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Who: Jeyne Westerling
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: She can be found on Blue Fish
When: 5/02

[If she had been hysterical before, it doesn't show now. Jeyne seems composed and calm when she switches on the feed, despite what she has to announce to the Fleet. It isn't the first time she's faced this, but it's the first time that she's been here when it happened.]

For those that might need him, Robb will be unable to tend to his duties or visit for awhile. He's currently asleep. [She won't say coma, she won't say stasis or whatever else it was called. He was asleep and he'd wake up again.] Seeker is with me, but he might some exercise. If someone could help me with him? I don't want to leave Robb while he is sleeping.

I will also have to defer my duties for a time to another. I know this is an inconvenience, I am sorry for that.

Thank you.
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: Possibly!
Action: April System
When: Month of April!

[Welcome to the Belt, a huge asteroid belt that's been terraformed for life. Here you can explore the different asteroids, become a rock star, race on some ATVs, enjoy not being underwater.

In other words, it's a mingle! Get in everyone!

> System Info ]

✧ 02

Apr. 14th, 2017 02:12 pm
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Who: Kaidan and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide video
Action: First Breath
When: Around Monday, 4/10

[Kaidan is sitting, going by the framing on the feed, somewhere in the cargo bay of his ship. He seems slightly nervous, going by the long pause before he says anything and the glances away from the camera.]

So...here's the thing. I'm looking for a doctor on the fleet that can help me with something. I have...chronic migraines, basically. I can usually manage, but since we can't seem to hold onto a lab technician over here it's been untreated for about...five months? And...[A tiny sigh of frustration] it's starting to be a problem.

If you know anything about cybernetics or implants...kind of like our augments...[He taps the side of his neck]...that would help a lot. But honestly, anything would help at this point.

[He frowns for a moment, then smooths it out into something more neutral as he shift from his seat]

In other news...I have some extra syrup in our cargo bay if anyone wants any. None of it maple, but it is sweet.

[It's pretty tragic. He pans the video down where you can see him slip the lid off a wooden box full of glass bottles in a rainbow of colors. He pulls one out, this one a too-yellow amber.


This one seems to be banana, but they come in a whole bunch of fruity varieties.
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Who: Beverly Crusher, Ezri Dax, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Pavel Chekov - and you, should you like to stop by!
Broadcast: video
Action: Málum
When: April 5

[So Beverly may or may not have taken a few tequila shots. And she may or may not be quite drunk and affectionately effusive about... everything. Thus she has something Very Important to tell the Fleet, which she does from inside Málum with some of her Starfleet companions around. Thankfully, one of them is holding the camera or this feed would be a lot more intolerably shaky.

It's also one of the rare times you'll find her in her Starfleet Uniform.]

Today! [Beverly claps her hands together.] Today is an important holiday back home - First Contact Day! It marks the time when humans finally launched the first spaceship powered by warp drive and that was also the same day we met the Vulcans. [She frowns, her thoughts coming more slowly than is usual.] I don't think we've had any Vulcans here in the fleet, unless it was a long time ago before I came. Which is really weird when you stop to think about it, that there's been Humans and Cardassians and Trill but no Vulcans. Or anybody else really. Vulcans kind of look like elves so I've often wondered if maybe they are but just so many universes removed that it's not quite the same.

[Clearly someone is giving her A Look from behind the camera and she points an admonishing finger at them.]

I'm getting there! [She straightens up and pats her hair, getting back into "lecture" mode.] What probably many of you don't know, is that I saw all of this, first hand, the last time I went home. You see there were the Borg - only we're not going to go into them because this is supposed to be a celebration - and they were trying to go back in time to ruin the warp ship so the Vulcans wouldn't come down to see us so of course we had to go stop them even though we're not supposed to time travel - and for good reason too, it's a pain in the ass. One time Mark Twain followed us onto the Enterprise and it was this whole thing though I guess it worked out all right in the end because then he wrote A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court so that's good. And he really was very nice and understanding of why he couldn't tell anyone what he saw.

[Another pause as she tries to figure out why she started talking about Mark Twain. Ah! Right!]

