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Oct. 18th, 2015 03:20 pm
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[The weekly Shuffle doesn't happen quite as it should. No new passengers appear on the ships, and no message is sent in from the hosts. The usual day comes and goes without a stir.

And then, on the second day, another one of those surges of static comes in over the speakers, breaking apart for a voice in the background. It's Diamond, and she sounds too far away from the receiver. She also doesn't sound quite like herself-- her tone flat and cold. Disappointed.]

--I know. I can't. [A pause of empty air, before a short, decisive sigh.] ...Yes. Bring them in.

[A blip of lost time passes right after those words, before every passenger mysteriously wakes alone in their own unfamiliar room. They have never seen this room before, but those familiar with the Hospitality Deck of the Marsiva might recognize the style of decor. It sounds and smells the same as the host ship as well--clean and chrome--but this set of rooms have never been ventured into before.

Welcome back to the Marsiva, dear passengers.]

ooc info:
Happy belated birthday, Drift Fleet! This is the first official mingle for the Season Finale event. As always, this is very backtag friendly-- including the Hosts section below. Take a look at the event information, then jump in and enjoy!

Event information → Here!
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Who: Alphonse Elric and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva
When: October 15th


[Hello, Fleet, there's a fearsome-looking suit of armor peering at the screen- though right now only one of his eyes is visible.]

So this is like a telephone or a radio, right? Except there are pictures and words on it, too! I really like it!

I'm Alphonse. Uh, don't mind how I look- I wear armor for protection. [Al wasn't under any delusions that he'd be able to keep the fact that he was hollow inside a secret for very long- he never seemed to be able to- but he was going to try.]

Brother, are you here, too? Major Miles? ... Winry?

[Action, on the Marsiva]

[There wasn't much Al could to do make himself look less conspicuous- he'd accepted that long ago- but here, in this unfamiliar place, he wished more than ever that he could. The Homunculi had eyes and ears everywhere in Amestris, and he had to be working under the assumption that they were here, too. He could only hope that they wouldn't be putting any innocent people in danger trying to find him.

He was also worried about Edward. He knew his brother would be fine in the storm, watched over by Major Miles, but what would happen to him afterward? And what about Winry, May, and Dr. Marcoh? He could care less about Scar, but he'd gone out to try and warn them that Briggs was unsafe, and now there was nobody to deliver that message.

Of course, if he kept blacking out... if this was it, if his soul was going to let go of his armor body... he might not have been able to get to them himself anyway.

Al let out a sigh. At least the view was pretty. Stars were everywhere.]
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Who: James Potter.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: U.S.S. Paisley.
When: Now!

[ james has been aboard the Paisley (and quite enjoying himself!) for quite some time, but he's a little homesick. for one, he has no wand, which means he can't perform most forms of magic. james is a clever wizard, and has been trying to perform a bit more wandless magic. which is what he's doing now as the recording airs, showing james staring at a pen on the dashboard of the Paisley. which is wiggling.

yes. wiggling.

after a moment or two, james sighs and reclines in his chair, and the feed flickers off just to flicker back on, because this time, it's on purpose!]

Hello, good sirs, madams, and those who identify otherwise.

[ with a grin. james misses his friends, terribly. he misses his school. he wants to go home. but until he can achieve any of these things, he's a bit bored, so -- ]

Has anyone got a good story?
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Who: Nova + U
Broadcast: Video
Action: On SS First Breath or planetside
When: now

[ a video pops up. Nova is looking mmmmore rested than she has in previous videos, but thoughtful and slightly distant ]

I have a weird question... have you ever met someone in one of these places who's supposed to be dead? Or... I guess, are you? How do you know?

[ she's also available to be found just outside of town on the dusty moon, or back on her ship later ]
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Who: Varric and whoever
Broadcast: Yes
Action: If you're on the Iskaulit, sure!
When: A reasonable time of day


[The camera angle isn't great, but what else do you expect from a dwarf? It appears to be a decently-sized room on the bug ship. It's filled with crates, most of which are empty and taking the place of tables and chairs. There is, however, a very dusty and... possibly stolen bar, which needs some touch ups. There are a couple of glasses set on the counter, which has five empty boxes, two barstools and a rusty chair for seating. Along the sides remain a couple noticeable places where it was hacked into manageable pieces and... nailed back together. Oh, Varric.

After that view, he addresses the network from one of the only actual chairs in this dump. Varric's coat hangs on the back, and he's wearing some sleek, anachronistic sunglasses.]

I heard there was demand for a bar. There just so happens to be someone on the Fleet who has a lifelong dream of owning a shitty little dive. [A pause.] That's me. It's me, people.

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Varric, you're a damned genius.' Right?

