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Who: Max and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Starstruck
When: Now-ish! Potential talk of mental health, but who knows! PTSD always, anyway.

[Max is not really social, in the days that follow the calibrations. In fact, he's downright hard to find — even for the Starstruck crew. Not mysteriously so, as there's always a shuttle missing and one can assume Max is marooning himself nearby in space itself, but he's still even more out of sigh than usual. He mainly just checks in to make sure nothing much has changed. Finally, after so much avoidance, he wanders back in and appears to seem... semi-manageable as company.

Or maybe he just got sick of space. Feel free to find him around the Starstruck; he's not leaving it much, if at all. He likes napping on the lounge chair, leaving the record to spin without the needle or a tune. If your character is really quiet they can sneak around him and play something. Or maybe try to stir him. But — wait. What's that? Written in Max's handwriting, there's a little note on the spot beside him.

Such a pleasant note. He's apparently learning after the last few punches or near-punches he's given people.

Or, you might find him with his rather nicely-crafted knee brace off; it's sitting beside him as he sits at his desk, and he's carefully working on a busted part to the shuttle with a melding gun. His bum leg is stretched out, relaxed, with a little TLC — one of those nice icy hot packs to quell the ache. Is that a single solitary beer bottle on the desk? Shucks, he's just having a nice cold one while he works. Or, you know, maybe a cuppa tea he took from the kitchen. Maybe. Maybe you find him in the bathroom, trimming his beard, because he hasn't been cutting it and it's getting way too out of hand. Like his hair, which is currently trying to go down his forehead and eat his eyes.

Anyway. He's had some things on his mind. What better way to ask than a text, so he can possibly ignore replies or disconnect early or take his time building his social gauge again?]


how far has it advanced for you
back home.

doesn't really exist anymore in my world. not a lot other than some natural remedies.

no pharmacies to visit.

anyone need to take them here?

[Just... wondering. He's got a bad knee, after all.

And, well. A bad brain. But he's not about to go into detail about that being a reason he's asking.]

if you were in my head

leave it alone. don't want to talk.
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Who: Everyone
Broadcast: It's been known to happen
Action: Kayanni System (or a ship. I'm not the boss of you)
When: July 21 – August 23

(OOC: System Info)
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Who: Jill Valentine
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Heron + Iskaulit
When: July 18th onward

Hey, two questions.

Are there cameras in the bathrooms? And does anyone know a good place to start growing plants? If you have somewhere, I will gladly exchange piano lessons, fighting (and weaponry) assessment and suggestions, or some sort of favor (within reason). I'm afraid I don't really have much in way of cash right now.

Last but not least (not a question), if anyone would care to buddy up for a little good ol' fashioned exploring, then I'm your gal.

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Who: Goldstone crew and visitors!
Broadcast: A short locked to and for the crew. :'|
Action: SS Goldstone Mingle
When: July 9th - 31st!

Takeshi will address the crew promptly when they return to the ship — it's up to him as captain to make sure everyone knows what's going on, right? So with a subdued tone, he says over the loudspeakers: "Captain, um, Takeshi here. Miss Opal and Miss Maggie have gone home... I know we're gonna miss them a lot, but let's hope they've got really nice people to go home to... Friends and families and things they had to do. Umm... Take care of each other, and remember that some of us don't seem t'stay still for long, so be nice and remind them how much you care 'bout them, just in case, okay...?"

A pause.

"They wouldn't want us to stay too sad, so... keep your chins up and let's do good things moving forward, so they'll be real proud of us."
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[Does this look like a harassed clock with a human face? Does it? Good, because it's Cogsworth, sitting in front of a window on the Marvisa and he looks like he just swallowed about a half a dozen lemons. In his tiny brass hands he is holding a piece of paper, and he keeps fiddling with it, shifting it between his two hands.

He puts one brass hand up to his mouth, clears his throat, and then fumbles with the paper for a moment. Could he be ... nervous? It's possible.

