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Who: Jarvis! But also anyone at The Melting Pot! A Mingle!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: at the new cafe/bistro, on the Iskaulit.
When: May and June catch-all? Or something.



Feel free to make open and closed threads here! Or if you're looking for Jarvis, feel free to add that information in the subject line. If you'd like a character to come in and look for work, feel free, Jarvis may set them up with work! Likewise, those he told he would help learn to cook dishes can stop by, too. 


May. 1st, 2017 04:11 pm
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Who: Allen, Keith, Shiro
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: End of April
Warning for Shiro's PTSD (panic attack, flashback of being experimented on, needles)

I'm willing to bend until I break, but I don't know how much more I can take )
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Who: Edna and You
Broadcast: Oh yes
Action: on the Marsiva
When: today


[Being warm and comfortable is nice for half a second, but Edna has never needed to sleep in her life. Sure, resting is great and all, especially after a long and hard fight, but still not necessary. And waking up has never been difficult for her. Until now.

She rolls over and stretches, a booted foot sticking out of the blankets as her gloved hand covers a yawn that would put a man five times her size to shame. One blue eye cracks open before the other and she slowly rotates her head over.

And sees a black sky sprinkled with stars. Too many stars. That's when she sits up and looks around, frowning as she sees the sterile metal....things everywhere.]

Where's my mountain?

[Her hands pat around her, looking for her umbrella, and come up empty. Her voice and face definitely let anyone who can see her over the comm know that she is Not Happy. Sadly all that comes through is her voice, and the movements she makes on the bed. So, beware of ghosts.]

Alright, Meebo, you can give my umbrella back. You have five seconds.


[For those with high spiritual resonance, they will see a tiny girl who is stomping around the Marsiva, looking as if she can murder anything or one who gets in her way. Her footsteps are much heavier than someone of her size should be able to generate, but that's not stopping her.]
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Who: Allen Walker
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today

[Those who have been in the fleet awhile may recognize the set up of this broadcast. Allen stands behind a table in his clinic, ready to address the camera. Timcanpy sits in the background on a shelf, this time wearing a little fake mohawk. Allen's smile is as pleasant as anyone about to give a very rehearsed PSA, and the tone matches.]

Hello everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm Allen Walker, I'm one of the medics aboard the SS Blue Fish. I just have a couple announcements for today!

We'll be holding our bimonthly blood drive this weekend. The blood donated is kept for medical emergencies that require blood transfusions. In other words, we use scientific methods to help someone whose lost a lot of blood. If you donate, we'll gladly pay you!

If you're interested and are over the age of 16, please fill out the form attached to this video. [And what do you know, it's there] If you're interested in volunteering, please let me know. Vampires and similar beings need to be able to have restraint around blood and will not be allowed to sample the blood. The blood drive will be held on the SS Blue Fish, as usual.

And as always, there will be cookies to anyone who volunteers or donates!

Secondly, you're probably all aware by now that the popular past time in this system revolves rock music. Rock music is very good and can be very entertaining, but please keep in mind safety precautions when you are, um, rocking out. As in, remember to wear ear plugs if you're going to a loud concert or performing, don't wear any clothing that might be a safety hazard, and no matter how "metal" you think it look, do not set any instruments in use on fire.

That's all I have for today. I hope you have a good day, and um, rock on!

[He gives the "rock on" hand gesture, before waving to the camera with a grin, and then the feed cuts out]

[OOC: As usual, the blood drive will be handwaved! Thanks everyone!]
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Who: Apollo and Whoever!
Broadcast: Yes, in A
Action: Yes!


Sent via radio broadcast only, but honestly, his voice is plenty recognizable.]

Um!! So has anyone else applied to those delivery jobs? If you haven't er. . .don't bother. I don't think it's normal to show up, and then just, hypothetically, have them shove a non descript paper bag of moss at you with a smudged address on an index card. T-that said! Does anyone know of any environmentally friendly ways to dispose of a large amount of rare moss? Asking for a friend.

[Should anyone want to bump into him, he's down on an asteroid, trying really hard to figure out where to hide this. Maybe tossing it at the back of a fast food joint?? Who the heck knows.]


LAWYERS HAVE TO EAT and pay nonexistent bills, so after former Questionable Activity, Apollo decides to take on a less morally ambiguous job. Pet sitting!!

