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Who: Varric and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Varric's bar on the Iskaulit
When: Now


[Like Varric's promotional videos before, the feed does a slow pan of the dive that he owns. And then it centers on the bartop, which has a line of wine bottles on it. The glass is black and so are the labels aside from the gold skull and the words VELENO VENO.

Varric pulls up a seat in front of the camera. He's dressed in his best-- a black and gold embroidered silk shirt, buttoned only halfway because of course. And he's wearing a grin, of course.]

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Varric Tethras, owner and proprietor of the Space Bar, and today... I've got something new and exciting for you. [He grabs a bottle of wine and pops it open with a flourish. Then he pours it into a glass. It's black with just a little dark purple in the light.] In Tevinter, wine made from venomous snakes is considered sacred. Well, as sacred as anything in Tevinter can be. It's long been associated with virility, purity of body, and curing difficult ailments. But don't worry, this is animal-free. Snakes are disgusting. Don't eat snakes. Also, Tevinter sucks.

Instead of drinking reptiles, consider this wine: beautiful and deadly, like that woman sitting at the corner of the bar that you're scared to talk to. The wine has notes of persimmon and apple-- as well as a dash of water from the toxic moon.

[Varric's grin broadens. He lifts the glass to his lips and takes a sip.]

Mmm. We only made a few cases, so get it while you can. 500 credits for a bottle with a thrill.

[And the feed ends.]
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Who: Leliana
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: Marsiva
When: now!

[It took some fiddling, but Leliana managed to make the video broadcast work. For a moment, she doesn't speak, not realizing it was on. When it dawns on her, the surprise is there before her expression relaxes.]

My apologies, the technologies of this place are lost on me. I suppose this is the best course of action if I want information, no? I am looking for comrades of mine - Cullen, Josephine, and Inquisitor Trevelyn. I do not know if they are here but it is my understanding from what I have managed to glean from this... device - that they could very well be newly arrived, the same as I.

[Which is something that troubles her. They were all very much needed back home in Thedas not here - wherever here was.]

Those wishing to aid me in finding my people may address me as Sister Nightingale. I thank you very much in advance.

[With that, she ends the video feed. A polite and succinct post, yes, but internally she was already assessing her situation, analyzing the threat she might very well be under.]
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Who: Everyone! All of you!
Broadcast: Maybe!
Action: Definitely!
When: Anytime during the toxic moon event!


[boy oh boy, isn't everyone just so excited to explore this... charming... place...?

this is a game-wide mingle and the timeframe isn't super-important, so throw in with whatever you want! play war games, go shopping for gas masks, get lost in the wilderness, hide up in the Iskaulit and refuse to set foot on the moon, anything goes.

here's the main event info post for reference! have fun!]

( 002 )

Mar. 22nd, 2016 11:52 pm
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Who: Solas and you!
Broadcast: Text; universal
Action: On the Pathstone
When: Early morning of the 20th

I am looking for drawing tools. Charcoal, parchment, paints, anything of the like. I have credits I am willing to trade, but I find myself running low on my personal supplies.

[ Having left, his limited supplies of paints had been left to the Pathstone and Cole. Now he needs something to do with his hands and he feels almost... Twitchy with too much time on his hand. ]

Otherwise, I may offer artwork itself in trade. Any visitors to the Pathstone will have seen examples. Thank you.
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Who: Anyone on the Pathstone. Living there, visiting, being held hostage...
Broadcast: No
Action: Pathstone
When: Now until the next one!

[Welcome to the SS Pathstone. They're either stoned, insane, or pretending they live somewhere else!]
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Who: Members of the Huntress and visitors!
Action: The U.S.S. Huntress!
When: It's a mingle for the month of March!

[ it's that time of year! also, pr was on hiatus for a bit, and needs to throw herself into things, so indulge me!! ]
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Who: Tourists and visitors!
Broadcast: nah
Action: S.S. Tourist
When: March!

[ What are you up to this month, Tourists? Living up to your ship name on the station? Well, share your spoils with the rest of the crew! Or maybe you've been engaging in ahem illicit pursuits? We promise not to tell! ]
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Who: harry potter & you
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: aboard the ss pathstone
When: feb 25-29. (net) / mar 01. (action)

feb 25-29. fleetwide broadcast.

[The feed starts with a panting boy, not much older than eighteen, a fairly ordinary looking boy, dressed in quite simple attire, the only strange feature being the lightning-shaped scar above a brow. Appearing to have just woken up from what might be a nightmare, he clutches at the mark, squinting as though confused, as if he expects something that isn't quite right. His hand absentmindedly searches for an item alongside him on the bed before plucking a pair of glasses that he places at the bridge of his nose. That's when he seems to notice his surroundings, the blur of his vision finally fading, and he frantically looks about the area.]

Ron!? Hermione!? Hermione! [His voice is panicked, worry swelling from his throat to his words.] Are you — ?

