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Who: A bird and you
Broadcast: Y
Action: Wonderduck, if you wanna
When: At ass o'clock in the AM

guess im just wondering
because its kind of hard to tell between abrupt disappearances and people lapsing into comas for days
or sometimes weeks
but how long has it been since you went back where you came from
or remembered something that you didnt before
and how long would it take before you get the feeling youre not gonna go back again

[Naval gazing at three in the morning in the Wonderduck kitchen is a go.]

comm 002

Nov. 27th, 2016 10:03 pm
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Who: Felix Gaeta
Broadcast: Yes
Action: SS Vanquish
When: Today!

[Felix's posture as he addresses the camera is a little stiff, a little formal. He's kind of in professional research mode, plus he's asking a favor of people so...this is the most comfortable thing. Formality. He's sitting down, with his hands clasped in front of him.]

I've noticed that at least a few other people here have encountered situations similar to this fleet and while I'm sure that someone, at some point, has made some attempt to collect data, it hasn't been public or recent.

[Translation: if it's happened at all (please tell him someone else has noticed this and done their research, come on guys) it's happened too far back for him to bother finding it in the logs of past broadcasts. Plus, he wants to ask his own questions anyway.]

So. If this isn't your first time being stuck in an interdimensional prison, essentially, I'd really appreciate it if you'd fill out the following survey for me. I promise it's short. Although I might want to ask follow up questions, if that's alright.

[There's a small pause, and then he drops the mask of professionalism just a smidge.]

And, I guess, if you want to know anything about an interdimesional prison masquerading as a summer camp, I can answer some questions. Even if you can't or don't feel like participating.

[Following the video, this text ends up on the network:]

1. What was the setting?
2. Was there a particular premise people were brought there under?
3. Was there an explanation of how people were brought there?
4. How long, to people's knowledge, had/have the abductions been taking place?
5. How long on average did people stay?
6. How long were you there?
7. How many transplantees were there at any one time, on average?
8. What kept people from leaving?
9. Did you notice any particular pattern in the type of people brought in?
10. Were there any particular quirks (i.e. augment malfunctions)?
11. Was there a resurrection system in place. If so, how did it function?
12. Additional remarks/anything of significance not covered?
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Who: Isaac Lahey and you!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: video or action if on the Wonderduck!
When: right now!

[ Open on one bored teenage werewolf. While the festivities have been great, the planet a little weird, and the creepy message weirder, he's relatively unfazed. He comes from a world where tree women come to life and ghost ninjas take over, so.

He's sprawled on his stomach on his bed, the camera is pointed up a little too high, cutting off some of his face. He's bored, okay? ]

Celebrations and stuff are cool and all, but it gets a little old sometimes on these ships. I think I've watched every movie I have like twelve times. Anyone have any other good ones? I have an alien version of Godzilla. I mean, as close as an alien movie can get to Godzilla. Uh, it has a giant monster and what I think is a city. So that counts, right?

Maybe we can do a movie night thing again. [ A shrug. ] I know a guy who can cook good food for it and I think our captain can still make space doritos, so. [ #priorities. Don't volunteer your shipmates, Isaac. But go ahead, tell him your thoughts! ]
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Who: Dante and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Pathstone
When: After the shuffle

[Fuck everything.

Dante is not thrilled about this situation at all. He's punched dents into one or two places on the Marsiva already, pacing around there like a caged animal. But now that he's on another ship, it's beginning to sink in that he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Wherever he is, it's not Limbo. Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen.

He's a man of action (the thinking and planning is for Vergil), but right now he needs to calm himself and start getting information. Especially now that he's sharing a space with other people, apparently.]


[Feet propped up on the table in the galley, Dante finally turns on the device. It doesn't take him long to figure it out, and he looks nonplussed as he addresses the network.]

So this is a steaming hunk of shit.

[Way to make an impression there, Dante.]

But fine, I'll bite. So we're on a reality show in space. Cute. [Hey, it's... different, anyway, he supposes. He's still convinced Mundus is behind this somehow, but he keeps that to himself.] The... thing in my head is telling me stuff, but I doubt it's telling me the whole story. So what's the deal? And how the hell did these Atroma people manage to not only get me here, but cut off my powers?

