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Who: Crew + Visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the Starstruck
When: Septemberish

[ an open mingle for crew and visitors throughout the month. go wild. just not too wild. ]
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Starstruck
When: August 1-31

Everyone on the Starstruck is regretting their life and their choices. Why does anyone want to visit this ship again?
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Who: Crew of the Starstruck and visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Starstruck
When: July, post-calibrations

[July on the Starstruck is so bright, you gotta wear shades. Good thing everyone has a pair now! In other news, the first mate is in a coma, the captain is hella cranky, and the tunes now feature Lady Gaga and Queen.]
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Who: starstruck crew & visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: aboard the ship
When: june

[ another month; another mingle. but there are changes in the air! the starstruck has some fresh crew to boast of, as well as a spiffing new lounge. things have been difficult, lately -- the common area might make for a great place to decompress and socialize with your fellow starstruckers.

after all, it seems the captain's gone and requisitioned max's record player. for the first week in june, it'll be returned again and again to the new lounge. good luck hiding it from her, rockatanksy.

ready steady go! ]
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Who: starstruck crew & visitors
Broadcast: N/A
Action: on board the SS Starstruck
When: Throughout May

[ There's a fancy ball coming up so better get those dresses, tuxedos and guns ready. also there's still a ton of pumpkin-themed food all over the place, enjoy alla that. ]
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Who: Starstruck crew and guests!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the Starstruck
When: All of April

[ oi, crew! we've got some upgraded bathrooms this time 'round, so enjoy your extra hot water! and a comfier tub! and some privacy curtains in the changing area, thank goodness. everyone please remind max to actually use the curtains, of course. (right after you remind him to shower!)

mingle away, starstruckers! don't forget you can still toy around with some of the rumours! ]
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Who: People aboard the Starstruck, visitors and crew alike.
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Starstruck
When: The month of March!!

[Just your typical monthly mingle.]
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Who: Crew of the Starstruck
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Y, aboard the ship
When: All month

[ welcome to february. y'all know the drill. ]
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 Who: Starstruck crew and visitors.
Broadcast: None.
Action: The Starstruck!!!
When: January, all throughout!

[Just your usual mingle, folks, don't mind us. Yes I used the dorkiest icon I had for it.]
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Who: The SS Starstruck's crew and visitors...!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: Aboard the SS Starstruck
When: November 1st—31st!

Everyone get your mingle on for November! This is a quick post for the Starstruck, have at it.
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Who: Starstruck crew and visitors
Broadcast: None
Action: The SS Trainwreck Starstruck
When: August

[It might be accurate to say that the crew of the Starstruck had spent the majority of the month prior avoiding each other, or people in general, but as we leave the hand holding planet perhaps the crew can get back to normal.

Whatever that means...
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Who: Crew and visitors for the Starstruck!
Broadcast: None!
Action: The SS Starstruck
When: March! And, y'know, until the next mingle too.


∞ 007

Feb. 17th, 2016 06:53 pm
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Who: The Crew of the SS Starstruck + Any Visitors!
Broadcast: Nah prob not
Action: On board the SS Starstruck, or on the spacestation if you like!
When: NOW! and until the next mingle.

[ Y'all know what this is? This is a mingle. So get in here and mingle it out, everyone. o7

We have plenty of new people, but we don't have plenty of room anymore! Never really figured out a more permanent solution to all that yet, did we...? How's everyone coping, hmm?

Welcome newcomers! And welcome visitors! To the oldbie crew - stay awesome. ♥ ]
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Who: Any of the SS Starstruck Crew + Visitors
Broadcast: nah, unless you really want that
Action: Anywhere on board the SS Starstruck
When: 11/24, onward!

[ Oh look, it's a mingle!

Check it out - the ship sure is a lot shinier now, huh? So, did we all get shut up in The Marsiva and do all that crazy crap just so they could give us some glittery, sparkly things? Hmmm...

New crew members - welcome aboard! This is a good chance to meet everyone, now that we're back in one place. Any visitors - make yourselves at home! Have a look around. Stick around as long as you like.

After what everyone just went through, surely everyone's got at least a little something to talk about, huh? ]
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Who: Yosuke Hanamura and YOU!!
Broadcast: Sure if you want??
Action: On The SS Starstruck - any crew and visitors, all month!
When: Anytime in August, honestly!

[ Hey look, it's a mingle thread! If you happen to be on the SS Starstruck - visiting or crew, whatever! - then feel free to pop in with whatever you're up to.

Wanna comment on the racing ships zooming by? Go for it.

Wanna see what your fellow crewmates are up to? Play some cards, have some fun, shoot the breeze? By all means.

Wanna swing by and make fun of Yosuke, as he wonders how the hell he's a captain and what the hell he's supposed to do now and oh dear God?? ... Yeah that's cool too. ]
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Who: SS Starstruck & Anyone visiting!
Broadcast: y/n/m - up to the mingle peeps
Action: SS Starstruck
When: Uh, any time this month?

[ It's a mingle post for the SS Starstruck! We've lost a few and we've gained a few +1 gay mage, yeah!, so now's a time to get to know each other, deal with the results of the Iskaulit, or just general crew and visitor shenanigans! ]
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Broadcast: Nope, it's a mingle!
Action: Starstruck
When: Late May, after this weekend's shuffle.

[HELLO, STARSTRUCK. It's been a while and our time on this planet is drawing to a close. Did you win enough things? Or go visit the planet? Well, it looks like we lost some crewmates to gain some so maybe we should get them all settled.]
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Who: Starstruck crew and visitors!
Broadcast: Not unless you want to
Action: SS Starstruck
When: Second half of April?

[The Starstruck is kind of in tatters these days, and that's not just the ship we're talking about. The repairs are going slowly and it seems half the crew is ready to kill each other. Or something.

Whether you're a part of the crew, visiting, or here to help with the pile of repairs, step lightly!
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WHO "Ino" & YOU
BROADCAST Fleet-wide video!!
ACTION Starstruck for anyone that might look in the cargo bay.
WHEN April 12th.

[ Ino, what'choo doin'? She looks... strained. Stressed, but trying to hold it together. She's sitting in front of the camera, taking a deep breath as if to prepare herself for what she is about to say. ]

Hey, guys. This is really sudden, but I need to ask a favor of anyone who'd listen. It's important! I've got this friend... he's got a huge problem. Back where he's from, some people can hold a lot of powers in them, not magic or anything like that, and they need to take even more in sometimes or they go crazy. Or die.

Does anyone have any powers they could... lend him? He'll give them back, he promises, it's just—[ She reaches up, clutches at her chest like it's hurting her to think about it. Judging by the slight sheen of sweat on her face, maybe it is. ]—he needs help really badly. I'm worried about him, and there's not much I can do...

[ Her head dips, long bangs covering her face before she sucks in a breath, part for the show and part out of real difficulty in keeping herself together right now, before her hand snaps out and she turns off the feed to collect herself. ]
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Who: Crew of the glorious ship Starstruck
Broadcast: If people want??
Action: On the Starstruck
When: Early April

[ Hopefully no first aid kits necessary this time. ]

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