So anyway we had to go back in time to stop the Borg and so we met Zefram Cochrane who invented the warp drive and he was completely not like any of us expected and you know, sometimes they say you shouldn't meet your heroes? We'd all been taught about what a great genius he was, and that's true, but I guess they didn't really want to mention in the history books that he really liked to party and building the ship wasn't some noble, selfless endeavor to advance science - it was a difficult time in human history, and he needed the money. But that's the beautiful thing isn't it? People are complicated and may not always be what you expect but they still can do great things. And that's really what First Contact Day is about, celebrating the amazing things we've already done and the things we'll do in the future too. Together.

[This nerd, y'all. You should come party with her.]
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Who: Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] stefanged), Kitty Pryde ([personal profile] passingthrough), Sokka ([personal profile] alwayscomesback), Jennifer Keller ([personal profile] forsometimenow), Charles Xavier ([personal profile] axiomed), Beverly Crusher ([personal profile] dancingmd), Clay Terran ([personal profile] geonomy)
Broadcast: closed to those listed above
Action: n/a
When: right now

[aizawa's got the 7AM homeroom lecture voice on lock] All right, I've included everybody who expressed interest in teaching at this proposed school on Uraraka Ochako's vlog post...or whatever she's calling it.

Please feel free to discuss and ask questions of each other here, I am by no means in charge of literally anything. [that was ochako's fault, the little shit.] I thought it might be a good idea to organize so this isn't a shitshow. [and so the kids aren't expected to do everything.]

There're some questions down below that I think we could stand to answer so we can get a good idea of each other's experience and areas of expertise, as well as get to know each other as people. While this obviously isn't going to be a conventional school setup, I don't think we should avoid taking this at least a little seriously; some volunteer students will undoubtedly be attending in an effort to regain a sense of normalcy. Think of it as lowkey counseling services.

...that's all from me.


1. Name:
2. Age: (as relevant to species)
3. Subjects to teach:
3a. Level of Mastery
3b. Relevance to life on the Fleet
4. Prior Teaching Experience: (if any; tutoring counts, helping your kid brother with homework counts)
5. Comfort level when dealing with children: (age group most comfortable with, etc. looks like we have a variety of interest)
6. Anything I'm forgetting: (probably a lot)

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Who: Ezri and you?
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Caprine
When: 4/2

[Up until now, Ezri had managed her spacesickness very well. And by manage it, she would mean that she's absolutely ignored it as much as she could and mentioning it to no one. No one from DS9 was there to call her on her lie by omission. And Beverly isn't from the same year so she has that at her advantage.

Except, nothing lasts forever. She looks a little green when she speaks up.]

So, is this what life here is? Stopping somewhere for most of a month, welcoming new kidnap victims, and then drifting somewhere else? It seems like... like.... [She swallows hard.]

Excuseme! [And gone.]
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Who: Uraraka Ochako | OTA
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Starstruck, Iskaulit
When: Today, after the fleet leaves the system

[Cue Ochako setting the communicator up and bouncing back, waving like it's some kind of peppy vlog. Cheers, everyone!]

Back to space we go! I don't know about everybody else, but I'll be glad that I don't have to keep wringing my clothes out all the time.

Anyway! That's not the point of this! While we're here, I was thinking... we've got a lot of kids with special abilities around here now, don't we? Or even just kids who wanna get stronger. The fleet is mostly safe, but sometimes things happen, and... well! Everyone benefits when we know what we're doing, right? Right!

Okay, so for everybody who doesn't know him, my teacher, Aizawa-sensei, is here! He's kind of a recluse so you probably wouldn't think it but he's really strong, and his teaching skills are top-notch! Back home, he's my homeroom teacher at the best heroics school in the world! He knows what's what. I bet he could teach anyone.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a school here? Not just for superpowers, though I think that sort of thing is important... but I've never been out of school this long in my life. I feel like I'm getting dumber by the day. And it could be fun! We could make a classroom on the Iskaulit, we could get books and put together a real class and- oh, uniforms! We could get uniforms if we wanted!

Anyone interested!?

