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Who: Finn
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Caprine, if you feel like it
When: Some time this morning

[Hey there, Fleet! Your resident former Stormtrooper is looking bleary-eyed this morning, and his friends may have noticed he's been incommunicado for a while. Looks like it was another one of those long naps people are subject to. As usual, Finn jumps straight to business.]

So I guess we landed on a planet while I was out? What's there to do on this one besides get lost in the woods?

--And did I miss anything important?

[For anyone who wants to catch him in person, Finn is aboard the Caprine, making terrible Fleet coffee and trying to muster up the energy to do something more productive with himself. It might take a little while.]
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Who: Clay Terran and Everyone
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Vanquish cargo hold
When: Early morning of 9/11

[He's honestly not sure if the fighting up on Solrius is done or not, but that doesn't really matter. When the feed turns on, Clay's in the cargo hold of the Vanquish, where there are about two crates on a trolley and ready to go. It's not apparent what's in them, but that's what he's going to address.]

Hey everyone. By now, I'm sure a lot of you now about what's going on with the planet Solrius. There's a man and a dragon [Sorey and Mikleo], and they're tearing the civilization up there apart. I saw it myself a few days ago; a lot of the trees are gone, the earth itself took a big hit, and a good chunk of people there are homeless now. They destroyed a lot in those past few days... and they're part of the fleet.

I know we don't have much longer here, but I don't want to leave a planet in shambles after they offered their home to us. [He tilts the comm to give the crates the center view.] I don't have a lot of credits, but I tried to buy what I could to help. There's some blankets and water, first-aid kits, food, some new clothing, and cleaning supplies.

[It helps that he got a pretty hefty paycheck just for being marginally involved in this whole thing, though the thought of that made him feel awful. Hence, using all of it to buy what he could to help.]

But this isn't nearly enough to help them. I'm going to be heading up there tonight, but if any of you want to drop off anything that could help, I'm in the cargo bay of the Vanquish. I've attached a list to the bottom of this of the things we need, and if there's anything else that can be added, just let me know. If you just want to give credits, I'll go out and buy some more supplies for this.

supplies needed.txt )

I'd really appreciate anything you can do to help.

[Plus, this... kind of takes his mind off of what he learned just a few days ago, his fate back at home. So while the distraction is emotionally (and financially) taxing, it's still a welcome one.]
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[Somewhere, someone finishes deactivating yet another little hacking device on their ship... And wouldn't you know it, it is enough that the devices' collective hold over the network finally falls apart! Having so many disruption fields generated across the Fleet were what had allowed the devices to be as powerful as they were, so now that enough of them are removed--

After a rather ominous popping sound, a storm of ear-splitting static descends upon the passengers from every speaker, on every console and communication device in the entire Drift Fleet. That's all there is for about half a minute, until something filters through the noise--the stuttered snatches of a robotic voice that has been heard on a few occasions in the past.]


[Following that, somewhere behind the worst of the noise, is an even more familiar (and much more human) sounding voice. Even through the static, the sound of surprise in his words is clear.]

Did you hear... Where--is she?? Adjust ...the tracking!

[The static increases to a point that threatens the integrity of the speakers before abruptly dying away. For a full minute, and then two, there is nothing but dead air (save for maybe the ringing in your ears). When the silence does finally break, it's with a cheery little jingle that will be familiar to many passengers.

Friendly as it is, though, it pales in comparison to the female voice that follows--veritably glowing with the sound of a smile.]

My dear passengers, it has been far too long! I have missed chatting with you so very, very much.

[Ah, yes. That's Diamond, all right. Her announcements are usually chipper, but this time she sounds relieved to even be speaking to someone.]

Let me first thank and congratulate you for fixing the awful problem that has been keeping us apart. I knew you were clever enough to figure it out! I have been trying to communicate with you all in what ways I could, but it just hasn't been the same...

And now there is so much to catch up on, I hardly know where to begin...!

[In fact, it sounds a little like paper note-cards are being shuffled around in the background.]

Oh, we've noticed that there are a lot more animals on the ships than there were the last time we checked in! You all must have been very busy on that last planet... [A stinted laugh.] As such, we have opened a special little deck of the Marsiva just for you; please do make use of the facilities available there. After all, happy and healthy animals test well with all age groups and interest boards.

And before that, you visited... [She pauses, oddly, before continuing.] ...Ah, I've been asked to remind you all to please not interfere with delicate equipment--including terraformers--in the various locations that we visit. Audiences... Well, they don't like it very much when you run off and dig into things so far outside of the scope of their interests. It's not very good for your ratings.

[Though, anyone who has been paying attention to the ratings and cash bonuses they got around that time might have reason to believe that Diamond isn't being entirely truthful there...]