[The feed is accidentally knocked over, shutting off for some moments. When it comes back, it seems a span of minutes has passed and the boy appears much more collected, breathing more steadily. His voice is still slightly shaky but he manages to speak quite clearly.]

Does anyone ... do you happen to believe in, in magic? [A simple question, but it'd narrow down whether he's in wizard or muggle territory.] Or is the word Hogwarts familiar in any possible way?

action aboard the ss pathstone. )
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Who: Cress Darnel & everyone
Broadcast: fleetwide
Action: the marsiva
When: 2/25 super early in the morning

[ The first thing the Fleet gets from Cress is a shot of narrowed eyes and blonde curls as she kills the feed upon noticing the communicator. It's not terran or lunar tech, not the kind she's familiar with, but it's easy enough for her to navigate.

The second thing they get, some time later, comes from the viewing bay of the Marsiva, where Cress sits with her legs crossed as she hunches over the communicator, one hand continuously reaching up to fiddle with the ends of her hair and start to try to twine it around her wrist before she realizes it's not long enough for that, still. Not long enough in the way it used to be, at least.

Her hand drops, and she clears her throat. ]

I - [ She's listened in on some things and read others, watched entertainment feeds, but - ] Can someone talk to me? Please?

[ Her voice is very small and very fragile. She's trapped again, and there isn't even the familiar image of the Earth outside this viewport. It's a bigger cage than the last one, but her hands are shaky and her eyes dart around nervously, her unease clear. ]

About - about anything. Please. This is Cress - Crescent Moon - Crescent Moon Darnel. [ She has to keep correcting herself, not used to her full name, or her last name, and Cress flicks one hand, flustered. Then she tries for a smile, a little happier and more confident than she actually feels. ] We get to - um, go planetside? Am I understanding that right? This isn't -

[ Another vague sweeping hand gesture around the viewing bay, and her voice goes softer again. ]

- Nevermind. Do you have a favorite song? A favorite story? Anything. [ If the answer is "no" and she's stuck inside a spaceship without any breaks at all to that being a thing, she might actually cry, so she backtracks from the question. Without her noticing, she starts twirling some hair around one finger, biting her lip. ]


Feb. 24th, 2016 06:16 pm
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Who: Sara Lance
Broadcast: Everyone, new arrivals as they appear.
Action: Aboard the Marsiva.
When: This week.

[sara awakens with a gasp, shooting not just upright but to her feet and reaching for -- coming up empty-handed. she frowns, dropping her hand, and pivots on her heel to take a good look at her surroundings. this is...different. once she's convinced there's no immediate threat, she searches her bunk for what she knows is missing, and eventually notices the open feed on her communicator. there's a brief moment where she eyes it sharply, then clicks it off.

we were trained by the league; no prison can hold us. it's what she wants to say, but when she turns the feed back on ten minutes later, she seems more relaxed; some people might recognize the tune she briefly hums.]

So, [she draws out the word: sooooo] what's a girl got to do around here to find a little company?
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[On Today's Episode of Drift Fleet:

The cargo are still full of crates of gumballs! The ships are well booked past capacity! There's a new empty vessel in the fleet- the SS Blameless! Official alerts have informed the passengers that they are signed to contracts that they've never agreed to! They are still docked at the dazzling FS Starlight, but are flat broke (or have they made it big?)

How is the fleet handling these turns of events? Find out in the continuation!

...Meaning, this is a spillover mingle for February's mingle as it's hit recaptcha. Feel free to use this mingle to start new threads, or carry on old threads from the previous mingle!

- Current Plot Setting
- Previous Mingle Post
- Latest Shuffle

Tag around, have fun, and feel free to continue posting your own posts/ship mingles! We really mean it this time when we say this will be the only mod-posted one for the event!]
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Who: Crew and visitors of the SS Passive Aggressive Pathstone
Broadcast: Probably not
Action: Aboard the ship
When: All February!

[with how good everyone on this ship is at settling differences, getting along, acting rationally, and sharing their things, this month will go by without any ripples.

the audience will be so bored. there isn't ever any drama on this ship. at all. it's great.]

04 ❀

Feb. 14th, 2016 06:06 pm
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Who: Elize Lutus and YOU maybe?
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: FS Starlight, at the parks!
When: February 14-20ish?


[ The broadcast opens up to show a young girl with fluffy blonde hair, only about eleven or twelve years of age. She's sitting down, out in the park. She has a notebook, a stash of pens, her mage staff, and her doll next to her. ]

...I'm Elize Lutus. Hello. I've been here for about ten months now? I think. If anyone needs help with anything, let me know. I'll do my best.

[ That's mainly directed towards many of the newcomers to the fleet. Then there's an awkward pause. That's not the reason why she's making a video broadcast in the first place. For someone as shy as Elize, she normally dislikes recording herself for the entire public to see. ]

Um... so, I've been learning a lot about other worlds. And Jove has been teaching me how to write in the common tongue! She taught me some Elvish words too. Like falon. That means friend.

