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Who: lil orphan ani + u
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: paisley
When: today

[ the video feed turns on to a child, no more than ten. he doesn't say a word at first and spends a few minutes curiously poking and prodding, shuffling the communication device around. he opens his mouth wide and the camera gets a nice view of his tonsils.

there are more pokes and shuffling when it's his full face again. ]
This is so new and weird, it must be from the Core. I've never seen anything like this before...!

[ he yells into it. ]

Hello! Is this thing working? Where is this ship heading?

[ ACTION; on paisley ]
[ he has to be very quiet. and he's good at being quiet. he's snuck around watto so many times now, sneaking around is practically a honed skill. it's really cold here, though, and he's not used to that at all.

as he makes his way through paisley, he tries to find the warmest spot on the ship. he bumbles through the kitchen quietly, trying not to get caught by anyone that might be in there. and he eventually ends up finding the crew rooms. he doesn't know who's is who's. all he knows is he's in space, onboard a ship traveling in space! off tatooine! he enters the first room and wraps himself in the blankets found there. hopefully no one misses their blankets.

he takes off with the makeshift wrap and works his way through the rest of ship, making quiet pitstops here and there. he marvels at the pilot station, gawks at the engineering lab a bit then scurry quickly to the cargo bay where it's big and spacious and no one could possibly find a kid there. ]
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Who: Kirk + YOU!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Tourist if you want to come find him
When: Nov. 19

Hello, my fellow Drifters. For those who don't know me, I'm Jim Kirk - captain of the Tourist.

It seems like everyone's been kind of down lately, so I thought we might try something to lift the mood. They do say laughter is the best medicine after all.

[ He's totally expecting Bones to have a quip for that. Just waiting for it. ]

So I thought I would start with a story from my early captain years on my ship, the Enterprise. Specifically, how I actually got on her in the first place.

Short backstory short, we were being mustered to see to a distress call from planet Vulcan, only I had been grounded due to some technical, ethical review business. Insisting I needed to be on the ship, I found our newest senior medical officer, Bones, and he agreed to help me on.

How, might you ask?

Well, he proceeded to inject me with a vaccine for an alien disease I did not need, and it temporarily made me ill. I am told I looked and sound loopy and or terribly drunk. Well, Bones got me on and took me to med bay to undo the damage of the vaccine by injecting me with more of them. To which I had delightful reactions - passing out, numb tongue, and my hands swelling. And when I say swelling - I mean they looked like cartoon gloves on a friendly animated character kind of swelling. It was like having two blown up surgical gloves for hands.

[ He waves his hands up in front of his face, back and forth, to help you visualize of course. ]

It all turned out okay in the end, but that is the story of how I first got on the Enterprise - which I am now the captain of.

[ There's an upbeat message beneath that, surely. ]

Now - who's next?
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Who: paisley crew + visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: ss paisley
When: november

[ hello paisley, it's mingle time ]

[ voice ]

Nov. 11th, 2016 05:26 pm
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Who: Charles Xavier + You
Broadcast: Voice
Action: SS Heron
When: Now

I had a lecture planned but I realized it felt rather redundant. We have huge list of lectures and while each topic is interesting, I feel it lacks the feedback aspect that's so important in our education. To quote one of my favourite books . . .

"The best thing about being sad is to learn something. That is the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then—to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the thing for you"

So, I put the question to the Fleet. What would you like to learn and how can we help each other? I hold classes on the Iskaulit for training of powers, but I'd be happy to broaden my classes for other subjects and needs.

All you need to do is ask.
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Who: Poe Dameron
Broadcast: Everyone
Action: Caprine
When: 9/15


[Here’s your local hotshot flyboy, Poe Dameron. He’s got on an orange jumpsuit, probably picked it up at the last stop, because it’s his color. And he gives the camera an awkward smile.

BB-8, his droid, is with him.]

Hey everyone. So… a really wise man said I should tell my story. Tell people about where I’m from. And I was thinking he’s right. I haven’t said much just because I don’t normally have much to say, but… maybe a lot of us have more in common than we know.