Lips pressed together, the time hands on his face twitching, he states flatly.]

Hello. My name is Cogsworth and I am a ... [now he has to look at the word.] Ho-mo-sexual. I realize that I am a ... clock, but I assure you that I am not a ho-mo-sex-ual clock, but a ho-mo-sex-ual man. I have been ... told. Rigorously.

[Here he is glowering.]

That I need to ... 'embrace' this. So. If there are any ... individual males who would not mind ... being complimented by a ... human clock, then, ah. Please! Come forward.

[Okay he'll try a smile but it's more of a sheepish grimace at this point. God help him.]
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[ Calibration Rooms ]
( for N-Z characters )

Before you post your toplevel comment, please:
1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. N-Z names comment here, and A-M names go to the other post.
2. Make a note in your comment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
4. Post your comment! It's fine if everyone's Calibrations end up looking and reading very different from one another. As long as you're having fun and following our guidelines, you're good to go. :)
5. If you have any questions or concerns during Calibrations, you are welcome to send them towards the mod team at any time, as always.

N - P

  • Nami
  • Natalie Goodman
  • Natasha Romanoff
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Nono
  • Okita Souji
  • Otono-Tachibana Makie
  • Pavel Chekov
  • Prompto
  • Q - S

  • Riona Cousland Theirin
  • Rip Hunter
  • Sam Winchester
  • Seymour Krelborn
  • Shinji Ikari
  • Shouta Aizawa
  • Signy Mallory
  • Sokka
  • Sorey
  • Steve Rogers
  • T - V

  • Takashi Shirogane
  • Takeshi
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Uraraka Ochako
  • Vash the Stampede
  • Velvet Crowe
  • Victor Nikiforov
  • W - Z

  • Yuan Ka-Fai
  • Zaveid
  • Zelda
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    [ Calibration Rooms ]
    ( for A-M characters )

    Before you post your toplevel comment, please:
    1. Check the first letter of your character's name as its written in our tags. A-M names comment here, and N-Z names go to the other post.
    2. Make a note in your comment if anything especially triggering or graphic might show up in the Calibration. If you're not sure if something's worth noting or not, we suggest listing it anyway, just to err on the side of caution.
    3. Put your character's name (it can be shortened or different from the tag, this time) in the subject of your comment. This will help visitors find you easily, and help us update the list below.
    4. Post your comment! It's fine if everyone's Calibrations end up looking and reading very different from one another. As long as you're having fun and following our guidelines, you're good to go. :)
    5. If you have any questions or concerns during Calibrations, you are welcome to send them towards the mod team at any time, as always.

    A - C

  • Aurae "Tempest" Le Paulmier
  • Arthur Kirkland
  • Asuka Shikinami Langley
  • Barry Allen
  • Belthazar Spellscry
  • Billy Cranston
  • Carl Grimes
  • Chloe Price
  • Clay Terran
  • Cloud Strife
  • Cogsworth
  • D - F

  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Daeron
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Dezel
  • Doudanuki Masakuni
  • Edna
  • Edwin Jarvis
  • Eithan Paine
  • Eizen
  • Eleanor Hume
  • Ezri Dax
  • Fingon
  • Felix Gaeta
  • Felix Harrowgate
  • Fenris
  • Furiosa
  • G - I

  • Gil Brodie
  • Ginko
  • Hermione Granger
  • Ignis Scientia
  • J - M

  • Jack Sparrow
  • James "Bucky" Barnes
  • Jayden Price
  • Jim Kirk
  • Kaiden Alenko
  • Kai Gracen
  • Katie McCoy
  • Kaworu Nagisa
  • Keith
  • Khadgar
  • Kirito
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Kurt Darkholme
  • Lance
  • Looma Red Wind
  • Lumiére
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
  • Peggy Carter
  • Maglor
  • Max Rockatansky
  • Merlan Margaret O'Keefe
  • Mikleo
  • Mon-El

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    [ Not long after the shuffle, there's a ripple of static over the network - loud, sudden, and seemingly with no origin. It's puzzling, but there's no indication that it's going to happen again...