[Something falls off the wall.]

... All right, so it's a work in progress. I'm having furniture custom-made, it should be ready in a week-ish.

[He clears his throat.]

Here's the problem: I don't have any desire to serve people or the... customer service skills required. That means I'm looking for people to help me run this thing. I'm asking for the barest minimum of business and social skills as well as enough presence to throw out troublemakers. And yes, I'll pay you in credits and beer.

I also need stuff to serve. Not everyone likes whiskey brewed in some guy's bathtub and I haven't been back long enough to amass a variety of booze. If you have anything you're willing to part with, I'll not only pay you for it, but I'll give you a VIP discount. For life.

So. Who wants to make dreams come true?
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Who: Ino & Any Friends of Ino
Broadcast: None
Action: Iskaulit!
When: 9/23

[So it's Ino's birthday! Anyone who is on good terms with Ino would have received an invitation to attend a birthday party for her on the Iskaulit. I assure you, it was mostly Hiro's doing. Or anyone else involved with the party planning. ]

[Sure enough going to the appointed time and place will indeed lead you to a birthday party! There's a giant banner saying so and everything. Not only that but there's delicious food thanks to Belthazar, music, and other assorted party things.]

[In other words? ITS A MINGLE. Feel free to stop by, socialize, not socialize and hang awkwardly in a corner, gate crash, mooch food or anything else you can think of! ]
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Who: Jim Barnes
Broadcast: Fleetwide audio.
Action: On the moon.
When: Sept. 20th.

Good morning. This is Captain James Barnes. By now we've assessed the damage to the ships — seems like it only slowed us down some, and whoever the enemy was they don't seem to have followed us. That's not why I'm here.

[ a half-beat of pause, then, ]

We can't guarantee there'll always be shields or weapons aboard our ships at any given time. That doesn't mean we can't work out a system to make sure we're covering for each other in a fight. If we can form groups of two or three ships, at least one with weapons, and coordinate a few flying formations, we stand a much better chance.

As for communications, if they're taken offline like that again we are going to need a solution. We used manual signalling in my War; I'm open to options that don't have us scrambling blind during a crisis like that.

[ a beat ]

We got lucky, this time. We might not be again.

Barnes out.

action )
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[Well, Tourists, your captain is feeling a little foolish after napping for an entire month. There are a couple of you he's hardly even met yet, so let's have us a mingle and get to know one another. The way-stations don't have a lot of interesting stuff, really, but sometimes putting three not terribly interesting things together makes something awesome. Like s'mores. That's right, everyone, you're all getting a text telling you to drop by the kitchen, where Axel will be tending a little fire. Don't worry, it's magic, so we're not gonna get smoked out. Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers will be provided, but we don't have any sticks, sorry. Guess you'll have to roast your marshmallows on a fork.

[Come chat, come eat, come glower at merrymaking if you're Fenris.]
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Who: Everyone! EVERYONE!
Broadcast: IF YOU WANNA
Action: Everywhere! EVERYWHERE!
When: Mid-September - Mid-October

[How's your ship doing, pardners? Is it still pretty damaged? Is it glitching out hardcore? Well, there is one place to land to take care of all that, and that's on a dusty old moon in front of a planet that no one wants to go to. On this moon, you'll find a civilization that looks a lot like one's stepped into a wild west movie, hardened cowpolk and mutant horses and all. Will you become a vigilante, hunting bounties and stopping gangs from doing their dirty work? Will you go exploring planetside, with a cowboy hat and a stalk of wheat in your mouth to complete the look? Good luck with that; there is no wheat. This town ain't big enough for all you flooters, but make it so! For the ratings!

In other words, it's a planet mingle! Get 'er done!]

[September Planet info here]
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[The nebulas are beautiful in this region of space, at the very least. They gleam as great distorting clouds of space-stuff that your scanners don't even want to attempt to analyze. They affect the ships' instruments much like other areas of disruption have in the past, but these are actually visible as large swathes of light--like giant flames frozen in their swirling shapes, suspended across impressive stretches of space. For once, there's something like scenery to look at, out here in the black...

And then, the proximity alarms begin to blare.

From a gap between the two nearest clouds comes an assemblage of ships! Familiar to some and new to others--they do not respond to hails or communications of any kind, and they're gunning straight for the Fleet without slowing. Their weapons are locking on and firing as soon as they are in range.

Many passengers have been through this before, and many of the ships are bigger and better than they'd been in the previous skirmish. Today, the Drift Fleet will put up a better fight, even punch a few holes in their attackers.

Your augment knows where you need to go! Do you run to your station? Do you dodge your job? Are you unsure how to help? Are the captains giving orders or panicking, and are their crews paying attention? Everyone's got a chance to fight back before the enemy fleet runs them into the nearest nebula--and things suddenly take a bad turn.