My name’s Poe Dameron. Commander, if you want the rank. I’m an X-Wing pilot, designation Black Leader. That means I’m in charge of all the X-Wing squadrons for the Resistance.

[He pauses, organizing his thoughts.]

For this to make sense, I’ve got to give you some history. It’s a bit of a story. I appreciate you listening.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... (general spoilers for the The Force Awakens, Before the Awakening, and Bloodline. Also, this is really, really long.) )
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Who: everyone
Broadcast: no
Action: all around! it's a mingle!
When: idk the 5th?

Is there something in the water? Something going wrong with the augments?

For some reason, wherever you go today, whatever you're doing-- you suddenly feel compelled to tell the truth.

Was this planned by the Atroma for ratings? Or perhaps it was planned by one of the three factions, sick of everyone sneaking around where they don't belong? No one knows! Have fun trying not to get caught or spill your secrets, friends!

[Notes: this is completely opt-in! Players can decide whether or not they want their character to be affected by this, to what extent, and how long they can resist...]
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Who: Padmé Amaidala & you
Broadcast: video
Action: on the Heron
When: September 4th - evening


[ Padmé’s been asleep for about a month, but she still seems a little tired. As usual, she’s sitting in her office when she broadcasts. ]

Good morning, everyone. [ She smiles kindly, though it doesn’t dispel the glimmer of melancholy in her eyes. ] For those who do not know me, my name is Padmé Amidala. Apparently I took a month-long nap-- I apologize for any inconvenience I’ve caused for my crew. I may need a little help catching up on current events.

[ She pauses, unsure. ] I do have a different sort of question. Has anyone experienced side-effects from our stay on Hea-Guaa?

[ Because her telepathy augment upgrade seems to have finally kicked in. ]


[ Padmé is idly walking through the Heron. Officially, she’s checking their supplies and making sure there aren’t any pressing issues to take care of. She rather hopes there’s some kind of pressing issue, if only to take her mind off of everything and bring her back to her everyday life on the Fleet. But she’s clearly restless and distracted. ]
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Who: Hartley and YOU
Broadcast: nope. once you put something on the internet it's there forever, you know.
Action: SS Paisley and the Iskaulit
When: upon his arrival and throughout the day

a. [closed] action for Paisley Captain and First Mate

[ hartley's stay aboard the marsiva is short lived, so he's managed to glean very little information. it's unsurprising; it would hardly be entertaining for an audience to watch him appear only to instantly disappear. if entertainment value is the main criteria behind every production decision, then he imagines he's not going to find his assignment to his liking; peaceful coexistence is a terrible bore to watch. steeling himself for the worst, he decides to tread carefully for now. he has a lot of learning yet to do, and it would be preferable if he isn't constantly interrupted to attend to petty squabbles. besides, getting into fights will increase his ratings which will increase the focus given to him by this show if he's to accept the premise and that - would limit his mobility. that means that, for now, he has to respect the hierarchy of the ship. from the little he's managed to learn so far, the fleet has two ranks worth noting - captain and first mate. so after locating his room and making himself as presentable as he's able (honestly, couldn't he have been taken with a better wardrobe than the casual wear cisco put him in? this is humiliating. he at least leaves the baseball cap and brushes his hair.), he goes to seek out those members of his crew he's meant to follow - and find out their qualifications because hierarchy or no hierarchy, he's not following an idiot. once he finds the correct hatches, he knocks, seeking admittance. ]

This is your new communications officer, permission to enter?