[Because that single-handedly pisses him off the most. Not being able to have his guns is one thing, but not being able to summon Rebellion? That grates him. Instinctively he keeps trying to summon it, but nothing appears on his back.

Something tells him he's in for a rough ride.]

Also, where the hell can a guy get a pizza in this place?


[Once the video is done and out of the way with, Dante sets off and explores his home for the time being. He doesn't turn over every rock, so to speak, but he does at least walk around to get a layout of the place.

In the kitchen, he inspects the protein gels and immediately scrunches his face.]

I'm not eating that shit.

[He'd rather starve, frankly.

He can also be found in the med bay, which he supposes he'll be spending a lot of time in since that thing in his head tells him he works here. As a medic, of all things.]

I failed most of my science classes. And they want me to work in here?

[He rubs a hand over his face.]

Real fucking funny.

[Something is going to wind up exploding. He's calling it now.]
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Who: Aoko Nakamori and you.
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: S.S. Wonderduck
When: Now

[ After having been forced to play through tens of dozens of quote-unquote games — to say nothing of living through not just one, but two counts of interdimensional kidnapping — Aoko's more than used to suddenly finding herself in an unfamiliar place. It's just, you know, one of those things that happens. ]

[ The confetti's kinda new. So's the pudding. ]

Wow, uhm … [ Aoko grins sheepishly into the screen, parked on her butt on the S.S. Wonderduck's bridge with confetti all up in her short, fluffy mop of hair. It looks like she's been trying to desperately brush it out with her fingers – or maybe it's just naturally a mess? Mysteries abound. (Spoilers: it's naturally a mess.) ]

[ The silence drags for one beat. Two beats. And then — ]

Knock, knock.
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Who: Zhas & You!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Red Fish
When: A few days after that planet is in range.


[what is it about public network forums that invite sleep-deprived people to post weird, existential questions at three in the morning? but one insomniac has it bad this week, and the forest has not been playing well with his already-tenuous grip on reality.]

what are your dreams like?

[so, who else is awake at this hour?]


[and if anyone on the SS Red Fish is also still milling around this late (or morning), they can find Zhas at the kitchen table, slumped over a bunch of star charts, trying to take notes and compare to a book he has open. his face paint is a little smudged on one side, maybe from his constantly trying to prop his head up against his hand.]
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Who: Korra of the bitty and more temperamental variety
Broadcast: Yes!
Action: Aboard the Winderduck
When: Now!

[Have a miniature version of the Avatar, Fleeters. She is currently throwing a bit of a tantrum, unfortunately. Sorry Wonderduckians you get to deal with that...]

Where is this place?! I want to go home now!!

[And then she belts out her best child-like scream as the sound of something metallic ripping and bending can be heard, the door to her bedroom coming loose from the wall and bending grotesquely behind her.]

I want to go home! I want to go home now!

[Still panicking, there are a fresh wave of tears streaming down her face. Looking up, she realizes what she's done and there's a bit of a stoney silence that follows for a solid minute or so as the video continues to record her.]

Please don't get mad... I didn't mean to bend the door... it-it was an accident!

[She looks into the device, eyes wide with worry.]

Could someone fix it...? I'm really sorry.

[ooc: Korra's augment is glitched! Basically if you have previous CR with her it might take some prompting and she might bend a bit here and there accidentally but if you are on the Wonderduck and want to check on her feel free to do so!]
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Who: Davesprite and y'all
Broadcast: Y
Action: Wonderduck
When: Now

important query
what the fuck are the lyrics to blinded by the light
the chorus specifically but i guess if you know any of the others
feel free to share???
actually what do the lyrics even mean
this list of questions just gets longer and longer even though i originally meant for it to be a poll
is it possible to make polls i know im a communications officer but i literally didnt think of this until three seconds ago
these questions are being asked on behalf of science btw


Sep. 30th, 2016 06:48 pm
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Who: Matt Murdock + anyone!
Broadcast: Video
Action: SS Wonderduck
When: When he arrives after the Shuffle


[ Matt hates confetti, there's nothing worse for upsetting his senses than over stimulation. So he stands, waiting for the 'celebration' to pass. He'd only been in the last room (ship?) long enough to be moved along to the next, so now here he was, trying to get his bearing through a snowstorm of flying paper.