Except the client has left him in the care of just. A really big rock, roughly just below half his size. It even has a jeweled collar. And of course, the owner insisted that he walk it. So, should you be taking a stroll on the Meston asteroid, you may just spot Apollo, trying his best to push a rock down a sidewalk, or is sitting beside it, angrily staring at it. Why this, why him, always.]

Maybe I should have stuck with the delivery service.
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: Possibly!
Action: April System
When: Month of April!

[Welcome to the Belt, a huge asteroid belt that's been terraformed for life. Here you can explore the different asteroids, become a rock star, race on some ATVs, enjoy not being underwater.

In other words, it's a mingle! Get in everyone!

> System Info ]
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Who: Clay Terran and You
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: On the Vanquish
When: Now!

[Looks like Clay's in the cargo bay, if the equipment around him says anything. He's sitting on the floor with a crate behind him, a big smile on his face once the feed comes on.]

Hey everyone! [He waves for the camera] How's everyone doing? I know these rumors are, uh... a bit embarrassing, but I know they're all just lies! If you say they're not true, then hey, they're not! In fact, I appreciate you all the more for being able to put up with them like this! I mean, this is space, not high school...

Anyway! The real reason why I got on here. [He holds up a book that was sitting at his side, a book on beginner's astronomy.] There's a small group of us who're looking to open up a school on the Iskaulit, and I'm going to be the astronomy teacher. I encourage everyone, young and old, to take the class; I know some of you haven't even heard of space before coming here, and I'd love to teach you more about it!

What I'd like to know is: If you're interested in taking it, what kind of things do you want to hear about the most? Is there anything about space life that puzzles you? I'd like a good starting point on this, and that'll really help me out a lot! I'll be covering everything, from the basics to something more advanced, so let me know what level you consider yourself, too. I don't want to go over how planets orbit the sun if you're way beyond knowing that!

If you've got any other questions, let me or my assistant, Apollo Justice, know!

[Yes, Apollo, you're his assistant now. No, you don't get to say no.]

Oh, and one other thing! [He gestures to the crate behind him] I got a shipment of, uh... play-doh, recently? I don't need any of it, so anyone want it? I'll gladly share!

[With that, Clay gives another wave, then turns off the feed.

What he doesn't know is that shortly after this, rumors of his own start to appear.]

Clay claims he's human, but he was actually made from clay back on his home world.
Clay recently proposed to space.
Clay's first girlfriend turned into the moon.
Clay's hair isn't natural; not only is it gelled, but it's also white! He's just so ashamed of it he dyes it black.


Apr. 9th, 2017 02:10 pm
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Who: Fie Claussell & You
Broadcast: Yes, fleetwide
Action: On the Wonderduck if you'd like
When: April 9, mid-afternoon

[Random rumors showing up on the network? You know the drill by now.]

Allen, Fie, Zaveid, Theon, Shiro, Adalwolfe, Fenris, and Kaworu are all related and part of a secret family that must remain unknown to all outsiders. The white hair is the key...

[A little while later, the lone female of the newly formed clan appears on the broadcast, green eyes blinking in mild puzzlement.]

So... when's the next family reunion? We've got a lot of catching up to do if I haven't met over half of you. I can bring something. A casserole? Is that normal?

[Humorous pondering aside, Fie does actually have a reason for the broadcast.]

I wanted to know who's in charge of the gardens on the Iskaulit, or who I ask about helping out. Or if anyone is. Should I just start working there? [That's more words than she uses most of the time.]

... My name's Fie, if it matters.


Apr. 6th, 2017 12:37 pm
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Who: Allen Walker
Broadcast: Voice and Text;
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[For anyone who hasn't heard from Allen in a couple months, his voice sounds different- older and slightly deeper. Someone's been using those aging upgrades okay.]

Excuse me, but I'm looking for someone who is skilled with repairing swords. I received a sword from that last world that has a lot of sentimental value to me, but for some reason it was sent in pieces. [Yeah, that sure is annoyance in his voice]

I'd be happy to pay well for the repair. Thank you.

[The broadcast ends there, but sure enough, some text rumors appear at the end of the message, unbeknownst to Allen, who had not paid attention to the post when he submitted it.]

