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Who: Goldstone crew and visitors!
Broadcast: A short locked to and for the crew. :'|
Action: SS Goldstone Mingle
When: July 9th - 31st!

Takeshi will address the crew promptly when they return to the ship — it's up to him as captain to make sure everyone knows what's going on, right? So with a subdued tone, he says over the loudspeakers: "Captain, um, Takeshi here. Miss Opal and Miss Maggie have gone home... I know we're gonna miss them a lot, but let's hope they've got really nice people to go home to... Friends and families and things they had to do. Umm... Take care of each other, and remember that some of us don't seem t'stay still for long, so be nice and remind them how much you care 'bout them, just in case, okay...?"

A pause.

"They wouldn't want us to stay too sad, so... keep your chins up and let's do good things moving forward, so they'll be real proud of us."
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Who: The Goldstone and You!
Broadcast: As desired
Action: SS Goldstone
When: The month of June

[A mingle post for the crew of the SS Goldstone, any visitors, and space shenanigans since we have a new Recreation room!]
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Who: Goldstone crew
Broadcast: n/a
Action: yes!
When: the month of april

[So, we have rumors flying around, possible sponsor drops in our midst, and any other shenanigans that might be going down! What are you up to, Goldstone?]
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Who: SS Goldstone crew and visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: On the newly smooshed Goldstone!
When: Month of March

[Well, we're all here together, aren't we? Let's mingle for March while we're at it.]
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Suddenly, the SS Pathstone and the SS Golden begin to move on their own... slowly, calmly, they drift to two different points, a certain distance apart, away from the other ships of the fleet. Then, just as slowly, they turn to face each other.

And that is all the warning there is before the engines engage -- full speed ahead.

Like a pair of rockets, the ships torpedo toward each other, perfectly lined up for a head-on collision, and there is nothing to stop them. No matter what buttons the crews press, no matter how much they might panic, nothing is going to stop the inevitable. Any other ships watching will not have time to attempt any sort of interception.


As if to shield spectators' eyes from the horrors of ships colliding in space, there's a blinding light upon impact -- and once it gradually fades, the results can be clearly seen by all: There is no wreckage. Nothing is broken. But where there were once two ships... now there's only one.

One ship that is... very clearly made up of parts from the SS Pathstone and the SS Golden, but somehow seems well put together, at least!


On the bridge, the crews of the SS Golden and the SS Pathstone arrive, along with the usual pop! of Atroma confetti and ridiculous jingle music upon a successful shuffle. Sitting in the captain's chair is a round cake, just large enough for everyone to have one slice. There's a single candle, and the following message scribbled on top in yellow icing:

"Congratulations - SS Goldstone!
Happy Fusion!"

... What, did you think you were going to die? Sorry about that.

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