( Wandering )

[Ochako starts off on the Starstruck, taking care of her various chores while she covers responses, but at some point she'll venture over to the Iskaulit, poking around some of the rooms - both existing and unclaimed - to scout out what space is free in the vicinity of the library. She's humming to herself some upbeat song, visibly and very obviously in a good mood.]
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[The source of the toxins has been discovered to be coming from the Depths that were previously sealed off. The Dasioe, desperate for aid, has agreed to let the Fleet have access to search for the source and put a stop to it. So now it's up to you to prepare yourselves for the unknown, and brave these dark waters for the sake of this world.

But be careful: you aren't alone down there.

This is a catch all-mingle/event log for the Depths event and anything related to it. None of the creatures will be NPCed by mods, so feel free to control them as you'd like.

> Info OOC]
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Who: Riona fresh off her canon update, and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Blue Fish, if desired
When: Forward dated to the morning of 3/13

Pre-broadcast… )

[Once she settles on her choice of words, she flicks on her device. She sticks with voice for now, not wanting to startle anyone unnecessarily.]

It seems that I’m awake.

[To those very familiar with her, they may notice a certain rougher quality to her voice, a sort of coarseness that wasn’t there before.]

Yes, yes, we all know the questions that come next: what did I miss? Has anything changed? And of course, how long have I been out? [A pause. Her tone deadpans.] I remember this place. The natives thought sudden introduction to their water to be the best way of acclimating us to their home. [Assholes.] So, it couldn’t have been for too long.

[There’s a sound, almost like a laugh.] How this place makes a mockery of time…

[Time. It’s not a luxury she has back home. Here, though, she has it in spades. It almost disconcerts her. It feels sort of wrong, that’s how unused to it she is now.]

If you so wish to see me in person, I’m on the bridge on the Blue Fish. Be mindful if you do, though. [A wry, humorless smile stretches across her face, and it’s evident in her tone.] It’s been awhile.

[And with that warning, she shuts the feed off there.]
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Who: Pavel Chekov
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: For the crew of the SS Wonderduck (and video for everyone else)
When: Now

[Chekov wishes he could be surprised or, at the very least, unsettled when he wakes up in a foreign place, but there's a point at which this sort of thing becomes a fairly routine--if always unpleasant--occurrence. Losing people is never easy, no matter the universe, no matter the number of times it happens.  

But taking stock of the situation and establishing who is here has to come before mourning those who were left behind in MarinaNova. To that end, Chekov, somewhat familiarized with his new home and in clothes that are slightly more dignified than the pajamas that he initially woke up in on the Marsiva, begins a broadcast. Are you listening to this in Standard/English/Common? If so, enjoy the ridiculously thick Russian accent.]

This is Lieutenant Pavel Andreievich Chekov of the Federation starship Enterprise. If you have met me already or if you are affiliated with Starfleet, please respond to this message. [He smiles even though he's in no real mood to be cheerful.] I would also be happy with replies from you if we're strangers.

Thank you for your time.
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Who: Ezri Dax
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action:N/A unless you're on he Marsiva
When: Now

[It's starts with a young woman rolling off the bed, short hair messy and a starfleet uniform, if you'll recognize the style uniform she wears, a bit wrinkled. And, if anyone has met one, her Trill spots are very noticeable right now. She's fairly groggy yet as she wakes up and pulls herself to her feet.]

Hello? [Where... is she?] Julian? Ben? ... Kira? [Anyone?

Give her a few moments, she eventually realizes she's broadcasting.]

Hello, I'm Curz- Emon- uh... [Ughh, she rubs at her eyes and ruffles at her hair, trying to fully wake herself up.] I'm Dax. Ezri Dax, Lieutenant Junior Grade, I'm the counselor on Deep Space Nine in orbit of Bajor.
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Who: Everyone!
Broadcast: If you want!
Action: Anywhere on Mafik
When: The month of March

[Welcome to Mafik, the water world! Hope you brought your best swimming gear and don't have a paralyzing fear of water, because that's all that's here! So get out those wet suits and enjoy life under the sea!

In other words, it's a mingle! ]

> System Information
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Who: Maglor and YOU! Also Maedhros is likely around somewhere
Broadcast: Video from one of the planet Mine sites
Action: Forges!
When: Anytime during this stop

I must say the good folk of this stop are very kind - they have allowed my brother and I use of the mines and forges here in exchange for some trading. My brother and I are going to be working on some proper swords - if anyone else is inclined to a bladed weapon, we are happy to make you one as well.