We will be approaching a new Star System in a matter of days, so we'll be sure to check in and catch up with you all again soon. We are so happy to be back, and your audience is no doubt thrilled to find out what will happen next!

So until then, dear passengers, remember: the worlds are watching!

[...And finally, the broadcast goes silent. The channel is still open, but no one is speaking, and there are no further noises or indications that anyone is there.

Congratulations, everyone. Thanks to your hard work, the Hosts are back!
OOC post with more information: here.]
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Who: opal
Broadcast: y
Action: she's on the pathstone if anyone wants to chat in person

[hello, drift fleet. this message begins with an image, zoomed in on one of the adorable fluff slugs that can be found on the planet. after it's shown for a moment, the feed switches over to text.]

i can't believe a slug is this cute. i can't believe i bought a pet slug. disgusting

anyways opinions:

he looks like a salty to me but also naming a slug seems weird. it's a slug. maybe i'll just call it "slug"



May. 15th, 2016 03:18 pm
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Who: Ahsoka + You
Broadcast: Yep!
Action: Not really (though if you want to find her, she'll be in her room on the Starstruck)
When: idk today

Hey! Soooooo since we're all stuck here, and going outside on this planet kinda sucks bigtime right now, I've been making it a project of mine to try and learn as much as I can about the different cultures of the other worlds people here are from! Particularly Earth, because there's so many of you! Someone told me the collective noun is "Earthlings"? Anyway.

I've been trawling through the media library, but to be honest, I'm not very good at sitting and reading for long periods of time. So I figured, why not just ask you guys instead?

Tell me one (or more!) thing about your home world that you think is culturally significant. It can be traditional, religious, social, or pop culture is fair game too! After all, it's no fun when people are making pop culture references that fly over my head.

The only rule is that you can't say the same thing as someone else. You ready? Go!
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Who: Cisco Ramon
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: the marsiva
When: current

[ today you can see cisco ramon putting tons of cheddar gel between two wheat solids, pressing them all together into a sandwich before heating them up on the highest setting available. it's not really grilled cheese but it's as close as it comes.

he's already eating out of a plate of frozen banana cubes ]

ok so eating all of this alone while everyone else is partying is absolutely my senior prom all over again just in space-setting.

[ oh to be a nerd, even in space. ]

so - what do we call ourselves? the fleeters? this is just for future knowledge, I am not in any way implying that title is.

[ the space microwave beeps ]

are they going to serve frozen tequila cubes in that party? because if so then a) awesome and b) I think those should definitely be provided to those of us who are stuck here on board of the SS No-Date.

Just saying.
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Who: Greed, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka
Broadcast: None
Action: The Huntress
When: Immediately after this thread, ambiguously dated to when it's done??

[The Philosopher's Stone inside of Greed was an unpleasant place to be and few truly had the strength of will to last their long. That Ling had lasted there for months was beyond unusual. When Ahsoka went inside the stone to find him, she proved less fortunate when lost and vindictive souls dragged her into the torrent. For all that Greed might have been, he lacked the empathy to truly interact and distinguish between the well of souls stored inside him and so she became lost.

It was these very circumstances that led to a frantic Greed carrying the young Togruta woman the short distance from his own room to nearly kicking down the door leading into Obi-Wan Kenobi's own chambers. He didn't say anything, but he'd found himself in a second disaster just as devastating as the one that started all of this. It was his expectation that the Jedi would be able to fix this. If he couldn't - then who could?]
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Who: Arthur
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Red fish if you want
When: Today

[Arthur turns on the video, and it appears he's hanging out in his bunk on the Red fish. He holds up a small moleskine notebook, turning the page to the camera and letting it adjust. On the page is a very neat, realistic sketch of a woman's face, delicate with big eyes and long dark hair. He flips it to the next page, where he sketched a man's face, with bigger lips and scruff around his mouth. He takes the notebook away so the camera can focus on his own face.]

Those are just some sketches of people I know. I was thinking maybe I could try and draw things for people. I can even try for some portraits of people from your home, if you'll describe them to me.

[ooc: The drawings are of Ariadne and Eames from Inception. I really like the idea of Arthur sketching people in his notebook, and I imagine his style of art like sin_repent's version. ANYWAY, feel free to have facetwin confusion with the drawings if you'd like.]
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Who: Ahsoka + you
Broadcast: fleedwide video
Action: you can find her on the starstruck if you want
When: idk now?

Hey guys! I have a bit of a weird question for you today.

Did anyone by any chance stock up on apples before we left the Starlight? Or... apple puree, maybe? Or, um. Apple-anything-not-in-a-protein-cube? It's important. I promise.

