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Who: Clay Terran + You
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: On the Vanquish!
When: Now!

[It wasn't like it was hard to figure out; Clay contacts Apollo often, just to talk about everything and nothing. And today, he tried to do it again, only to get an error. He knows what it means, yet he tries again, again and again, until it really sinks in.

He gives himself some time to scream into a pillow, you know, normal reaction to the knowledge that your best friend left, most likely for good, before picking up his comm again. Part of him thinks it'd be good to address via video, but he doesn't really trust himself to do it. After some debate, he decides to just text instead.]

hey so uh

if anybody knew a guy named apollo justice he went back to his world

dont get me wrong its a good thing!! he really didnt like it here

hes afraid of heights and u cant get any higher than space right

lol he was practically becoming a hermit with how much he stayed on his ship

so yeah

its good

hes apollo justice after all

he'll be fine!!!!

[Ugh, that sucked. But... whatever. After the loss of some other friends of his, and now Apollo, that's about the best he's got to give for today.]
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Who: Zelda and you
Broadcast: fleetwide video
Action: the Marsiva
When: now

[The video that appears on the network seems a bit shaky - a young woman can be seen peering at the screen, and talking to herself.]

...ah, I see, now it's showing me what I point it at. [At which point the picture swings around to zero in on the beds of the hospitality deck. Zelda keeps talking, a note of curiosity in her voice.] That does seem to be working. So it's like the Sheikah Slate, only if my guess is right, it should also capture more than just a still image.


[Boop. The video ends there. About a minute later, the broadcast starts up again, and now the video is showing Zelda once more, delight all over her face.]

--Yes! It does send these images to other devices, just like the ones I found earlier. What a marvellous device. [She remembers then that others can see what she's doing, and restrains herself from theorising further about how much a device like this can do. She holds the communicator steady, and gives a more reserved smile.]

My apologies; I haven't yet introduced myself. My name is Zelda, and I have been aboard this ship for five days now. I have tried to learn whatever I could from this device, and the ... information being spoken here. [Some scepticism creeps into her tone. The Atroma's tinned welcome messages aren't reassuring.] But I would very much like to hear from anyone else who can tell me about this place, and what our circumstances are.

[She remains full of poise for now. It doesn't quiet the worry in her heart, and she only hopes more information can provide some answers.]

( #004 )

May. 11th, 2017 07:06 pm
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Who: Hermione Granger and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Vanquish
When: Today!

[ The feed starts out with Hermione sitting on her bed, looking absolutely miserable. It's obvious that she hasn't slept, not really, and when she speaks her voice is quiet and, more than anything, sad. ]

Cisco isn't here anymore. [ She's lost people before, but she never gets used to it. It's never fair, and it's not right. It's not right that you get to be this close to people and then they get taken away from you. ] I don't think he's the only one that's gone this time, but it's - I don't think it's my place to talk about anyone else.

[ She's doing this because Cisco was her partner, after all. Her boyfriend. She'd been so happy.

I'm not sure what's left in his lab, but - I didn't want to touch anything. I'm sorry for anyone that knew him, but... He's probably happier at home, so it's okay in the end.

[ The feed cuts off, abruptly, because she didn't want to think about it anymore - it was easier to just turn it off and put the device to one side and pretend for a little while. ]

01 | text

May. 4th, 2017 07:58 pm
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Who: Iris West and YOU!!
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: If you're on the Marsiva, sure
When: May 4th

[ Two whole days later, Iris still can't believe she's actually in outer space. The view outside the Marsiva hasn't done anything to dissuade the notion, either. Part of her desperately wishes she could disembark and explore this star system: it would be the story of a lifetime, and more importantly, it would be a story she would've uncovered all by herself.

Exploring the hospitality deck hasn't answered many questions, so she's taken to sitting in the cafeteria with a trusty mug of coffee. Turns out, it's a good place to sit and think - as well as a good place to scroll through the Network and see what other people're saying.

So far, she's drawn a few conclusions: 1) there's a whole fleet of ships surrounding the Marsiva, 2) not everyone's from Earth - or a planet like it, and 3) they're here as part of a reality show?? That last one's pretty hard to believe. (Who'd watch someone write and edit?) Instead of asking her fellow captives the hows and whys, she figures she's better off asking them something else: ]

How many of you know the game 'Questions?'

It's a pretty simple game back on Earth: I pose a question, and you can only answer me with a question of your own. The first one to forget a question "loses." To make things easier on everyone, I won't instate any additional rules.