b. [OTA] action for Paisley crew and guests

[ the rest of the crew can find him wandering the ship, acquainting himself with every nook and cranny. before he settles in his bunk to start figuring out a game plan, he wants to know everything he has to work with. he pays special attention to the communications station, engine room, and laboratory, taking mental stock of the available equipment and supplies. he knocks before entering, but if there's no answer and no lock, he lets himself in all the same. ]

c. [OTA] action for the Iskaulit

[ once he satisfies his curiosity for his own ship, the next logical step is to take a visit to the communal vessel. his preliminary skim of the network informed him of the existence of a library on board, so of course that's his first stop. he expects any book of actual value to be out on loan but people tend to focus on the obvious, making them miss the immense, sometimes superior value in out-of-the-box thinking. he picks up a few books that would, at worst, help him pass a little time. he continues to systematically make his way through the ship, acquainting himself with every business before settling down in a strategic corner of the málum that allows him the best most hidden view of the patrons, with a virgin cocktail (it's not the time to dull his mind, after all) and one of the books he picked up ]

d. [closed] video for cisco ramon

[ upon studying the fleet manifest, he finds one familiar name. searching through the network proves that it is, in fact, the person the name suggests it to be. multiverse theory does suggest that it's possible this cisco isn't the cisco he knows, but from a purely dramatic standpoint - it would make no sense not to take them from the same verse, they would be far too entertaining. besides, it's a mystery easily solved - different verses would vibrate in a different frequency to avoid collapsing into each other. a simple test can let them know if they do in fact share a universe. of course, cisco is likely to be a annoying about allowing hartley to scan him after the way he put barry's scans into use, but that's really more of a mild annoyance at the moment than an actual problem. after mulling it over every which way, he decides it's better for him to reveal himself quickly and under his own terms than to allow cisco to happen upon his presence on the crew manifest or by running into each other unexpectedly.

dialing the man's private number, he clicks the video option, knowing the other is likely to think it some sort of time wasting trick. suspicion is so tiresome. ]

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Who: You! Us! Everyone!
Broadcast: ???
Action: All over! It's a planet/moon mingle!
When: 8/15-9/12, or until captcha kills us all

Show some spirit! It's a new system, and that means new people, new shenanigans, new adventures, savvy? You'd better have enough moxie to thrive in this one...

Or maybe you're just here for the food.
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[Shinji isn't mincing words today:]

This is totally outrageous.

I got a ticket from the local police for going 'too fast,' even though it was only - only!!! - by an infinitesimal amount. Literally a couple zeroes after the decimal point right here. I'm not a great pilot, I'll just say that, but there's no way I should be getting ticketed for this freaking crap.
[Freaking crap. That's how you know he's really annoyed.]

So the other pilots should be aware that these so-called police are more interested in filling quotas for speeding tickets instead of actually protecting people. Whatever.

[action, aboard various ships in the Fleet.]

[Shinji and his bad mood can be found on the Red Fish, standing outside Asuka's room; on the Vanquish, in search of Kaworu; and on the Heron, his home ship, where he's trying to nurse a bruised ego with the coffee maker in the kitchen.]


Aug. 9th, 2016 07:17 am
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Who: YOU! And Sascha...kind of.
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Various places
When: now!

Bloodsport )

Iskaulit + Other ships

[ There's an immense feeling of discord that comes from waking with the thoughts and memories of someone you've never been as though you were placed on top of an already considerably sizable amount. It's kind of like waking up one day and suddenly remembering hundreds upon hundreds of lives you've never actually lived even though it feels like you have. The creature that would be Sascha is experiencing that now: he knows the Fleet and doesn't. He's met the strange humans and mutants and others here, but hasn't. He can remember that each evening Sascha wakes he hops from ship to ship to check on certain individuals--a habit he breaks immediately when he heads to the Iskaulit instead after scoping out the Bloodsport.

It's irritating. Strange. He's not sure what he'd expected to happen once he had given into hunger and desperation and devoured himself all those years ago...but it certainly wasn't this. To remember who and what he is, why Sascha's never known any of that, and why he now chooses to keep more to himself than seek out his 'usuals.'

And of course by keeping to himself, I mean he's been straying downwind of the fox area, silently staring and stalking as he debates the point of hunting any of them when he knows it will do nothing to abate his hunger. The same goes for the others aboard the Iskaulit...they make for a much more tempting meal.

Heck, so does everyone else aboard the Atroma's fleet. So if your character happens to be unlucky enough to be wandering alone at this late hour they might just get the sense of being followed. Or hunted, depending on how good that sixth sense is.