    Until a minute later. Another surge of static comes in over the speakers, and then a voice - one some may find familiar, though not necessarily welcome, after all of this time... It's Diamond. Long time no speak, hmm?

    Clearly, not all is well. She sounds very far away, for one. For another, she sounds... skeptical, almost alarmed. There may actually be real concern in her voice. ]

    Again? Twice in one c--

    [ Her sentence is cut short with a strangled gasp, followed by a moment of silence. What follows may be the sound of metal dragged across metal, but it's hard to place. When she speaks again, it's uncharacteristically monotonous. ]

    ... Bring them in.

    [ A blip of lost time passes right after those words, before every passenger mysteriously wakes alone in their own unfamiliar room. The style of decor resembles that of the Marsiva's Hospitality Deck, if any passengers should remember what that's like. It sounds and smells the same as the host ship as well, all clean and chrome, but this set of rooms has only been used once, and for the very same purpose that befalls the fleet contestants now.

    As for their hosts, there is no immediate sign of them, though some may recall a series of hideous, half-electronic screams before their memories begin to blur upon arrival...

    Welcome back to the Marsiva, dear passengers. It's time for round two of calibrations. ]

    [ This mingle will cover all non-calibration room interactions. Please continue to come back to it for the duration of the plot! You are, of course, free to post any other mingles/posts/etc. that you'd like. ]
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    Who: Maglor and YOU
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Iskaulit - Garden
    When: NOW/anytime this month tbh


    [ Maglor is sitting in one of the rooms just off the garden in Iskaulit - a dark room, where a small little sapling is glowing. Yes. It's not your imagination. The little tree is glowing. (So is Maglor, but the fleet should be used to their glowy elves by now). ]

    Milady Makie is asleep, so I thought I should make this announcement on her behalf - as per the wishes of Doctor Beverly Crusher, we thought it would be good to have a memorial in the gardens for those who leave us. The tree is still very young, but you are welcome to come and leave candles or simply to sit and remember. The gardens remain open to all, as well, despite the good Doctor leaving.

    Please feel free to come and if you wish to help, anything would be welcome.

    [ He reaches to turn off the feed and then pauses ]

    Ah, and if anyone wishes any forgework done, the forge should be finished, soon. Please contact me, Sokka, or my brother Maedhros or cousin Fingon, if you wish anything.


    [ Maglor can be found anywhere in the garden, tending to basic chores, or in the room with the little sapling, singing softly to it of growing strong and bright. ]
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    Who: Yuan Ka-Fai and anyone
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: The library on the Iskaulit
    When: Now

    [The video feed opens up to Yuan in the library. He's once again poised to take notes as he addresses the camera.]

    A while ago, I asked about magic in other people's worlds, specifically about elves and their connection to it, or where magic originates from if not elves. Today I'd like to ask instead specifically about healing magic.

    In my world, healing magic is a little different from regular elemental spells, although most healing spells also incorporate one of the eight elements. Very few 'casters have the aptitude to learn it - I'm not one of them, so there are a lot of gaps in my understanding - and as such, those who do are sought after for their skills. I'd like to hear about healing magic in your worlds as well: is it associated with a particular element or type of magic? Can any spellcaster learn to heal, or is it restricted to certain people? What, if any, are its limitations or drawbacks?
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    Who: Anyone attending the Ball!
    Broadcast: If you’d like.
    Action: Orfwyn Dreadhorse’s personal asteroid
    When: May 12th - 13th …. 14th if you really like to party.

    Welcome to the biggest party of the season! Grab a date, dress up to the nines, and get ready to party the night away! In other words, it’s a mingle! Feel free to make a top level with any prompts or styles you prefer.

    Get the Details! )
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    Who: Zelda and you
    Broadcast: fleetwide video
    Action: the Marsiva
    When: now

    [The video that appears on the network seems a bit shaky - a young woman can be seen peering at the screen, and talking to herself.]