Grandfather, Fingon, you needn't ask, but your help in the forges would be invaluable - Maedhros and I manage, of course, but neither of us are... what we were. And we have neither Father, nor Curvo, nor Tylepe here to point out everything we are doing wrong!
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Who: Riona and Beverly and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: if you want, on the Blue Fish
When: End of Drift Week, right before arrival at the Rew System

[“Hyper” is probably not a word anyone would ever use to describe Beverly, not even as a child, but that very much describes her state right now. Bouncy, even, as she starts up the video feed. Her words come out a mile a minute and she hands the communicator to Riona to control, so for a moment, you’ll mostly hear Beverly rather than see her.]

Here, Riona, you take this because I’m afraid I'll just make it entirely too shaky and then people might get seasick and we don’t want that do we?

[She suddenly appears in view of the camera, a little too close for comfort, waving at the fleet.]

Riona and I have a big surprise for you all!

[She steps back, arms open wide to reveal… An empty room on the Iskaulit?]

Surprise! [Riona laughs at her dumb follow up, the camera shaking a bit from her laughter.] It doesn’t look like much now, but pretty soon it’ll be something great. Right, Beverly? [She’ll happily let Beverly do the reveal if she wants, given how excited she is. Oddly so, but, hey… theater nerdiness brings out weird sides of people.]

Right! [Beverly claps her hands together.] We’re going to build… a theater! I know we have the movie theater already which is wonderful and such a good addition to the fleet but you know we’ve all had a rough month so Riona and I were talking and wouldn’t it be such fun to have a community theater? We could put on plays and concerts and talent shows and oh! Kitty! [She leans into the camera again.] I’m very sorry, I meant to answer your call to the network but I got distracted because well I mean [She gestures at herself] look at me.

[So she is at least aware of how ridiculous she is right now. That’s something.]

I think it’s a glitch in the augments maybe Sokka has it too we’ve both just been so busy! Anyway, Kitty I wanted to let you know I am a dancer as well and I think your idea for having dance classes is marvelous and you could absolutely use the theater if you ever wanted for performances!

[She dodges out of sight of the camera for a moment.]

Riona? Could you turn it a bit please?

[Riona does as bid, turning the camera to follow Beverly.]

That would explain his manic energy. And yours. And maybe that’s why poor Allen isn’t feeling well? Ah well, hopefully this will cheer everyone up. Because theater! [The camera is away from her, but the smile can be heard in her voice.] Something productive and good for everyone to focus on. And we’ll need… a lot of help. In both getting it started and continuing to run it and do things with it.

[Ah good, now Beverly is in bouncing around the room range!]

Yes! It’ll be a lot of work but it’ll be worth it! We’re thinking just a small black box theater - which if you aren’t familiar with those they’re not like traditional theaters with a big stage up front and a large row of seats and curtains and all that - though we could certainly have curtains if people wanted, it’d just depend on the performance but that’s the beauty of a black box is that it’s so adaptable! So basically [She runs to the middle of the room and spreads her arms wide.] we’d have a small platform in the middle here and [Now she dances in a circle around the edges of the room.] Seats all along here and they don’t have to be anything fancy just like folding chairs or something like that, things that’d be easy to move and then we’d need to make a catwalk area for lights and things and maybe a few moveable walls for scenery and then of course the whole room would be painted black!

[Finally she takes a breath.]

Anything else you can think of Riona?

[Beverly can probably see the amused smile on her face as she watches her galavant around the room. And also, she makes a mental note to keep Beverly away from those beverages that make people more energetic. Caffeinated, she thinks the word is.]

You know much more about these “black box” theaters than I do, so I can’t speak much about their construction. But anyone who has a background in building and the like who wants to help out, we’d love to hear from you. And of course from anyone who’s interested in helping once everything is built. Actors, writers, set designers, costume makers, backstage crew… there’ll be something for anyone, I would think.

[And that’s the beauty of it, really.]

That’s all I can think of. And people can certainly use it for other purposes, too. It’d make for a good lecture hall or something of the like, too. So do let us know if you’re interested in helping. The more the merrier!