Once he does, at least a bit, he can focus on the refreshments. It's clearly party food, which seems safe enough, so he assembles his stick and moves forward. ]

I, uh, hello?

[ He clears his throat. ]

My name's Matt Murdock, and I think you all are expecting me.


[ Later, Matt sits in front of the monitor, dark red glasses covering his eyes. He's calm, but it's clear that he's holding back stronger emotions. ]

If anyone seeing this knows me, I need to know you're here. Suffice to say, I have a few questions.
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Who: Eugene Woods
Broadcast: Video
Action: the Wonderduck
When: Tuesday Evening

[Eugene has been on a ship full of teenagers long enough - it's time he delivered on the promises to actually feed them adequately. Which is why he's now broadcasting from the galley, flour-speckled and far, far too pleased with himself. So pleased, in fact, that he'll just go ahead an monologue at the rest of the fleet.]

Some of you out there may have heard a saying, that there's no such thing as bad pizza. Now maybe you haven't heard this - say, for instance, if you come from a world that doesn't actually have pizza. But if you do, this is probably a pretty common truism. Whether you agree with it or not-? Well. That's a matter of taste.

[Pun fully intended, as the little curl of his lips and glint of his eye gives away. But he continues, because in space, there's no one to cue a laugh track.]

But in a hermetically-sealed tin can drifting through the cold vacuum of space, I think we can all agree that standards change. And in celebration of finally creating something that sort of, basically behaves like cheese . . .

[Camera pan to the oven, which he opens with a showman's flourish to reveal . . . a pizza! Basically. Sure, the cheese is a little more yellowish than usual, and the toppings are mostly diced canned meat product and mixed vegetable compound. But it's close enough for him to grin as he shuffles a hand into an oven mitt and withdraws his creation to rest on the stovetop.]

Voila. One down, and another five pies' worth of dough and cheese ready for the crews of the Wonderduck and Vanquish. Not exactly a New York slice, but hey, if anyone wants the next best thing this side of Alpha Centauri? Let's talk.
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Who: Juno and you
Broadcast: text, fleetwide
Action: maybe? The Huntress, if you want
When: Now

[ text, fleetwide ]

sooooo... is there a counselor around here? a responsible adult? someone with ears? im having a sad, and id like to expel it from my body. like a good fart.

[So charming, Juno.]

im also collecting edible powders of all kinds. no reason. just help a sistah out.
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Who: Wonderducks and any visitors!
Broadcast: nahhh
Action: all aboard the bird ship
When: from now until whenever the next crew mingle goes up, probs

[Time to get our ducks in a row! Whether it involves cat scrutiny, waystation avoidance (gotta protect those credits), or interior decorating, it's time to find out what y'all are up to. We're doing it, man. We're making shit transpire.]
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ok so

this is a little preview to the lecture I'm giving at the Iskaulit soon: The Amazing, Awesome, Absolutely Terrifying Physics of the Multiverse -

So the multiverse, which used to be a theory that is clearly being verified with each passing second is the force that connects an infinite number of alternate universes. Back home, we called ourselves Earth-1 but since we're not dealing with earths anymore, you can just call your home Universe-1.

Now, theoretically, there is an endless number of universes alternate to yours! they all have a version of you. For instance, I met my Earth-2 self which was a traumatic experience since he had the worst hair do since John Travolta did Grease.

[ and he was a psychopath but nevermind those details ]

This here is not an alternate universe, it's a pocket dimension since we have people here from various universes. Usuallym we have only one version of a person at a time BUT, if there ever was another version of YOU, then, you're in the same lifeboat as I am. You have met your Universe-2 self. Hope it was a good time. I'd love to meet the version of me who runs a highly successful company and can afford endless videos games but, I'm getting distracted.