    ...ah, I see, now it's showing me what I point it at. [At which point the picture swings around to zero in on the beds of the hospitality deck. Zelda keeps talking, a note of curiosity in her voice.] That does seem to be working. So it's like the Sheikah Slate, only if my guess is right, it should also capture more than just a still image.


    [Boop. The video ends there. About a minute later, the broadcast starts up again, and now the video is showing Zelda once more, delight all over her face.]

    --Yes! It does send these images to other devices, just like the ones I found earlier. What a marvellous device. [She remembers then that others can see what she's doing, and restrains herself from theorising further about how much a device like this can do. She holds the communicator steady, and gives a more reserved smile.]

    My apologies; I haven't yet introduced myself. My name is Zelda, and I have been aboard this ship for five days now. I have tried to learn whatever I could from this device, and the ... information being spoken here. [Some scepticism creeps into her tone. The Atroma's tinned welcome messages aren't reassuring.] But I would very much like to hear from anyone else who can tell me about this place, and what our circumstances are.

    [She remains full of poise for now. It doesn't quiet the worry in her heart, and she only hopes more information can provide some answers.]
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    Who: Katie and you
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Vanquish
    When: Now-ish? Though this should have been put up like a month ago, whoops

    Hey I've got a question:

    Who else has the personnel augment?
    What do you do with it?
    Are we really meant to act like counsellors?
    Do you act as your ship's therapists?
    Or do you just really like the nice room you get?
    What do you do with the nice room?
    I turned mine into a blanket fort.
    Should I post a sign saying THE DOCTOR IS 

    [Actually, it hasn't been a blanket fort in months now, but psh. IT IS IN SPIRIT, OKAY.]

    This is obviously a very important and singular question.
    Less important: do you know anything about souls?  Know any soul magic?
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    Who: Maggie Greene (Rhee)
    Broadcast: video;
    Action: Planetside
    When: Now

    [Maggie has been doing her usual habit of keeping busy working in the lab, with a side of exploring the new terrain that they've found themselves on. For once she's actually taking some time to relax and it's a nice change when compared to how immersed she was in working to help those sick on the last major planet they were on.]

    I was wondering - given the circumstances on one of the most recent planets - if there are other worlds like it that have sick people? Infected and the like. Not that there'd be any connection, but it'd be interesting to hear people's stories. Also this place seems less indigenous than the last one and I vaguely remember someone mentioning they wanted to start a school? It'd be a good idea to gather supplies while we can and for all of us to pitch in to make that happen. Even if a lot of us are a bit too old for the school thing, I don't think it's a bad idea. There's art supplies all over so we can make use of things like paper and pencils and they'll probably have textbooks to help give it a start?

    [She looks thoughtful.]

    It's just a thought.
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    Who: Everyone!
    Broadcast: Possibly!
    Action: April System
    When: Month of April!

    [Welcome to the Belt, a huge asteroid belt that's been terraformed for life. Here you can explore the different asteroids, become a rock star, race on some ATVs, enjoy not being underwater.

    In other words, it's a mingle! Get in everyone!

    > System Info ]
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    Who: Max and you!
    Broadcast: Video.
    Action: Starstruck.
    When: April 12th! Max's birthday. :)

    (future-dated because I don't know my availability tomorrow lmfao)

    [The screen is black.

    There's quite a lot of shuffling; a sound of cardboard being knocked on or jostled around. Max's tell-tale hummmmmmm is heard. Footfalls. They walk in a circle around the mysterious box. Tap tap. It's suddenly clear: the video feed is inside a box! And slowly, with great caution, the man clearly identified by grumble as Max Rockatansky opens this cardboard box...

    Only to have an explosion of confetti and whistles in his bewildered face.