To start us off: Were you familiar with outer space travel before you arrived here?
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Who: Apollo and Whoever!
Broadcast: Yes, in A
Action: Yes!


Sent via radio broadcast only, but honestly, his voice is plenty recognizable.]

Um!! So has anyone else applied to those delivery jobs? If you haven't er. . .don't bother. I don't think it's normal to show up, and then just, hypothetically, have them shove a non descript paper bag of moss at you with a smudged address on an index card. T-that said! Does anyone know of any environmentally friendly ways to dispose of a large amount of rare moss? Asking for a friend.

[Should anyone want to bump into him, he's down on an asteroid, trying really hard to figure out where to hide this. Maybe tossing it at the back of a fast food joint?? Who the heck knows.]


LAWYERS HAVE TO EAT and pay nonexistent bills, so after former Questionable Activity, Apollo decides to take on a less morally ambiguous job. Pet sitting!!

Except the client has left him in the care of just. A really big rock, roughly just below half his size. It even has a jeweled collar. And of course, the owner insisted that he walk it. So, should you be taking a stroll on the Meston asteroid, you may just spot Apollo, trying his best to push a rock down a sidewalk, or is sitting beside it, angrily staring at it. Why this, why him, always.]

Maybe I should have stuck with the delivery service.
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Who: Clay Terran and You
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: On the Vanquish
When: Now!

[Looks like Clay's in the cargo bay, if the equipment around him says anything. He's sitting on the floor with a crate behind him, a big smile on his face once the feed comes on.]

Hey everyone! [He waves for the camera] How's everyone doing? I know these rumors are, uh... a bit embarrassing, but I know they're all just lies! If you say they're not true, then hey, they're not! In fact, I appreciate you all the more for being able to put up with them like this! I mean, this is space, not high school...

Anyway! The real reason why I got on here. [He holds up a book that was sitting at his side, a book on beginner's astronomy.] There's a small group of us who're looking to open up a school on the Iskaulit, and I'm going to be the astronomy teacher. I encourage everyone, young and old, to take the class; I know some of you haven't even heard of space before coming here, and I'd love to teach you more about it!

What I'd like to know is: If you're interested in taking it, what kind of things do you want to hear about the most? Is there anything about space life that puzzles you? I'd like a good starting point on this, and that'll really help me out a lot! I'll be covering everything, from the basics to something more advanced, so let me know what level you consider yourself, too. I don't want to go over how planets orbit the sun if you're way beyond knowing that!

If you've got any other questions, let me or my assistant, Apollo Justice, know!

[Yes, Apollo, you're his assistant now. No, you don't get to say no.]

Oh, and one other thing! [He gestures to the crate behind him] I got a shipment of, uh... play-doh, recently? I don't need any of it, so anyone want it? I'll gladly share!

[With that, Clay gives another wave, then turns off the feed.

What he doesn't know is that shortly after this, rumors of his own start to appear.]

Clay claims he's human, but he was actually made from clay back on his home world.
Clay recently proposed to space.
Clay's first girlfriend turned into the moon.
Clay's hair isn't natural; not only is it gelled, but it's also white! He's just so ashamed of it he dyes it black.


Apr. 6th, 2017 12:37 pm
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Who: Allen Walker
Broadcast: Voice and Text;
Action: SS Blue Fish
When: Today!

[For anyone who hasn't heard from Allen in a couple months, his voice sounds different- older and slightly deeper. Someone's been using those aging upgrades okay.]

Excuse me, but I'm looking for someone who is skilled with repairing swords. I received a sword from that last world that has a lot of sentimental value to me, but for some reason it was sent in pieces. [Yeah, that sure is annoyance in his voice]

I'd be happy to pay well for the repair. Thank you.

[The broadcast ends there, but sure enough, some text rumors appear at the end of the message, unbeknownst to Allen, who had not paid attention to the post when he submitted it.]

Allen Walker dyes his hair white to be edgy.
Allen and Clay are kinky in the bedroom.
Walker really is Texan, the British accent is an act for a secret ranger mission.
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Who: opal and you!
Broadcast: text
Action: goldstone if you so desire
When: some ungodly hour of the night

guess who's super bored again??? it's me and i'm ignoring 100% of these stupid rumors so whateverrrr

which means it's time for truth or dare, so hit me with whichever you want and i'll give you something and then vice versa or whatever i guess

if you choose dare you're legally required to use the video function to prove it though

[ooc: unbeknownst to her (for the moment), opal is under a compulsive honesty augment glitch! so if she seems much more truthful than normal, that's probably why.]
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Who: Uraraka Ochako | OTA
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Starstruck, Iskaulit
When: Today, after the fleet leaves the system

[Cue Ochako setting the communicator up and bouncing back, waving like it's some kind of peppy vlog. Cheers, everyone!]

