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Who: Jon Snow & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A
When: 8/11

[The shouts of the Northern men was still ringing in his ears as he opened his eyes, the quiet of the ship piercing through him. The familiar stones of Wintefell were replaced by steel and machinery he didn't recognize but for some reason understood...at least in passing. Space, ships and other information he had never considered before were fresh in his mind. The darkness beyond the windows was not so mysterious or strange, though it still filled him with the same awe he felt when he stood atop the Wall for the first time.

It took time for his current imprisonment and state to at least hit him, the shock slowly wearing off the longer he sat in silence. After a few hours, he felt ready to turn to the network for the answers he wouldn't find on the Marsiva.]

My name is Jon Snow.

[There seemed little reason to ask about escape, as it seemed there were so many still here. If they could leave by their own will, they would have by now.]

Who are the men that have captured us? Are they taking us somewhere in particular or is this holding cell meant to travel without destination?


Aug. 8th, 2017 06:11 pm
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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Heron
When: Evening 8/8

Would anyone be interested in learning to play an instrument? Or, perhaps, to sing, if not increase your existing skill. I am most familiar with harps and flutes. An exchange of learning would be just as welcome.

[Anything at all to help keep busy! He's in desperate need of distraction. Something to focus on besides certain Feanorians and their strange concern and care over his well-being.

At least the elf seems somewhat calm at the moment, which isn't exactly the norm since his arrival. Though that might have something to do with the lap harp whose strings he's softly plucking an old tune away on.]
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Who: Daenerys Targaryen & Open
Broadcast: Yes.
Action: On the Wonderduck.
When: Evening.

[Sitting in one of the pilot seats, violet eyes bright as she maneuvers the controls with deft, small hands, Daenerys seems to be totally in her element. Flying awakens a whole new side to her - one hungry for adventure and freedom. How could she possibly be freer than when she is amongst the stars?]

I have been wondering...

Where does one go for strong drinks and pleasurable company? You cannot convince me all aboard the Fleet abstain from alcohol and sex.

[She leans back, then, tilting her head impishly.]

If that is a term we must fulfill, I can think of others I would rather take my place.
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Who: Khadgar and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: on the Twin Roses
When: Now

[When he woke up this morning, he hadn't been expecting to find anything for himself. He'd been planning to go back down to the planet again and doing some more exploring, nothing special. Instead, he found something special just sitting on top of his books.

It takes a bit for it to sink in, he has to think about it, but then he flicks on the communicator after dressing and directs it at the "surprise."

It's a cake. With "18!" written on it as obnoxiously as possible with little arcane designs around it.]

You're a month late. My birthday was during the Midsummer Fire Festival.

I'm going to leave this in the kitchen. If anyone wants some.
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Who: Zack Fair / OTA
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: the Caprine
When: Now!

( action; caprine )
[...Alright, so that was. Weird. He was totally just on the Marsiva, but now he's on another ship, apparently! With confetti, and... pudding, which gets set aside for now, because he's sure as hell not trusting random food thrown at him willynilly.

He's more interested in the new ship itself, so he'll be exploring the place, poking his head into whatever room he comes across unless it's locked. Apologies in advance?]

( video; fleetwide )

[Have a Zack! Pulling bits of confetti out of his hair. He looks about as confused as any newcomer, though perhaps not as disturbed. He has officially Seen Some Shit, as one might guess by the semi-glowing blue eyes.]

Testing, testing... okay, we'll pretend this works. It's kinda different from standard issue ShinRa PHS, but it doesn't look that complicated...

Anyway- hey there, fellow space people. Name's Zack. Am I crazy, or are the voices in my head legit when they say I'm on TV? 'Cause, uh. I'd kind of prefer that, at this point. Not really a fan of the random voices concept.

...Aerith? Where'd you end up?



Jul. 15th, 2017 11:33 pm
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[Tyrion's video clicked on once more, and yes, he's sitting in his New Engineering Station, with a lot more bits, and bobs, and all sorts of interesting new things that he can use in his inventions. He is, of course, eying the new tools suspiciously. Even more so the basket waiting for him, with a big red and gold bow.]

....Well. [He finally says.] Someone clearly wants to see what sort of trouble I can get myself into.

[He flicks the bow with one finger.] So is this a challenge, Atroma? You vs me in who can invent the most clever item to trip the other one up? Or are you truly sorry for what you've done?