Allen Walker dyes his hair white to be edgy.
Allen and Clay are kinky in the bedroom.
Walker really is Texan, the British accent is an act for a secret ranger mission.
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Who: Beverly Crusher, Ezri Dax, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Pavel Chekov - and you, should you like to stop by!
Broadcast: video
Action: Málum
When: April 5

[So Beverly may or may not have taken a few tequila shots. And she may or may not be quite drunk and affectionately effusive about... everything. Thus she has something Very Important to tell the Fleet, which she does from inside Málum with some of her Starfleet companions around. Thankfully, one of them is holding the camera or this feed would be a lot more intolerably shaky.

It's also one of the rare times you'll find her in her Starfleet Uniform.]

Today! [Beverly claps her hands together.] Today is an important holiday back home - First Contact Day! It marks the time when humans finally launched the first spaceship powered by warp drive and that was also the same day we met the Vulcans. [She frowns, her thoughts coming more slowly than is usual.] I don't think we've had any Vulcans here in the fleet, unless it was a long time ago before I came. Which is really weird when you stop to think about it, that there's been Humans and Cardassians and Trill but no Vulcans. Or anybody else really. Vulcans kind of look like elves so I've often wondered if maybe they are but just so many universes removed that it's not quite the same.

[Clearly someone is giving her A Look from behind the camera and she points an admonishing finger at them.]

I'm getting there! [She straightens up and pats her hair, getting back into "lecture" mode.] What probably many of you don't know, is that I saw all of this, first hand, the last time I went home. You see there were the Borg - only we're not going to go into them because this is supposed to be a celebration - and they were trying to go back in time to ruin the warp ship so the Vulcans wouldn't come down to see us so of course we had to go stop them even though we're not supposed to time travel - and for good reason too, it's a pain in the ass. One time Mark Twain followed us onto the Enterprise and it was this whole thing though I guess it worked out all right in the end because then he wrote A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court so that's good. And he really was very nice and understanding of why he couldn't tell anyone what he saw.

[Another pause as she tries to figure out why she started talking about Mark Twain. Ah! Right!]

So anyway we had to go back in time to stop the Borg and so we met Zefram Cochrane who invented the warp drive and he was completely not like any of us expected and you know, sometimes they say you shouldn't meet your heroes? We'd all been taught about what a great genius he was, and that's true, but I guess they didn't really want to mention in the history books that he really liked to party and building the ship wasn't some noble, selfless endeavor to advance science - it was a difficult time in human history, and he needed the money. But that's the beautiful thing isn't it? People are complicated and may not always be what you expect but they still can do great things. And that's really what First Contact Day is about, celebrating the amazing things we've already done and the things we'll do in the future too. Together.

[This nerd, y'all. You should come party with her.]
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Who: opal and you!
Broadcast: text
Action: goldstone if you so desire
When: some ungodly hour of the night

guess who's super bored again??? it's me and i'm ignoring 100% of these stupid rumors so whateverrrr

which means it's time for truth or dare, so hit me with whichever you want and i'll give you something and then vice versa or whatever i guess

if you choose dare you're legally required to use the video function to prove it though

[ooc: unbeknownst to her (for the moment), opal is under a compulsive honesty augment glitch! so if she seems much more truthful than normal, that's probably why.]
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Who: Allen Walker, Clay Terran, Sokka
Broadcast: None
Action: At one of the water temples.
When: Sometime in March!

Read more... )


Mar. 3rd, 2017 03:57 pm
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[The audio feed rattles to life with a blare of feedback, and the voice that comes through is bright, cherry, and possibly familiar to a few.]

Gooood morning, outer space! I'm pleased to announce that I've just taken over your fleet. You can call me Your Majesty, or Supreme Overlord, or Beyoncé. One of the three. Mom jeans and aerobic dance are officially outlawed, and nothing is allowed to start before noon.

Kay, thanks. Beyoncé out.
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Who: You!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: The Rew System
When: Month of February

[ After a week of traveling and glitches, the Marsiva finally pulls into its newest destination. It seems they've wandered out of human space for now, and into a system dominated by the Co'kal. Luckily, there's still lots for people to do and see, when they aren't dealing with even more glitches, that is.

In other words, it's a mingle!

> Rew System Information ]
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Who: Allen Walker
Broadcast: Text
Action: Iskaulit Gym
When: 2/6, late at night

[Well Allen's sure in a piss-poor mood tonight, if his late night texts have anything to say about it. Usually he's good at not letting departures get too under his skin. But losing a friend and someone from home in one go? Is a bit much.]

Kanda's gone. I'm sorry if you met him.