Back to space we go! I don't know about everybody else, but I'll be glad that I don't have to keep wringing my clothes out all the time.

Anyway! That's not the point of this! While we're here, I was thinking... we've got a lot of kids with special abilities around here now, don't we? Or even just kids who wanna get stronger. The fleet is mostly safe, but sometimes things happen, and... well! Everyone benefits when we know what we're doing, right? Right!

Okay, so for everybody who doesn't know him, my teacher, Aizawa-sensei, is here! He's kind of a recluse so you probably wouldn't think it but he's really strong, and his teaching skills are top-notch! Back home, he's my homeroom teacher at the best heroics school in the world! He knows what's what. I bet he could teach anyone.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a school here? Not just for superpowers, though I think that sort of thing is important... but I've never been out of school this long in my life. I feel like I'm getting dumber by the day. And it could be fun! We could make a classroom on the Iskaulit, we could get books and put together a real class and- oh, uniforms! We could get uniforms if we wanted!

Anyone interested!?

( Wandering )

[Ochako starts off on the Starstruck, taking care of her various chores while she covers responses, but at some point she'll venture over to the Iskaulit, poking around some of the rooms - both existing and unclaimed - to scout out what space is free in the vicinity of the library. She's humming to herself some upbeat song, visibly and very obviously in a good mood.]
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Who: Sansa Stark and you!
Broadcast: Text, fleetwide.
Action: Blue Fish and Iskaulit
When: Today

Even the Fleet can be a harrowing and disquieting place at times, despite how fond we might become of our ships and our associates. I find I cannot escape the frayed nerves I felt during the raid last month. [ margaery might be gone, but even now sansa is taking cues from her braver friend. she writes in months, now, and not in moons. just as marge had done. ]

In times of trouble, what helps you feel most safe? Secure? I meditate -- but it's been helping little and less. [ ... ] Is it shameful and craven that I should rely upon my family and my fellow crew so much and so often? I fear that without them I would be all at sea.

Will a familiar face accompany me to the Iskaulit, today? I haven't been in ages and I miss the gardens.

[ today is one of sansa's better days. she's sitting in a common area with a bit of busywork stretched across her lap. ser allen had asked for some alterations to be made of his wardrobe, and she's found solace in this distraction. while she sews, she hums: old hymns from home. sansa hasn't done much singing in the more-than-a-year since her arrival, but it turns out her voice is sweet and accomplished.

she greets the crew when they pass by. heavens help us all, she smiles when they pass. ]

[ after a comfortable reconnaissance with an able escort, sansa returns to the iskaulit in the evening -- or for whatever passes as evening when you're sailing through the stars. she goes cloaked and with her heart set upon a more solitary visit to the gardens now that she's proven to herself she can step foot upon it again. but her communications device is gripped tightly in hand should she witnesses any lions while she prays -- kneeling in the narrow aisle of a garden that's more pragmatic than anything else. even so, it'll have to do.

and when she's done she steals her way through the quieter corridors on the iskaulit. she's such a rare sight in these halls that it wouldn't be unusual to mistake her for a newer member of the fleet. ]
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Who: Allen Walker, Clay Terran, Sokka
Broadcast: None
Action: At one of the water temples.
When: Sometime in March!

Read more... )


Mar. 3rd, 2017 03:57 pm
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[The audio feed rattles to life with a blare of feedback, and the voice that comes through is bright, cherry, and possibly familiar to a few.]

Gooood morning, outer space! I'm pleased to announce that I've just taken over your fleet. You can call me Your Majesty, or Supreme Overlord, or Beyoncé. One of the three. Mom jeans and aerobic dance are officially outlawed, and nothing is allowed to start before noon.

Kay, thanks. Beyoncé out.
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Who: Vanquish crew and visitors!
Broadcast: Nah?
Action: On the Vanquish and around the planet!
When: Right meow, and also for March

[Vanquish crew? Up to things? It's more likely than you think.