[He tipped his head towards the camera.] Remember who you're dealing with. No one knows better than I that gifts from your enemies always have a hook inside them.

[He pulled loose the bow, a sharp smile on his face.]
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Who: Daenerys & Open
Broadcast: Yes~
Action: Not unless you want to seek her out/contact her beforehand.
When: Evening, July 3rd.

[She is smiling like a satisfied cat, eyes agleam.]

The Dragon enters the Fleet and the Lions and Wolves scatter. [Fitting, though a bit disappointing. She has envisioned her enemies for so long and they still evade her, dancing just beyond her fingertips.]

[Private to Tyrion.]

You have my sympathies. Let us make the most of our time amongst the stars, hm? [She is already star-gazing, sitting before an impressive window, her hair completely loose and recently brushed.]

The only Lion worth my time remains and that works in my favor. Our favor.

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    [Tyrion's face appears on the screen, scarred and faintly bemused, as he peers at the feed, then shifts something off to the side. Some sort of computing device. He shifts it again, and the screen changes, narrows, with a small bit of scripts running along the top. He sighs, shakes his head a little.]

    I need someone who has the communications augment. This ... this is not secure enough. It is secure, but not secure absolutely. Which is what we require.

    [He grumbles, and goes back to fiddling with wires.]
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    Who: Daenerys Targaryen & Open
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Yes, on the Marsiva. Because I know ship names.
    When: Right after her arrival.

    [The salt of the sea no longer fills her nostrils; she cannot hear the waves and she senses that she is not amongst her fellows or onboard a ship any longer. Panic would be an acceptable first emotion and with how the young Queen jerks up from her bed, she clearly considers it.

    But a Dragon does not show her weakness. Rubbing absently at her neck, clad in black, Daenerys familiarizes herself with her surroundings and, eventually, her communication's device.


    After watching others making use of it, she learns quickly, violet eyes sharp and intent on the task. What magic is this?]

    I commend you for your audacity. If you think I am weaker cut off from my allies and my children, you are sadly mistaken.

    [Now onto negotiations. She settles herself, expression calm, adapting to her new, strange circumstances.]

    What do you want? Gold? Power? Ships? [She is not parting from either option, of course, but any hint about her captor(s) is useful.

    Later, she can be found scouring out the Marsiva, posture perfect and unyielding.]
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    Who: Robb & you!
    Broadcast: to all
    Action: to all / people who are on the Blue Fish
    When: 2nd of November

    My name is Robb Stark.

    I wish to know if those who know me are still here.

    You have my thanks.

    On the Blue Fish
    [After waking up Robb does not stay inside his bed for long. He can be seen walking towards the showers, followed by a trip towards the kitchen because he is hungry enough that he can eat an entire horse. He is also thirsty enough that he can drink an entire river.

    After that he goes to visit his siblings to check up on them, knocking their doors to see if they are still on this ship.

    He has a hammering headache and finds it difficult to determine how he feels. From the second he woke up until now it feels as if he has been slammed into a wall. He had not expected his lady wife to be here all of a sudden and he is somehow scared to hope for some sort of future together here.

    After eating he can be found inside the weaponry, doing his duty as if nothing has really changed. As if he isn’t anything else but a corpse back home while lord Bolton’s bloody words keep echoing in the back of his mind.]
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    Who: All Visitors and Crew aboard the Caprine
    Broadcast: n/a
    Action: Yeah!
    When: Now

    [Monthly mingle for the SS Caprine, get.]
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    Who: Daenerys Targaryen
    Broadcast: yes!
    Action: optional aboard the Caprine
    When: Now!

    This is Daenerys Targaryen, Captain of the Caprine addressing the fleet. If anyone has been able to contact Qing-Yuan Zhu, please have him report to the Caprine. He has been missing for several days at most, not reporting to his post during that time. I do not want to believe he has befallen some ill situation, but should that be the cause I would like to find him if possible.

    [The Caprine had lost other crewmates before, but this was hitting Daenerys hard. Qing had been her first mate, usually the first person she greeted in the mornings, and the one who worked the closest with her to keep their ship in order. He, Hawke, and herself had been together as far back as her arrival to the fleet and to know that he was gone was crushing her greatly. She normally preferred video, still not wholy used to things such as typing, and yet she could not find the composure in her to speak normally.