Or you could just run into him on the Iskaulit being aloof and creepy. That works too. ]

[ ooc; for those not on my plurk SASCHA IS AUGMENT GLITCHING BACK THE MEMORIES AND PERSONALITY HE USED TO HAVE before he actually became "Sascha." Which means he's old and tired and he eats humans in his spare time so clearly this means you should come on by.

feel free to hit me up on plurk @ owlits/PM me if you wanna plot anything! ]
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Who: Kirito, OTA
Broadcast: Y
Action: SS Paisley
When: Today's fine!

( video )

[The view switches on to reveal Kirito in the Spriggan avatar, crouched low with the camera tilted up towards him. Looks like it's on the ground.]

Okay, I'm using the comm so I have a record of what this looks like. I tried to encrypt it to make it private, but that's not my augment, so who knows if it worked. Feel free to ignore!

[He finishes fidgeting with the comm, tilting it at just the right angle, then disappears behind it for a second before reappearing at a distance, one hand lifted above his head.]

Þeír hræða nótt dýpt, renn helvegr!*

[As he begins, the full spell materializes in front of him in gold text and rotates around his body; when each word is spoken, it flashes white and vanishes. Once the full incantation is done, his body is consumed by a tornado of dark smoke, obscuring him from view. There's a muffled roar, and a burst of fire immediately following, and suddenly the room rumbles, knocking the comm off-balance.

When the smoke is clear the only thing visible is the cargo bay ceiling. There's a moment of scuffling and an "ow, geez!" in the background before finally a thumping of footsteps, heavier than someone ought to have with Kirito's stature. Through the smoke, one might catch fleeting glances of curled horns, dark fur, and glowing red eyes.

When at last he speaks, his voice is oddly distorted, something off about it.]

Whoa, okay, uh- crap. ....Paisley crew? Maybe don't go to the cargo bay for a while...?

( paisley )

[Anyone who happens to feel like wandering into the cargo bay despite his warning will find a ten-foot-tall hellbeast hunched over in the corner trying (and failing) to look inconspiculous, chanting quietly and looking kind of pathetic, appearance aside.]

[*Kirito's spell is Norse. Meaning, "Frighten them, depth of the night, and chase them along the roads of Hell."]
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Who: Leto + You
Broadcast: Text
Action: SS Blameless
When: August 4th

So it seems we've returned to enclosed quarters once more. Let's play a game to liven things up.

Who would you fuck, marry or kill on the Fleet?

I suppose to make it even harder, you could limit it to your ship.
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Who: Sansa Stark, and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide; Anonymous
Action: Blue Fish, Iskaulit
When: Afternoon to late evening

What should you do if someone you have never met -- never in your life -- hates you? What should you do if they are rude and horrible and ill-mannered and they won't tell you why?

I have done bad things. I know I have. But nothing to deserve this.

[ when she isn't indulging in her very self-centered sort of misery, sansa is aboard the blue fish. she has finally decided to make a brave attempt to decorate the door to her room, and so far has only managed to paint the bone-white bark of what will eventually be a tree.

and then -- well after the hour when she ought to have been in bed -- sansa does something unanticipated. unexpected. she takes a shuttle all by herself! and she lets it pilot her back to the iskaulit, where she walks the halls with slow and careful purpose until she arrives at the garden. she makes a seat for herself far from the door, and she breathes in the smell of soil and plant-life. already, and despite its bewitching magicks, she misses the well-wooded planet so recently departed. ]


Aug. 1st, 2016 12:52 am
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Who: Theon Greyjoy
Broadcast: Fleetwide, second part only
Action: Paisley, first part
When: 8/1

SS Paisley )


[ For those of you who missed Theon's meltdown on the Paisley, it's probably for the best. It wasn't a pretty sight, but later in the evening when the feed flickers to life and Theon greets the network, he clearly isn't himself.

He's disheveled, exhausted, and he actually doesn't spend time boasting about himself or his family. His message is short, to the point, and spoken in a hoarse voice.