Get in here, it's time for a mingle!]
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Who: Apollo and whoever's listening
Broadcast: YES fleetwide; video/radio, whichever you prefer
Action: nah, unless someone marches up to his room
When: late at night.

Er, so a lot of strange things seem to be happening, but none of us are dead or being attacked again, so I figure it's best not to question it.

I'm not exactly good at this whole "support" thing, but I guess some people like talking to clear their heads? So let's talk.

Specifically, on a scale of one to ten, what's the most illegal thing you've ever done that you care to admit?

. . .

I can admit I might have ulterior motives due to being a lawyer, but rest assured I don't plan on taking anyone to space court any time soon.

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Who: Sansa Stark and YOU
Broadcast: Y, fleetwide
Action: Blue Fish
When: Today

Dear friends. [ some lies are kindly told. like this one, wherein she counts only a few souls in the fleet as friends but it's only polite to address the whole lot with warmth and generosity. especially when she's asking for help. and especially when there are lions in the tall grass. ]

I need a recipe for baklava -- I do not think anyone eats it where I come from. But someone dear to me who has long since left the fleet used to bring baklava every week. And we would enjoy it together. I should like to have some again but the cook on this ship needs to know how it's made. Please -- I promise the information will go to good use, although some cooks must covet their kitchen's secrets.

[ sansa approaches her broadcast with steel in her spine: hands folded in her lap; hair brushed until it shines. if there are enemies recently shuffled onto ships, then she must let them know she is comfortable here. she is protected. after surviving the raid, she realizes her days of hiding must be numbered.

as an afterthought, she adds a bit of mercy. a gesture of peace for jeyne: ]
Or if there are other recipes you have and want to share, you may do so. My good-sister is new to her duties and I think it would be a kindness to provide her with fresh dishes.

[ ordinarily, in the evening, she would go to the garden on the iskaulit to 'pray' -- but with the news of recent arrivals, she's too skittish to leave the blue fish. instead, she stays on ship and prays in her quarters. sansa kneels on the floor and props her elbows on her mattress. as much as it's become an act (a performance!) she still feels compelled to go through the motions. it's like meditating. ]

1 - video

Feb. 5th, 2017 08:19 pm
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Who: Asuna and anyone
Broadcast: Everyone ever
Action: If anyone's actually on the Marsiva
When: Sunday evening

[The video function turns on to the hesitantly smiling face of a young woman. Blue hair and pointed ears mark her as somewhat different— or they would if this wasn’t a space fleet carrying residents from all over the multi-verse. She waves at the camera, a slight tilt of her head the only immediate indication of any puzzlement, but concern is detectable.]

Ah… hi there. I’ve gone through the information on the computers— or at least what looks like the basics, so I’m trying this now. [She stops, backtracking somewhat.] Obviously I’m new, I think. I just woke up an hour or so ago. I’m still trying to process this, if it’s not a really weird in-game event.

[Her expression sobers for a brief moment before she continues.] Because this isn’t what I normally look like, not really. So…

[And here she catches herself.] Oh, sorry! My name’s Asuna. If anyone has clarification, I’d love to hear it. Thank you.
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Who: opal & you
Broadcast: yes!
Action: pathstone if you're so inclined
When: some ungodly hour that nobody should be awake

1. if you could be anywhere in any world right now where would you be and what would you be doing?

2. if you had the choice to go home right now would you take it?

i'm here for all your vague past midnight questioning i guess
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Broadcast: N/A
Action: Fleetwide
When: A catch all that can be any time after the big battle.

Just a catch-all for anyone that needs more space for aftermath -- everything's in disarray and nothing's gonna be fixed up overnight! This can take place as the fleet ships as people heal, make repairs, and try to keep each other's spirits up after a pretty gnarly raid. Put your augments and personal skillsets to good use to get us all working and moving forward. Some people included aftermaths on the original post and that's kosher, too!! Just a quick entry for farther-reaching threads if wanted, or things that didn't quite make your original thread starter.

NOTE: there's a new system soon as well, so don't forward date it too far until it's introduced. :)
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[The First Battle]

[They come shooting out of the great dark. Guns blazing, no warning. The enemy ships are ragtag, mismatched, and cobbled together from spare parts. But that doesn’t make them weak. No-- years and years of scavenging have turned them into raiders, and they carry their scars with pride.