    Should anyone come aboard the Caprine to seek her out, Dany could be found either wandering the halls akin to a ghost or hiding in her room with Drogon, clutching an unfinished, leather adorned, gown.


    Oct. 13th, 2016 08:24 pm
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    Who: Finn
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Caprine, if you feel like it
    When: Some time this morning

    [Hey there, Fleet! Your resident former Stormtrooper is looking bleary-eyed this morning, and his friends may have noticed he's been incommunicado for a while. Looks like it was another one of those long naps people are subject to. As usual, Finn jumps straight to business.]

    So I guess we landed on a planet while I was out? What's there to do on this one besides get lost in the woods?

    --And did I miss anything important?

    [For anyone who wants to catch him in person, Finn is aboard the Caprine, making terrible Fleet coffee and trying to muster up the energy to do something more productive with himself. It might take a little while.]
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    Who: All Aboard the Caprine
    Broadcast: optional but not required
    Action: aboard the caprine
    When: now

    [Please see Pinkie for your complementary snacks and welcome basket. Try not to wake the dragon because sometimes he bites.]
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    Who: Robb & you!
    Broadcast: Voice
    Action: Mostly at the Blue Fish
    When: Today

    Network – Voice
    [When Robb speaks his voice sounds like that of a sick old man above his eighties. In his life he hasn’t been sick often but when it strikes it mostly manages to floor him at least for a couple of days.]

    If there is anyone still in possession of anything that used to belong to my sister Arya, I would like to ask you if you can bring them to me. I stay at the Blue Fish. My name is Robb Stark, I am in charge of security. I am also her oldest brother.

    You have my thanks.

    [To those who come by to hand over Arya’s stuff or want to run into him – The Blue Fish]
    [Robb is waiting for you at the docking station, dressed in the uniform belonging to his job as head of security. The only abnormal thing about him is that he looks pale and has a running nose.

    You will be thanked for your donation and if you’re lucky he’ll sneeze in your face as well.]

    [To those who want to come visit to fret over Robb and/or is a resident on the Blue Fish]
    [Most of the day Robb will be found in his bed with the lights off and his head tucked away underneath the blankets. He has messaged his captain about his sickness and prefers to sleep it off.

    So come fuss. He’ll probably be grouchy about it.]

    [Action – closed to Bran]
    [After Robb has taken a shower and changed into different clothes he actually feels a bit better. At least, good enough to pay his younger brother a visit. Just to check if he is still here, on this bloody ship.

    Robb knocks twice.]

    Bran? [And another knock.] It is me, Robb. [Robb is sure that Bran probably knows that it is him but just in case.] I need to speak to you. [Or well, just see him. Just knowing that he is allright.] It is about Arya...ah...

    [The rest of the words disappear into a loud sneeze.]
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    Who: Six
    Broadcast: Text
    Action: Caprine
    When: Today!

    This is the worst broadcast ever. You're all fired.
    0 out of 6.
    No one wants to watch a show with moisture and colours. Some of us can't even see colours!
    So inconsiderate.

    Also where is my planet. I was promised a planet.
    You're all fired. Again.

    [ GOOD MORNING FLEETERS. You're all fired apparently. ]

    SS Caprine )
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    Who: hawke & you.
    Broadcast: fleetwide text.
    Action: n/a.
    When: today.

    guys i need some advice
    very important please respond quick before

    [ Text stops there and it seems that is all there is, until a moment later another message appears - typed considerably slower than the first, as though typing with one hand. ]

    nevermind problem solved
    might need a healer though or some booze
    or both

    [ Translation nevermind i already did the stupid thing. ]
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    Who: Daenerys Targaryen
    Broadcast: Yes
    Action: Aoard the Caprine
    When: Now

    [Daenerys addressed the network, still looking a little worn around the edges despite her time asleep. She felt as if she hadn't moved from her bunk in days. In her hands rests the device, pointed towards her face and atop her shoulders rests one lazily dozing dragon. Drogon's black scales had a bit of a copper and red glint to them in the lights cast about her room, his eyes were closed and his wings were curled in close to him. His clawed hands clung to her shoulder while his feet dangled over her back, hidden by her hair. Across the other shoulder, the very end of his tail could be seen. He was draped neatly around her neck where he could rest comfortably.]

    I apologize to anyone who may have been inconvenienced by my mishap. My absence from was not intended, though I have no idea how long exactly I was asleep. This is my first time experiencing such a state. Should anyone from the other ships wish to brief me I can be found at my post aboard the Caprine.