    He disappears from view for a moment, the sound of a gun cocking and going off, probably scaring any poor soul watching. The top of the box explodes with shotgun buckshot, and as he slowly wanders back over, his brow is furrowed and there's confetti on his head, in his facial fuzz. He slowly reaches down into the box... and pulls out a can of dog food. Dinki-Di's. His confusion is palpable. On the screen, where Max can't see, it flashes in bold, glittery letters:

    The birthday theme plays on the loudspeakers.

    And Max, realizing just what's happening, GROANS IN DISPLEASURE.

    For fuck's sake.

    As he rips the little camera from inside a box filled with dog food cans:]

    [grmblegrumble] Smegheads[grumble] fuck off— [grumble] head up your ass [grumble]

    [... But you can find him later in the Starstruck cargo bay, spooning dog food from a can into his mouth.

    He switches between giving Rock the Dog a spoonful too, of course. He's gotten better about sharing, y'know.]
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    Who: Yuri Lowell + You
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: SS Bishop
    When: RIGHT NOW

    I've been feeling a little left out with all you guys getting presents and fun rumors. Which is why I thought I'd add some of my own. Ahem.

    [ Yuri dramatically clears his throat. ]

    "Yuri's hair is insured for 1000 gald"

    "Yuri blew up a casino once."

    "Yuri's secret power is talking to bunnies."

    "Yuri wore a bikini once. And won a swimsuit competition."

    That should cover it. I guess now I have to do the requisite log off and hiding in my room in shame.

    If you want to visit, I'm at the Bishop. I'm in the mood for crepes.
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    Who: Natasha Romanoff + you?
    Broadcast: Fleetwide, text
    Action: upon request
    When: now

    [If Natasha thought she escaped the rumors, she's going to be disabused of the notion. The notes start appearing here and there—short and anonymous. Things like:]

    Natasha has a cat named Boris.

    Natasha Romanoff once killed a man in Vegas just to watch him die.

    Romanoff has been lying about about her age.


    Nataasha is a lingerie model.

    [That last one, it seems, comes with some evidence. Sponsor drop? Either way, a few files seem to have been uploaded to support the case.


    She shouldn't be surprised those came back to haunt her, should she? The real question is if anyone will dare to comment on them.]
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    Who: opal and you!
    Broadcast: text
    Action: on the goldstone if you're so inclined
    When: post-shuffle

    [The message gets sent out fairly late at night, once she's absolutely sure. She's known about Kaito for a few weeks, but she wasn't inclined to notify everyone when it was just him departing. Now, though... In some ways, it cuts deeper when she realizes who else has left.]

    if anyone was friends or whatever with aoko nakamori or kaito kuroba, they both left the fleet at some point. guess it makes sense they'd both take off within a few weeks of each other, they were kind of a package deal.

    anyways, that's all i really had to say. sorry for the bad news.
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    Who: Sayid Jarrah
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: SS Bishop
    When: Post-Shuffle

    [He'd only had a short time aboard the Marsiva before he found himself transported yet again, this time onto the bridge of a much smaller, less immaculate ship. Not long enough to figure out what was going on, not even long enough to browse the network.

    Sayid's new shipmates will therefore find their newest member seated at the comm station, pretty much ignoring his celebratory pudding. (Someone else can eat it, if they want.) Perhaps somewhat notably, he's dressed in clothing that could reasonably be described as archaic - leather armor over simple clothing - and yet he doesn't seem awed or confused by the technology. Even with the augment, he seems pretty damn sure about what he's doing.]

    network - video
    [So yeah, there's this guy in fancy leather armor on screen. His arms are crossed over his chest, the look on his face is faintly annoyed, but he's calm and collected.]

    I'm starting to worry that these kidnapping situations are going to become routine for me.

    [Okay, but no that frustration isn't helpful, and he needs answers more than he needs to gripe.]

    I'd like to know if there's anything expected of us here - other than to be amusing - or if we're otherwise allowed to live our lives unbothered. Our lives such as they are, anyway.

    [Because, you know, the last time he was unexpectedly yanked from one place to another, there were games and dying and a lot of trauma. It'd be nice if that weren't repeated.]

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