As soon as each Drift Fleet ship hits the nebula, its systems overload and short-circuit before going dead. It stays silent for minutes, no radar, no comms, no network. Stubborn stragglers are ganged up on and forced into the cloud, followed by the poor ships on autopilot being bodily hauled into the nebula with tractor beams. Once the entire Fleet has been set adrift as sitting ducks, before the Marsiva can get too close, the attacking fleet... turns and flees through the cloud, seemingly untouched by the nebula that scrambles your ships.

Eventually, the systems flicker back to life, blinking on one by one. It will be several hours before any other effects of the attack will be noticeable. The network shows up as live again, but Atroma never shows up to explain a thing...]

ooc: the out-of-character event post is over here! respond to this post any way you like; you can have action, comm messages, play during the attack, being stuck in the nebula, checking in after the network comes back online, or whatever else seems fitting.
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Broadcast: IF YOU WANT
Action: YEAH!!!!!
When: July!

[Congratulations to the crews that did not get themselves blown up! Welcome to the Blue Planet, a planet full of charming islands and even less charming weather patterns! Are you going to take the time to enjoy the beach? Help out with the local Nunnilis population? Get caught in a storm with another person and have a rating boosting sexual tension moment? The world's your oyster!]

[Yeah in other words: ITS A MINGLE GET IN HERE]

[July Planet Info!]


Jun. 30th, 2015 03:26 am
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Who: Megumi Aino
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Vanquish, lab
When: 6/28

[ megumi looks pretty tired out at the lab, with her head cushioned on her arms. more than anything, she looks both bored and exhausted--never a good sign. she yawns boisterously before she peers at the camera, and frowns. ]

Um... there's people that've fought here before, aren't there?

Why did you decide to fight? Was it for someone, or something? [ she breathes in. ] It's kind of confusing, being away from home... I think I've almost forgotten.
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Who: Asteffiel
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Tourist
When: June 9th

Guess who hadn't noticed the planet had a hold on him? The plantman!

Guess who just figured out that his fascination with it wasn't just because they finally got to another planet.

Asteffiel's use of video is probably not good for anyone's stomach. He's shaking (like a leaf, hahahaha-), and appears to be hiding under a table, given that it's not night time, and he's glowing. It just has the side effect of making his eyes appear particularly bright off-white, which doesn't help his nervous rambling at the video. Which he managed to turn on after he started talking...

"-t just me, or was it others? I don't want it to be just me, I don't I don't! If something could talk to me, does that mean that other things could talk to me? I was fine against Mor... Mord... More Dead Moths, but is it because I am not home? Am I too far from Mother? Mother I am sorry I made bad friends, I don't want More Dead Moths to get me like Lilac!" Is more or less the gist of his rambling into the device. There are repeats, but it's pretty clear that he's rather terrified of something being able to mess with his head.

So he's hiding in one of the medical bay cabinets.
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Who: Kairi
Broadcast: Yep
Action: For anyone who's on the Blue Fish!
When: Later tonight

[It was just a simple message, asking what he was doing, making sure he hadn't fallen asleep again. But she couldn't find him. Like he hadn't ever been there, his name was gone from the list.


Kairi quickly types in Sora's number, hoping maybe it was just a hiccup. She tried sending the message, but nothing. It couldn't find it. She frantically keeps hitting send, willing it to work, to send it to him. She did everything she could think of to try and fix it, in hopes that she was doing something wrong or the device was broken or there was interference or anything but what the cold dread in her stomach told her.

When her options were exhausted, and her panic turned into sadness, she then finally began to cry. He was gone, wasn't he? There was a chance she was wrong, but something in her told her she wasn't wrong. But she had to try, to ask, just in case. So she stubbornly wiped away her tears and opened a new post to address the network.]

So, um. If a person is gone from - if you can't find them on your communicator...

[This is harder than she expected. She has to fight to keep her voice steady. This is not only the first time someone she's known here that has been sent back, it's one of her best friends.]

Unless something isn't working? Is... anyone else's communicator not showing names? It could be that, right?

[But she doesn't believe it. Her voice cracks at the end, and she quickly ends the feed before she starts crying again.]
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Who: Beverly Crusher and all you other fine redheads
Broadcast: Networkwide Video
Action: Blue Fish, Cargo Bay
When: Right after the shuffle!

[The video feed cuts on to show Beverly, grinning with amusement, though her tone remains professional as she addresses the fleet.] Attention, Drift Fleet! This is Dr. Crusher of the SS Blue Fish. [Sorry guys, it's going to be a while before she stops talking to the network like she's in Starfleet.] We've received an... interesting delivery here on board the Blue Fish that I think some of you will want to see.