    [A smile and she reaches with one hand to stroke the end of Drogon's tail. His wings fluttered, sensing the disturbance.]

    And this is Drogon. He is one of the dragons whom I call my children, born of a funeral pyre originally, but reborn and returned to me by the Tree that gave us gifts. Perhaps some day Drogon's brothers will join us but for now he is all that remains to me of my home.

    [Drogon's hands stretched sleepily and in his attempt to awaken he fell clean from his perch on her shoulder and down her back. With a loud raptor-like shriek, Drogon shot into the air, out of the video's view and out of sight somewhere above Dany's head. He wasn't happy to have been woken up. Thanks for that, Mom. :|]

    Private Message: Tyrion Lannister

    Lord Tyrion, if you wish to meet him in person, you are welcome to at your earliest convenience, though I don't know that he'll be quite ready to receive guests beyond yourself. He's still adjusting to the ship, I think.

    [Another loud screech and Drogon dive bombed back into view, landing in a heap in her lap. Looking down, Dany coos at him, trying to console him.]

    Shh, shh... you're with me... you're just fine, sweetling.

    [She smiles, bringing her gaze back to the device.]

    Be prepared for him to be a bit difficult. He is a child, after all.


    [The Caprine crew can find their Captain up and about, checking on various stations throughout the ship and finally stopping in awe of their new gardens. The lemon tree in particular received her adoration. She was excited to be able to harvest it and perhaps task Qing with making lemon cakes to send to one Sansa Stark as a bit of a peace offering between her and the girl and her brothers.

    Drogon alternated between remaining perched on her shoulder, tucked beneath an arm, or flying a few inches beside her head. He made soft hissing and rasping noises on occasion, not displeasured at the moment into full on screeching. Having him around made her smile more brightly, her step more upbeat. If anyone in the crew or visiting the ship should happen upon her they would be greeted by him as well.

    Drogon, sweetling, don't wander too far...

    [Not an easy command to follow for a baby dragon in a new place.]
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    Who: Daenerys and YOU
    Broadcast: Yes!
    Action: Yes! Planetside and aboard the Caprine
    When: Now

    Network - Video;

    [Dany hasn't been immune to the gift giving tree either. There was a level of contained joy that she felt, being in possession of a reasonably sized dragon egg. It rested in one of her arms, cradled against her as she addressed the network at large.]

    It seems that this world holds magic enough to be willing to gift many with things they desire - seemingly animals if others results are taken into account. I have been gifted with one of my children - my dragons were mentioned by Lord Tyrion's informative history lesson of the Great Houses of Westeros and my House's heraldry happens to be a three headed dragon. Back home I possessed three individual dragons and the tree has seen fit to gift me with one of them as a kindness, it seems. That aside, it stands to reason that other parts of this planet hold similar properties but, at present, I am purely speculating. Should anyone have found any evidence of such, I'd like to hear it.

    [She won't get greedy and ask for all three of her dragons but so far the egg in her arms looks quite similar to Drogon's. She's not so sure just yet if that is the case but it would be nice to see him again - whatever shape he came in.]


    [Dany can be found out and about, her dragon's egg tucked safely inside a satchel away from harm or prying eyes. She was stopping to purchase various wares - supplies to make clothes and such with Qing, food for herself and her soon-to-be-born dragon, and toys for the local children.

    Eventually, if one doesn't catch her there, she can be found relaxing in the hot springs, Drogon floating in the water beside her. If one accidentally walked in on her bath they could catch her there as well, or perhaps join her. The scalding water was perfect and enough to sap any stress away from the most weary of travelers.

    S.S. Caprine

    [Dany can be found on the Bridge, reclining in the Captain's Chair with Drogon resting in her lap. The egg glittered in the light, black as the midnight sea with scarlet flecks that reflected off the surface. It was warm to the touch and seemed to practically vibrate with life. He would be born into the world anew, though not nearly as fierce was Daenerys' hope. Drogon was comparatively as menacing as Balerion the Black Dread but as a small thing he wouldn't be nearly as destructive.

    If anyone aboard the ship might stop to report to her or to see her for personal matters they would have a glimpse of the egg. To Dany he was perfect and she was completely enamored with her unborn child, waiting for his arrival with a contained excitement.

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