I'd be willing to trade you credits or food from the Starstruck in exchange. We have a lot of dried and frozen meat. Like. A lot.

On an unrelated-but-not-really note...

Does anyone know how to make apple pie?


New broadcast, 5 minutes later: ... Apparently you need flour and butter too. Do we have any of those things?

003 ;;

Mar. 20th, 2016 11:18 am
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Who: Winter & You
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Iskaulit
When: 3/20

[ Text ]

How does everyone deal with loss? How much of an impact is it meant to have?

Similar. Unrelated. Is anyone familiar with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? I would like to know more.

[ Action >> Iskaulit ]

[ If you happen to be on the Iskaulit at any time in the wee hours of the morning, between two and six, you may run into Winter utilizing the gym. There aren't really posted hours, and that's usually when no one else is around.

The poor sandbags that he helped Jim hang all those months ago are getting a beating. Winter's focus is zeroed in on the same worn spot, but apparently something gives. Winter reels his left arm back, a high metallic whine the only warning before he lands a blow. It's enough force that not only does it knock the sandbag from its hook, but it goes flying across the room like it's nothing.

Emotional? Who's emotional? Nobody here. Mind your business! ]

[ Action >> Heron ]

[ Winter may have been restless before, but without Jim, this is something new entirely. Crew have been coming and going regularly over the past few months, but this is different. The Atroma decided that he should be captain? Over someone who would probably be more capable at it. He sees what you did there. You just couldn't pass up the chance to not have to change names in the roster, huh?

He's trying to wrap his head around it. Sure, he led teams on missions as the Winter Soldier, but that was different. He wasn't really calling the shots. Being Captain is new and scary and leaves room for so much to go wrong.

If anyone wants to bother him, or happens to be visiting, he is more than likely roaming the halls trying to burn off the nervous energy. He's comfortable with the ship, but now he wants to know it inside and out. As if he hadn't already done that. Honestly, he is distraught without Jim and doesn't know how to handle it. It's not as if he can talk to Natasha about it, either. Or Steve.

The message is more than clear- don't get attached. ]
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Who: Finn and everyone else!
Broadcast: Fleetwide video
Action: Marsiva
When: Today

[As is common with new arrivals, there are a few very confused moments of waking up and scrambling around before the Fleet's newest arrival manages to find and switch off the nearest camera.

About half an hour later and significantly less panicked-looking, he switches it back on. Some quality time spent with his augment answered the pressing questions, like where am I and why aren't there any weapons here, and that he's not going to get an answer to are my friends okay without a little further input from him. So. If they're here, he reasons, they'll recognize him.]

Shouldn't there be more people here? Or do I get to be the only lucky winner this week?

The name's Finn. There are people on the other ships out there, right?

[Look it's very lonely on the Marsiva right now.]
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Who: Leia Organa
Broadcast: Video, text, etc.
Action: On the Bishop
When: Main post is March 16, but we can do things anywhere from March 8-16 as needed


[When Leia appears onscreen, she's fully dressed, with her hair neatly braided and pinned up. However, she's very clearly sitting up in a bed, her body held more rigidly than usual. She has her game princess face on, the time to speak to the people face, but it's a little tight-looking around the edges.]

Attached to this message is the summary of a report on experiments recently performed on an augment. The full report may take some time for me to write, for reasons beyond my control. [The stab wounds. She means the stab wounds she's recovering from.] However, I hope this overview will be of use to anyone currently investigating the augments.

If you're thinking of trying to remove yours, the best advice I can give you is this: Don't.

[She pauses a moment before continuing.]

I'd also like to thank the kind person who sent me flowers. They're beautiful.


[Just like last time, the attached text file is an executive summary. This time, however, it's about that time they tried to remove Wolverine's augment.]

report under cut )

[action, backdated network stuff]

[Since March 8, Leia has spent the vast majority of her time in her bunk on the Bishop. Close friends and family would have been informed of her injury, and shipmates would have received an apologetic note stating that she'll return to her duties as Communications Officer as soon as possible. If you'd like to bug her or send her a message, this post is as good a place as any. ♥]
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[Well, it's finally happened. The Maldua has docked and now is your chance to deliver your gumball cargo--regardless of whether or not it's in perfect condition, it would seem.

Multiple ships can dock on the Maldua at once, as can individual shuttles. So whether you're helping, breaking things, or watching others do all the work--interaction can be between pretty much anyone, not just crews.

Here's the event post, for reference. Have fun!]
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Who: Hera and anybody.
Broadcast: None.
Action: The Iskaulit
When: Today!

[ Hera finds herself in the room where Ahsoka has been instructing in meditation lately. She's picked up the basics pretty fast, and today of all days, Hera feels like she needs to clear her head.