[She steps back from the camera for a moment, revealing the Blue Fish's cargo bay, stacked floor to ceiling with crates of what looks like... shampoo? You'll also see the Blue Fish's intrepid Captain Sokka in the background, mouth open in angry shock about this intrusion into his cargo bay. Beverly walks over to the nearest crate and pulls out a bottle of shampoo to hold up closer to the camera. The shiny red bottle looks suspiciously similar to a certain famous salon brand of hair care products from late 20th or early 21st century Earth, if any of you happen to be familiar with that. "JOHN FLOOTER" is emblazoned prominently on the top along with the words "RESPLENDENT RED" in gold.]

In case you can't tell what is in the crates, it's shampoo, and tons of it.

[Her face pops back onscreen.]

Someone out there must really have a thing for redheads. [She waggles her eyebrows.] But who can blame them?

[She sets the shampoo back in its box before continuing.]

Of course, it's not all for just me and Kairi! They sent a list, which I'll upload onto the network, and if your name is on it, you can come by the Blue Fish at any time to pick up your gift. Or, if it's easier for you, just let me know and I'll bring your box by your ship at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

((ooc: if your character is a redhead, assume they're on the list. someone in the audience just really wanted an excuse for all the redheads to get together, okay???))
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Who: Riku
Broadcast: Network (video), open to all!
Action: Only Bloodsport!
When: 5/29

[ for a good moment or two, the only thing that can be seen are riku's bright eyes in the dark, but he pulls away long enough to just give a blank stare at the camera.

he just. blinks. his hair's a crazy bedhead, and he still looks half asleep before he just blurts out; ]

Funny prank. What's the real date?

[ squints. ]

I don't sleep for months like someone I know.
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Who: Axel and anybody
Broadcast: Fleetwide Video
Action: Tourist kitchen if anybody wants
When: Thursday afternoon, 21May

[Axel looks caught somewhere between deep contemplation and outright indignation. He's also occasionally prodding at a shiny new eyebrow piercing he got on one of the waystations; it's his newest fidget, it seems.]

So is anybody else just dying to know whatever it is we shouldn't do no matter what? 'Cuz, I mean... I think that's a pretty important detail, and I personally would really like some clarification. Just to be safe, I've quarantined all the teriyaki anything on the Tourist.

[Actually, he took a page from Fenris' book and jettisoned it out the airlock. Can't be too careful.]

Has anybody's kitchen exploded or anything? Ugh, the teriyaki was the best flavor, too.
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Who: Riley Matthews & You
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Marsiva, if you want
When: May 21

[GOOD MORNING, DRIFT FLEET! You were probably not expecting to start looking at the communicator's feed with the loudest possible 'WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH' as a young girl falls off the side of the bed trying to get up. When she gets up to dust herself off she pauses and fully looks around.

This is not her room. This is not Takshaka's dorm. This isn't even the camp in Cecilia's realm.

I hope you're ready for more screaming, fleeters.]


[Wait there's someone else to call now, too, not that she really stops to think about it.]


[Sorry for the frantic child, please go about the rest of your day.]
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Who: Ladon Ceto
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Caprine
When: After Ladon's visit to the planet.

[ Ladon does not sound happy. Not that he's ever on the perky side, but there's a heavy and serious timbre to his voice. He's not messing around. ]

Need a doctor to the Caprine. Soon as possible.

Rest of you-- Anyone else gone to sleep and not wakin' up? This somethin' that happens here? Need answers.

[ After a pause, his voice softens a bit, both in tone and in volume, likely because he's no longer speaking directly into the device. ] S'all right, doll. M'here. Ain't goin' anywhere, yeah? S'all right.

[ Action-wise, Ladon can be found in Lucky's office, kneeling next to the couch where she's stretched out, fast asleep, holding one of her hands in his. He's not likely to budge until a doctor gets there to check her out. ]
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Who: Hiro Hamada
Broadcast: Fleetwide Video
Action: Bishop
When: 5/17

[it appears that the atroma is tired of one of its star ratings-grabbers not doing a damn thing. for the entire duration of april, hiro was fixing ships and running jobs for parts. for the month of may, he's been using those parts. he's currently working with black paint of some sort, with music playing from seemingly nowhere (looks like the sound system he kept talking about got completed).

[if you haven't sought him out, and you're not regularly training him, hiro's been completely radio silent while he's been working. in fact, he hasn't even answered text messages in a couple days.

[when he finishes coating the surface he's working on in the paint, he lowers the mask he's wearing and sighs, wiping (and smearing paint on) his forehead. he looks like a mess.

[but hey, at least he's alive!]

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