[Does that mean he's sorry that Kanda's gone from your life, or just a general apology for ever meeting the guy in the first place? Who knows.]

Also sorry to ask, but does anyone have anything that'd work on fixing tears on a punching bag?

[.......He a little got mad ok.]
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Who: Blue Fish Crew and any visitors!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: SS Blue Fish!
When: February Drift Week, maybe the rest of Feb too?? Who knows.

[Hey Blue Fish Crew! The fleet is on the move again, so it's time for another mingle!

It be noted that Sokka activated a device that might cause glitches among the crew. So uh. Sorry about that. But at least once upgrades go through, we'll have a deep fryer?! Yay!

Get in, it's a mingle!]
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: On Solace
When: Second half of January

[Start your own headers, fix ships, buy stuff, get on those hoverboards, whatever!]
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: Fleetwide
When: A catch all that can be any time after the big battle.

Just a catch-all for anyone that needs more space for aftermath -- everything's in disarray and nothing's gonna be fixed up overnight! This can take place as the fleet ships as people heal, make repairs, and try to keep each other's spirits up after a pretty gnarly raid. Put your augments and personal skillsets to good use to get us all working and moving forward. Some people included aftermaths on the original post and that's kosher, too!! Just a quick entry for farther-reaching threads if wanted, or things that didn't quite make your original thread starter.

NOTE: there's a new system soon as well, so don't forward date it too far until it's introduced. :)
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[The First Battle]

[They come shooting out of the great dark. Guns blazing, no warning. The enemy ships are ragtag, mismatched, and cobbled together from spare parts. But that doesn’t make them weak. No-- years and years of scavenging have turned them into raiders, and they carry their scars with pride.

The battle is more aggressive than previous attacks against the Fleet. Nothing deters the raiders because they’re tough, and if they see a wounded ship floundering, they have no problems swooping in and boarding. Those crews will soon learn the meaning of teamwork if they want to bring the attackers down. They infiltrate the Iskaulit as well, just in case people try to hide there. At this point they are very, very used to tracking down women and children for their slave trade.

If asked why they’re doing this, the answer is simple.

Spare parts have to come from somewhere.

Don’t worry. Nothing on your ship, and no one, will go to waste.]

[A Few Hours Later]

[The raiders are too strong and the Fleet is failing. After what seems like an eternity of warfare, static comes in, broadcasted to the fleet at large. Something or someone is hailing them…

The signal is untraceable and the video is complete static, but they tell the Fleet they are here to help. Ships come swooping out of the black and they open fire on the raiders. They number a dozen, maybe more, and the ships look eerily similar to the ones currently used by the Fleet, if not a bit older and battle-hardened. Their shielding and weaponry is much, much better, however-- and most of them have custom paint or other touches on their hulls.

They’re not invincible, however. A few may end up between a rock and a hard place when the raiders surround them.

Some older residents may remember this particular group of ships. They’re obviously helping out now, but there’s nothing stopping Fleeters from firing on their would-be saviors save a complete lack of weaponry. You do have a Security officer on board, don’t you? They’ll defend themselves by seriously injuring your ship, but they won’t destroy it for some reason. Small mercies.

The raiders soon realize they’re outgunned and jump ship, taking their dead with them. The intercepting fleet pulls back, too, and both parties vanish back into the dark as silently and swiftly as they came. There’s a lot of cleanup to do whether your ship is disabled or you’re preparing to tow someone else.

Hopefully, the people who saved you don’t change their minds.]

[Plot info is here! Feel free to make your own toplevels with fighting, barricading, being boarded, saving others, the aftermath, etc. There's lots to do!]
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Who: Leliana
Broadcast: Yes
Action: aboard the Blue Fish
When: now

[Have a redhead nun/rogue on your feed, fleeters. Someone took a bit of a nap this week and now has new memories? And also questions.]

I apologize if my absence was noticed by my crew or those I speak to in the Interfaith Center. It seems Atroma enjoys putting me to sleep for long periods of time - though the question is "How long?" I suppose. Should I expect any ill effects from repeated instances like these?

[Though she was a bit groggy waking up.]

It seems time passed much more quickly while I was asleep. It felt as if I had returned home again and time had passed there as it normally does here. Two years passed there while it feels as if no time has passed here at all.

[Private message to Riona]

It seems the Inquisitor saw fit to elect me as Divine in Justinia's place, since you and I last spoke.

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