((ooc: the sign up page for your characters is right over here, if you're interested!))
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Who: Jeyne and YOU!
Broadcast: N/A
Action: S.S. Blue Fish
When: Feb 5th


With the newly upgraded kitchen, it became important to Jeyne to improve her cooking and make an effort to create dishes that the rest of the crew could enjoy. While she was still struggling with meats, she had learned to bake without actually burning or under cooking her creations. Perhaps for the first time in all of her attempts, the kitchen was filled with the delicious smell of cookies. She grinned down at her work, nearly bursting with pride.

At the sight of a figure lingering in the doorway, she smiled up at them. "Would you like one?"

[Closed to Beverly]

After having seen to her chores and provided lunch for the crew, Jeyne finally acted on her impulse and made her way to the med bay. Beverly had promised long ago to help her and provide her answers that she needed. Fear had kept her away, not wishing to learn how cruel her mother could be, even to her own blood. Or frustration that, even though she had hope, she was wrong in her belief and truly was barren.

She forced away all thoughts as she found Beverly, wringing her hands nervously. "My lady?" She asked hesitantly, her heart racing in her chest. "Is this a poor time to ask a favor?"

[Closed to Robb]

Later in the afternoon, all of her work and spent attention had left her exhausted. Having retreated to the room she shared with Robb, Jeyne stretched out on the bed to nap. Her sleep was restless, filled with dreams and memories that always seemed to appear when Robb wasn't in bed beside her. The others had gone off to the system, stocking up on supplies and other things, but she found little need to leave the ship. All she needed, she had already.

Robb had been among those disembarking. By the time she woke, she hoped that she would see him in the room again, perhaps with something sweet for them to share.

She stirred as she heard the door shut. Sitting up in bed, Jeyne rubbed her eyes, surprised to see her husband with a sour look on his face. "Robb?"
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Who: Anyone!
Broadcast: No
Action: Iskaulit
When: Feb. Drift Week (and beyond?)

[The fleet, more or less patched up after their battle, has once again left civilization behind for empty space. Maybe it's a good time to distract yourself and get away from the endless repairs and nothingness, though there might still be cleaning up that needs to be done here too.

Whether you're grabbing a broom or grabbing a drink, this is a fleetwide mingle for the Iskaulit.
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Who: Leonard McCoy
Broadcast: Yes! Fleetwide
Action: Caprine/Solace
When: Friday

[There are days when McCoy would gladly turn in his lab augment for an engineering one. After practically picking apart the Caprine and then putting her back together bolt by bolt (with a lot of help from actual engineers out there, thanks) he's about ready to airlock himself.

He's a doctor, not a goddamn mechanic. It's like learning anatomy all over again, except this time he doesn't understand a single thing. Glory be, at least, they've finally graduated to trying fix the many issues in non-essential systems.

Like the kitchen, where McCoy is now making sure it all works again, after having spent hours trying to put it all back together. Spoiler: it doesn't go well. That's why he's waving away wisps of smoke and coughing a bit when he addresses the Fleet.]

I need an engineer. Again. [Sigh.] I'll pay you the going rate. Come on over to the Caprine. It's the ship in the most pieces over here. [There goes more credits. Everything exploded again. Someone just... put him out of his misery.]

[private comm to Beverly Crusher]
[So he's starting to regret thinking that someone should put him out of his misery. Really coming to regret that.] Hey. We need to talk. Let's meet somewhere.
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: Fleetwide
When: A catch all that can be any time after the big battle.

Just a catch-all for anyone that needs more space for aftermath -- everything's in disarray and nothing's gonna be fixed up overnight! This can take place as the fleet ships as people heal, make repairs, and try to keep each other's spirits up after a pretty gnarly raid. Put your augments and personal skillsets to good use to get us all working and moving forward. Some people included aftermaths on the original post and that's kosher, too!! Just a quick entry for farther-reaching threads if wanted, or things that didn't quite make your original thread starter.

NOTE: there's a new system soon as well, so don't forward date it too far until it's introduced. :)
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[The First Battle]

[They come shooting out of the great dark. Guns blazing, no warning. The enemy ships are ragtag, mismatched, and cobbled together from spare parts. But that doesn’t make them weak. No-- years and years of scavenging have turned them into raiders, and they carry their scars with pride.

