the Caprine!
When: Throughout the YuckMoon event, up until the dance thingy.

[The likelihood of running across Caesar at any time during the month and finding him not sporting a black eye or a busted lip is incredibly, devastatingly low. The reason for this is not because he's a very bad fighter, or even a middling one. No, he's a great fighter. The fact is that, statistically speaking, he starts so many fights that at some point a stray and/or lucky fist is going to catch him in the eye, the lip, or the jaw.]

[He wears each bruise with remarkable cheer. Not pride, really, but he does seem relaxed on this moon, as disgusting as it is, because he feels welcome and invited to start shit at the drop of a hat, even when he's not actually mad at all. He's absolutely incorrect, but he's chosen to ignore the specifics of this planet's culture in favor of turning around to random strangers in the crowd and inviting them to dance, if they're feeling lucky. By punching them. But, you know, it's a nice gentle punch at first?]

[Who knows: he might just punch YOU.]

[The Law catches up with him eventually, though, and he's stuck in a few rounds of punitive chess matches. Which prompts occasional network outbursts while he's waiting for his opponent to fucking go already and poking at his woefully fading bruises. They usually go something like this:]


[Or, you know. Similar.]

[When he's not on the surface of the moon, he can be found on the Caprine. For once he's not doing a lot of cooking, since Certain Parties have a monopoly on stress baking this month, but the same Certain Parties are upset about this gross moon, so he's taking the profoundly mature tack of turning the entirety of the bunkroom into a giant pillow fort.]

[You can all fight him about it, honestly.]
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Who: the crew of the caprine + you
Broadcast: optional; check out the top-levels
Action: on the caprine (& the yuck moon below)
When: throughout the month of april

[next you'll say, "a caprine mingle log!? just what i was waiting for!"]
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Who: the caprine shitshow
Broadcast: none.......
When: right meow

[when life gives you lemons throw them at your crew]

[specifically the captain]

[actually just throw everything at the captain he's got a hard skull he can take it]
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Who: The SS Caprine and visitors.
Broadcast: None.
Action: The Caprine.
When: All throughout the month.

[ get in losers it's a mingle!! ]

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