She sees no point in making any kind of announcement about Kanan - assumes everyone who cares probably already knows, especially the Jedi. Why tell them something they already know? And it's for the best, really. She has faith that he's returned to their own galaxy, and he can look after the others until she figures out how to get back, herself. It's no big deal, nothing to be upset over, she did without him for years before they met.

And yet, just because she doesn't need him, doesn't mean she won't miss him. ]
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Who: Shinji Ikari and you?!
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: SS Heron.
When: 3/12.


[Shinji rewrites this about a dozen times before he finally decides to post it. It reads:]

Hello. My name is Shinji Ikari. I'm a pilot that's stationed on the Heron. I'm sorry if I'm not using the network as it's intended, but I don't know how else to distribute this message. I've been a member of the Fleet for over a month now and I've met quite a lot of people who have treated me well. It's something I wasn't expecting at all. I haven't been in the best frame of mind, but people have gone out of their way to reassure me, offer to help me, or just talk to me. That's something else I wasn't expecting. I don't know why anyone bothers to talk to someone like me.

The point of this message is to say that I'm grateful. I'd like to thank all of those people, and repay them, if at all possible. I don't know some of their names or contact information, though. I do have an easier time of thanking my crew - I'm doing that now - thank you, everyone, for putting up with me. And hello to anyone who's newly assigned. Anyway, I'm on the Heron, like I said, and I have small tokens of my appreciation to give out if people want them. I'll be in the cargo bay all day by the gym equipment. Although it's kind of pathetic, a single conversation is enough to qualify for this. (Talking to people is helping my ratings...)

Kaworu-kun and Asuka, I have things to give you too. I know it's a little early for White Day.

Unrelated question: Is it possible to delete any content that's posted to the network? I'm guessing not, but maybe I missed an option for that.

Thank you for your time.

[action, aboard the Heron.]

[Shinji can be found sitting in the cargo bay, on a stretching mat, nearest to the gym equipment. He's young-looking and more than a little sleepless, wondering if he shouldn't have made that embarrassing post. He's in the middle of nervously, repeatedly digging his fingers into a netted bag of colorful marbles that he won from the arcade on the Starlight. They're beautiful glass marbles, each crafted to resemble a foreign galaxy.

This isn't much of a gift, but he hopes it isn't a stupid one.

He looks up whenever he has a new visitor. Before he says anything, he pauses his music player and takes out at least one of his earbuds.]



Mar. 10th, 2016 07:22 pm
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Who: Katara & you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: N/A
When: Now!

[ this broadcast seems more like a brief and idle afterthought more than anything else: ]

If I set up a room on the Iskaulit to do guided meditation in the mornings, would anyone actually show up?

[ and then, a few minutes later, she adds on to this: ]

Nevermind, Ahsoka's already got a place for it. Still - if you've never done it before, I can help teach you how. It's a pretty useful tool to have.
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Who: Crew of the SS Blameless and visitors.
Broadcast: Nope
Action: SS Blameless
When: March, or until we feel like a new one.

[It's a mingle! Get out of the car!

Unique ship notes for new crew and visitors: giant, unmissable scorch marks currently line the walls of several corridors leading from the cargo hold to the bridge!

Also, thanks to Kate, we now have a SWEARS AND ATTITUDES JAR displayed prominently in the kitchen. Whenever someone's being naughty instead of nice, they're compelled to deposit a few credits (or at least an iou) into the awaiting jar.

Also also, we are all still bunking together. HAVE FUN.]
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Who: Crew and visitors for the Starstruck!
Broadcast: None!
Action: The SS Starstruck
When: March! And, y'know, until the next mingle too.


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Who: Members of the Huntress and visitors!
Action: The U.S.S. Huntress!
When: It's a mingle for the month of March!

[ it's that time of year! also, pr was on hiatus for a bit, and needs to throw herself into things, so indulge me!! ]
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Who: Two literal five-year-olds. (aka: Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy [[personal profile] flayjoy])
Broadcast: fleetwide! whoops.
Action: Three Twins. sorry gang.
When: now!

[Here’s the setting: the engine room of the Three Twins, and Jon is nowhere to be found. Judging from the sounds of the engines humming coming just off-screen, though, he sounds like he’s actually working on something. Or just trying to familiarize himself with how his new equipment and the ship works--he’s learned from the last disaster he’s had, thankfully off the ship.

Apparently, however, he still hasn’t learned from the last time he was unknowingly filmed, but this time it’s a different culprit.

The culprit isn't a particularly good cameraman. The video is shaky, and the occasional thumb makes an appearance over the lens, but somehow with a little quiet maneuvering, the mystery man manages to get Jon into frame. ]

They're actually letting you work down here? Did they miss your previous attempt?


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