The battle is more aggressive than previous attacks against the Fleet. Nothing deters the raiders because they’re tough, and if they see a wounded ship floundering, they have no problems swooping in and boarding. Those crews will soon learn the meaning of teamwork if they want to bring the attackers down. They infiltrate the Iskaulit as well, just in case people try to hide there. At this point they are very, very used to tracking down women and children for their slave trade.

If asked why they’re doing this, the answer is simple.

Spare parts have to come from somewhere.

Don’t worry. Nothing on your ship, and no one, will go to waste.]

[A Few Hours Later]

[The raiders are too strong and the Fleet is failing. After what seems like an eternity of warfare, static comes in, broadcasted to the fleet at large. Something or someone is hailing them…

The signal is untraceable and the video is complete static, but they tell the Fleet they are here to help. Ships come swooping out of the black and they open fire on the raiders. They number a dozen, maybe more, and the ships look eerily similar to the ones currently used by the Fleet, if not a bit older and battle-hardened. Their shielding and weaponry is much, much better, however-- and most of them have custom paint or other touches on their hulls.

They’re not invincible, however. A few may end up between a rock and a hard place when the raiders surround them.

Some older residents may remember this particular group of ships. They’re obviously helping out now, but there’s nothing stopping Fleeters from firing on their would-be saviors save a complete lack of weaponry. You do have a Security officer on board, don’t you? They’ll defend themselves by seriously injuring your ship, but they won’t destroy it for some reason. Small mercies.

The raiders soon realize they’re outgunned and jump ship, taking their dead with them. The intercepting fleet pulls back, too, and both parties vanish back into the dark as silently and swiftly as they came. There’s a lot of cleanup to do whether your ship is disabled or you’re preparing to tow someone else.

Hopefully, the people who saved you don’t change their minds.]

[Plot info is here! Feel free to make your own toplevels with fighting, barricading, being boarded, saving others, the aftermath, etc. There's lots to do!]
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Who: Allen Walker and You!
Broadcast: Video
Action: Blue Fish!
When: Today

[If you've been in the fleet for awhile, you've probably seen this kind of broadcast. Allen appears to be in the Blue Fish lab, standing behind a table. Behind him Timcanpy sits on a shelf wearing a small Santa hat. Allen has a smile on, but for the observant it might seem a bit more staged than normal.]

Hello everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm Allen Walker, I'm one of the medics aboard the SS Blue Fish. I just have a few announcements for today!

Just a few announcements today! We'll be holding our bimonthly blood drive next Tuesday. The blood donated is kept for medical emergencies that require blood transfusions. In other words, we use scientific methods to help someone whose lost a lot of blood. If you donate, we'll gladly pay you!

If you're interested and are over the age of 16, please fill out the form attached to this video. [And what do you know, it's there] If you're interested in volunteering, please let me know. Vampires and similar beings interested in volunteering need to be able to have restraint around blood and will not be allowed to sample the blood. The blood drive will be held on the SS Blue Fish, as usual.

And as always, there will be cookies to anyone who volunteers or donates!

[Alright, that's done, moving on now. From the way he talks, it sounds almost recited. But oh let's face it, he probably rehearses these feeds a dozen times anyway.]

Secondly, you've probably noticed by now how cold the planet is. If you aren't familiar with such climates, I recommend watching Korra's broadcast, as she has much more experience than me! Thank you Korra!

Thirdly, I want to say that during this time of year, many worlds have special holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Winter Veil, Hearth's Warming Eve, New Years and, probably others I don't know about. Not everyone celebrates, and that's fine if you don't. But ... there's nothing wrong with celebrating them even if we're far from home, or even celebrating a holiday not from you world. If anything, it might help people feel a bit better about being here. No matter where you are or what you celebrate- it stands true that a holiday spent with the people you cherish can be truly magical.

[There's a beat as he smiles at the camera, then he continues on in the same chipper manner:]

That said, please be careful of any holiday decorations that may actually be magical, because in some worlds' traditions that's a good way to wind up kissing your crewmates. And no, a land shark is not a good idea for a gift. They're wild animals.

That's all for now! I hope you have a good day, stay warm, and a nice holiday season.

[He gives a wave to the camera before the feed cuts out.]

[OOC: As usual, the blood drive will be handwaved! Thanks all!]

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