Half of Westeros is already here. [ His eyebrows knit together. He's clearly been worrying about something. ] Can someone be prevented from coming here as well?


Jul. 31st, 2016 06:26 pm
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Who: Tadashi & you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide!
Action: On the Bishop, if you want to find him.
When: 7/31

[ tadashi has already decided that he's seriously going to miss this planet when it's out of range, but the ships - as confined as they are - have become home, as strange and impossible as that would have sounded to him when he'd first arrived.

still, he's back in his bunk on the bishop when he sends the message out, musing. ]

So - you guys think they make action figures of us? Little lunchboxes with our faces on the front?

[ he'd gotten, of all things, a comic book from the tree, and he's turning it around in his hands as he speaks. his voice is a little flat, suggesting that maybe his enthusiasm about this subject isn't entirely sincere. ]

I can't be the only one who'd kill to read some fanmail.
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Who: Gendry
Broadcast: NEVER
Action: On the Iskaulit and the Golden
When: August

The Golden

He'd went to sleep in his nice comfortable bed on the planet, completely oblivious to the notion that the fleet would be leaving that very same night. It was simply one of those things for which he'd had no intention of worrying about it. He woke with a start later because his augment was designed for one thing, which was to tend to the ship's engines. So when the ship began to sound just a bit ragged, he instinctively rolled off the floor the Atroma had unceremoniously dumped him in.

So they were right. He muttered some curses, then pulled himself up to his feet and went to work. After an hour making careful calibrations and monitoring the sensor readings (thank gods he'd learned to read!), he was finally able to return things to what he thought was comfortable. He would afterwards reflect that he really had absolutely no idea what he'd been doing, but the important thing was that the ship hadn't blown up and that this was about the best anyone could hope for. Though as he looked at the contents of what he had to work with, an idea had begun to come to mind.

Some days later, his crew would find him having already removed many of the panels off the stove as he tried to find a way to increase the heat. This was only his preliminary efforts, but he was fully convinced that he could cobble up the components he would need to make a workable forge up here in space. He had the experience, the knowledge, and absolutely none of the permission required to make it a reality.

(tl;dr: find gendry tearing up the kitchen, working on the ship, or paying a little too close of attention to what the exercise equipment is made of.)

The Iskaulit

At some point, someone had the decency to tell Gendry that he wouldn't have to live the rest of his life confined to one tiny ship trying to take things apart in order to stay busy. Instead he was able to live his life confined to several ships, one of which was large enough to be its own sort of marketplace. So one shuttle ride later and he was there!

There was absolutely nothing that interested him. The purpose of the gym eluded him, he didn't want to meditate, he barely could read so books were right out, he wasn't feeling particularly devout, and he hadn't been long enough away from the planet to feel particularly sentimental about seeing plants being grown. So that only left the space bar. With the well practiced ease of a man who spent an awful lot of time on a medieval world, he ordered an ale. What he received wasn't quite as frothy or watery or dirty as what he was used to drinking, but it was certainly a beverage. Eventually a few drinks later and he finds himself sitting on a bench in the public art display, staring at the mural of an artificial sunset.

(tl;dr: gendry can be found at the bar, checking out the art exhibit, or otherwise just wandering the iskaulit taking in the sights for the first time..)
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Who: The SS Paisley crew + any visitors that drop by!
Broadcast: Nope
Action: SS Paisley
When: the month of July

[How's this month treating you, Paisley people? There's been a sudden shift in leadership, but here's to hoping that your time planet-side has been fruitful!]
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Who: opal
Broadcast: y
Action: she's on the pathstone if anyone wants to chat in person

[hello, drift fleet. this message begins with an image, zoomed in on one of the adorable fluff slugs that can be found on the planet. after it's shown for a moment, the feed switches over to text.]

i can't believe a slug is this cute. i can't believe i bought a pet slug. disgusting

anyways opinions:

he looks like a salty to me but also naming a slug seems weird. it's a slug. maybe i'll just call it "slug"


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