The battle is more aggressive than previous attacks against the Fleet. Nothing deters the raiders because they’re tough, and if they see a wounded ship floundering, they have no problems swooping in and boarding. Those crews will soon learn the meaning of teamwork if they want to bring the attackers down. They infiltrate the Iskaulit as well, just in case people try to hide there. At this point they are very, very used to tracking down women and children for their slave trade.

If asked why they’re doing this, the answer is simple.

Spare parts have to come from somewhere.

Don’t worry. Nothing on your ship, and no one, will go to waste.]

[A Few Hours Later]

[The raiders are too strong and the Fleet is failing. After what seems like an eternity of warfare, static comes in, broadcasted to the fleet at large. Something or someone is hailing them…

The signal is untraceable and the video is complete static, but they tell the Fleet they are here to help. Ships come swooping out of the black and they open fire on the raiders. They number a dozen, maybe more, and the ships look eerily similar to the ones currently used by the Fleet, if not a bit older and battle-hardened. Their shielding and weaponry is much, much better, however-- and most of them have custom paint or other touches on their hulls.

They’re not invincible, however. A few may end up between a rock and a hard place when the raiders surround them.

Some older residents may remember this particular group of ships. They’re obviously helping out now, but there’s nothing stopping Fleeters from firing on their would-be saviors save a complete lack of weaponry. You do have a Security officer on board, don’t you? They’ll defend themselves by seriously injuring your ship, but they won’t destroy it for some reason. Small mercies.

The raiders soon realize they’re outgunned and jump ship, taking their dead with them. The intercepting fleet pulls back, too, and both parties vanish back into the dark as silently and swiftly as they came. There’s a lot of cleanup to do whether your ship is disabled or you’re preparing to tow someone else.

Hopefully, the people who saved you don’t change their minds.]

[Plot info is here! Feel free to make your own toplevels with fighting, barricading, being boarded, saving others, the aftermath, etc. There's lots to do!]
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Who: Clay Terran and the Merry Fleet
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: Blue Nebula Museum
When: Today!

[Okay, out of all the planets and stations and everything that they've been to? This is, by far, Clay's favorite.

He's in the Blue Nebula Museum, though the camera doesn't show him at first. Instead, it shows one of the many views from the deck, where several nebulae can be seen, all of them within different ranges and distances from each other. The camera shakes a little, and there's an excited noise before the feed stops.

Then it starts up again, this time from a different deck. There's more nebulae from here, and that excited noise from before turns into an ecstatic little laugh as he turns the camera back around, showing his happy face before he turns it once more to look at the nebulae again.]

Are you guys seeing these things?!

I've never seen so many nebulae within viewing distance, and there's even more when you look through the telescope! Do you guys know what this means? Do you know just where we are?

We're in the middle of the deaths and rebirths of stars!

Have you heard the whole legend of the phoenix, where when a phoenix dies, another one rises from its ashes? Stars are just like that! When a star dies, it becomes a nebula just like this, and then a new star, or even several thousand stars are born within it! This whole process takes millions of years, so we're not going to see any stars form here, but the fact that we're seeing all this is incredible!

And we're at the perfect spot for this: close enough to see them with the naked eye, but not enough to be near the awesome forces within it! Inside a nebula is a constant source of pressure, because stars are formed by the force of gravity compressing the light atoms in the nebula until they start to fuse together. This causes an outward, nuclear radiation that can eat away at other protostars trying to form within the nebula, so their newborn lives are just as perilous as the ones we know! If they can survive all this, they can even form planets! So right now, we're looking at a star nursery that was formed from the ashes of another star!

It's a miracle that we survived being inside one for as long as we did, because – just imagine all these forces being like a violent storm on the ocean, only multiplied by the thousands. Isn't it amazing?! We get to see these without worrying about our lives or anything like that! These are the closest I've ever seen them, though I'm still trying to calculate just by how much, but - from this distance, the magnitude of what we're seeing really is incredible!

And did you know all the colors mean something, too? They all indicate what the dying star was made out of! A nebula is a cloud of gas and dust from the previous star, emitting their own or reflecting light from other nearby stars, which makes the colors appear! Red is from the hydrogen, green is from the oxygen, and when they reflect light, which means that the nebula is primarily made of dust, the red light goes through while the blue light gets scattered, so that's why they look blue! And –

[And he'll likely go on and on like this. For anyone who's actually in the museum, Clay can be seen going from deck to deck, looking at the nebulae with awe and furiously writing notes as he looks through the telescopes. Astronomer at work here, proceed with caution!]

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