Thing is, time in YOUR world didn't stop, which means that the YOU here is now an alternate version of the YOU at home. If you two ever meet, the one at home would be Universe-1 and you would be Universe-2. Talk about confusion, right?

it also means that if we ever find out how the Atroma is doing alla this that we can go full on Sliders. If you wouldn't want to go back to your world, you could go somewhere else since there is a YOU back home carrying on with the life you have left when you got here.

basically, it means that in theory, we might be able to visit each other's universes and times and if you have a cute girlfriend here you won't literally have to be star-crossed lovers.

Me, I'm less stuck on the 'you jump through the wormhole, I jump, Jack' and I'm more keen on discovering the sham that must be National City's pizza.

For a longer version of all of this and a talk about philosophy, physics and timelines, you can come to my lecture or just come visit me on the blameless. bring food.

Cisco Ramon, out!
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Who: Isaac Lahey
Broadcast: Fleet Wide
Action: Wonderduck, if you want to bug him
When: now!

[ The feed flickers on and it's a bit jarring at first, not focused, like he's forgotten he's turned it on. After a few seconds of shuffling around, Isaac's face appears on the screen. ]

So, does anyone play any sports here? Doesn't really matter what it is, I guess. I played lacrosse. They're just a good way to kill time. And we got a lot of that sometimes, so. Yeah. [ A shrug, and though he might seem uncomfortable, he's not. He's just a little awkward, don't mind him. ]

Thinking it might be good to get people together to do stuff like that sometimes. Sitting around on the Wonderduck can get a little old, at least for me. Space ships are cool and all, but. Uh. Maybe kickball or something easy, if people want to.

[ Isaac, no. Whiny teenager problems. ] Or we can like... spar. Beating each other up is kind of the same thing. Is there anything else to do after you've been here a while? I'm bored.
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Who: Remy and open.
Broadcast: Yes.
Action: WonderDuck.
When: Now.

Ah, I guess first things first, gotta apologize to fellow Ducks that we goin’ to get less room on the ship now, ‘cause I just got these guys. [The camera pans away from Remy’s face to reveal three little kittens, all huddled together and looking a little lost as they sat on his bed on the WonderDuck.] There was a breeder in the Savvy guild who was raisin’ pest huntin’ pets, ‘nd these three were considered runts of the litter. Said they were too small ‘nd weak ‘nd was just goin’ to off them, ‘nd, well, couldn’t be havin’ that now.

So, wanna ‘ntroduce ya’ll to Figaro, [The camera moves, zooming in on each kitten as he names them off.], Oliver, ‘nd Lucifer. Hopefully they'll make great crew mates.

Also, ya know, if 'nyone got tips for keepin' cats, that be well welcomed too.
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Who: Finn and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide anonymous text
Action: n/a
When: Now!

has your communicator ever sent a text message and you dont remember it that happened to me it sounded like something i would say but not quite it was a little bit off

on a related note whats a nazi
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Who: Lilly and poor unfortunate souls
Broadcast: NONE I'M TOO MAD!!!
Action: E V E R Y W H E R E (...Wonderduck and Iskaulit especially, in bars, garden, and library... anywhere, really)
When: NOW


The moment she woke up on the Marsiva she was a wild angry mess of yelling and hissing and spitting. Because she was supposed to be with Makie, supposed to be around trees and forest and life and not strange metal worlds. Getting transferred to the Wonderduck is... not any better. She runs on all fours with a howl of indignant anger —

And anyone on the Wonderduck is forced to endure, uh...

A yelling, angry creature. If you expected your current engineer to be nice, I hate to tell you, um... She's throwing space food at the walls. Knocking down breakables. Kicking over chairs. Powder, floating through the air, coating her hair and her pajamas and the counters. She runs all throughout the ship before she manages to get to... the Iskaulit. How did she get here? When? Wouldn't you like to know.

You'll find a few things.

a.) You'll find yourself feeling... followed. There's nothing that you can see, but there's a distinct sound of... breathing? And then something darting past your peripheral, perhaps. If you're brave enough to go into the area containing the garden, you'll find the lights all off, as if someone couldn't stand them and their brightness.

And if you're especially unlucky, you can turn on the lights or use your communicator as a light to see this twitching figure:



b.) Or! Maybe you'll find her in angry mode. She's rushed into the library and one of the bars and is probably throwing around bottles and flinging books. What's she screaming the whole time? Maybe you'll even somehow find this strange, strange child on your ship. God have mercy on your soul if she figures the buttons out enough to rush around trying to find an exit. Or at least one can assume that's what she's looking for, because she keeps yelling angrily:


... Maybe she, idk, wants out.

... Have fun.
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Who: Korra
Broadcast: yep!
Action: Aboard the Wonderduck
When: Now!

[Have a wet doggy nose complete with a tuft of white fur visible on your video network, flooters. Naga is attempting to sniff at the device, occasionally blocking view completely before Korra can be heard shooing her away.]

Hi, everyone!

[Korra smiles sheepishly and runs a hand through her short hair at the back of her neck.]

I guess I missed some stuff? All I know is I was on the ship and I woke up and we're in orbit again and my room is covered in destroyed chew toys - so... thanks for taking care of Naga? Whoever you are. Anyway-!!

[To the meat of the information she's seeking!]

I was wondering, since this is my first time back in orbit since we left the planet: What do people do for fun when we're not visiting other places?

[A girl can only abuse the weights in the recreational room on the Wonderduck so many times, ok.]

Though... I guess since I'm the pilot it'd be probably be better if I was driving the ship, huh.

[Still!! She's glad to be awake and is at least trying to find people to hang out with. Sort of. If anyone wants to seek her out aboard the Wonderduck, they are welcome to do so.]
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[In the spirit of keeping a low profile and capitalizing on the fact that most of the people of her world haven't seen her face, Phasma decides to break the network silence with an anonymous text post in order to attempt to gather intel.]

To what extent would you sacrifice securities for freedom?


[Ever since her visit to the green planet before their departure, and her conversation with General Hux, she's been playing mute aboard her ship; observing, listening, using a minimalist pantomime where absolutely necessary. She doesn't trust her crew, she doesn't trust the ship, and she doesn't trust Atroma. The one person she does trust she's agreed not to contact unless in a guaranteed secure location, which isn't anywhere on the Fleet itself.]

[She keeps to herself, but if you're lucky you might catch her making a meal to take to her quarters (or the hanger, or wherever there is a quite, lonley spot). If she does happen to appear where there are people gathered, it's on the fringe, where she can quietly observe the conversation without feeling obligated to add to it.]
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Who: Eugene Woods, back again!
Broadcast: yes
Action: SS Wonderduck
When: August 5th, evening


[It's like that moment when you walk through a door and forget what you were about to do. Except replace walk with 'teleport', and replace what you were about to do with

'what possible course of events could move you instantly from your bunk to the bridge of a completely unfamiliar ship'. Surrounded by confetti. Back in the standard jumper.

Oh, and minus both crutches and leg.

One undignified topple to the confetti-strewn ground later - one made infinitely more comical for the festive music playing, probably - Eugene has the opportunity to take stock of his situation. Definitely not the Vanquish. Or any other ship he's been on. Too lost and put-out to be afraid, he sits up, finds his communicator, and stares at it flatly.]

What the hell, guys.

[No response. He's not sure why he expected one. Stare still vaguely accusatory, he opens up the network, grabs a cup of pudding, and settles in to dig for some information himself.]


So . . . epic mystery nap, huh.

[Eugene's managed to get to the kitchen, but he hasn't moved much since then, scanning his communicator and continuing his long, slow descent down the rabbit hole of what the hell happened. It's been months since he had to play the new-kid-in-town role, and he can't say he's feeling any more fondly toward it now than he did the last time, although for completely different reasons. Last time it was loss, outrage, disbelief. This time, it's just untethered, pure disorientation.

At least with anger, it has a direction. This is just nothing, icy-black as the vacuum of space on the other side of the hull. Dozens on dozens of voices on the communicator, and still, in every second they're quiet he doesn't think he's ever felt more profoundly alone.

He's made himself marginally presentable, finger-combed back the curly chaos of his hair and straightened his shirt. Probably should get up and make something to eat, but the gnawing unease won't let him stand just yet. Standing means looking away from his communicator, and he's still holding out hope that if he studies it long enough, it'll spit up some answer, something to make him feel even a little less lost.]

Shame on Atroma for not even giving a guy a recap episode. Can anyone tell me if I missed anything big?

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