[ The reason she decided to record herself is to show off what she has been learning, her achievements, like a proud child. She opens up her notebook, holding it open to the screen. It's lines of sentences written in the common tongue, recognizable to those who come from Thedas. (It looks a bit like this.) Some lines are written in practiced repetition. They're extremely basic sentences like "my name is...", "how are you?", simple greetings, etc.

Everything is written in sparkly, pink gel pen ink that she bought from the station. It's written neatly too, with no smudging. She made sure the ink dried! ]

When I get better, I'm hoping to write a letter entirely in common tongue.

[ She flips the notebook over to look at her own writing. Her shoulders slump in disappointment and her proud expression begins to falter, like there's a moment of disbelief that the letter she writes might not reach. She then looks back up, putting on a brave smile even though her cheeks are red with embarrassment. She'll get this letter delivered, somehow. ]

If... anyone wants to hang out or something, I'm at the park. Or, we can just chat over the communicator. That's fine too.


[ And as she mentioned in the broadcast, Elize will be in the park. She's laying down on her stomach, being diligent and practicing writing down sentences repeatedly in her notebook. ]
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[The bunks are filling up, but the new faces just keep appearing!

Are you a travel-weary passenger having trouble keeping your crew roster straight? Perhaps you are a fresh new recruit, finding themselves dumped into a new (and much less shiny) home. Or, maybe you've been around for a little bit and just haven't bothered meeting the other weirdos on this ship yet--what is their problem, anyway?

Well, this is the place for you!

All new passengers from the last few Shuffles, especially those who haven't met their crews yet, are welcome to post starter-comments here to invite those living on and visiting your ship to come and interact. Newbies could be just arriving on the ship, busying around where others can find them, or you can offering multiple options for interaction--however you'd like to set up your thread is fine. Just make sure to include the name of your ship in the header, so your crewmates can easily find you!

Everyone else-- go meet those newbies! Whether they are new to your own crew, or on ships you frequently visit, now is a great time to bump into them.]
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Who: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Broadcast: Text
Action: Iskaulit
When: Jan 30th


I think it's time I retire from teaching for a while.

I don't suppose anyone knows a decent way to pass the time?


[ When Stefan announced the prayer room, a quiet place for meditation, Obi-Wan had been thrilled. While he enjoyed and cared for the Huntress, quiet is not something they are known for. After talking to Anakin, he knew he was in dire need of quiet and inner peace

He does not regret ( he can not regret )

And yet.

In a way he had envisioned as a child, it had always been Master and Padawan, together. Even when separate, they fought together, learned together, believed in each other. But Qui-Gon died all too soon, and for so long, Obi-Wan threw his hands up against tradition. When Yoda told him to be Anakin's master, he chose to be Anakin's friend. He did not caution against attachment, only warned where it might lead.

He breathes heavily, his legs folded on the mat. It's not working. The Force is still too quiet, too alien at this moment. It doesn't understand his sorrow.

Obi-Wan chuckles, opening his eyes and pushing his hair back. It should be used to that by now.

Looking down at his hands, he's quiet when he speaks. ]

Please help me.
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Who: Anders and you???
Broadcast: fleetwide video
Action: SS Golden, if that's your jam
When: no time like NOW

[Anders is very close to the camera when it switches on, nearly raising the illusion of being nose-to-nose with it.]

Evening! I've got an important question for everyone, if you'll do me the favor. Just a moment. [He goes on talking, peppy and conversational, but he isn't precisely looking at the camera as he does. He's rummaging through something slightly left and below, head tilted down and expression partially obscured by the way some of his hair slips out of its tie.] Got lucky with this place, didn't we? [beat] Well, sort of. Makes one wonder why we don't stop places like this all the time, instead of frozen-wasteland-here and merciless-jungle-madness-there.

[That's the thing with Anders having an audience: once he starts, good luck getting him to stop.]

Though what happens when we're all drifted out, I wonder? End of the line, so to speak, even if this one isn't so much a line as it is a drunken wobble through the void. I know, I know, vast emptiness of space and all that, but it's got to end somewhere. We've all places to be, yes? Even if those places are just, you know, not quite so cramped as here. And no one actually likes a story with no ending, even Atroma's got to know that.

[Something white and furry hits him repeatedly in the face while he talks; people who have spent more than ten minutes with him might recognize it as his cat's tail. He's remarkably good at ignoring it, though whether that's because of exposure or fortitude is hard to say. Maybe a little of both.]

Anyway. No reason to keep you in suspense! My important question: purple or blue?

[He sits up, having apparently now located what he was looking for, and waves bundles of fabric that may or may not be shirts of some kind at the camera. They're complete with the bright, glowing strips of color characteristic of the fashion sense of this place in, you guessed it: purple and blue.]
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[On today's episode of the Drift Fleet:

The cargo holds are full of mysterious crates! The crews are filling beyond capacity with new faces! Official alerts are informing the passengers that they are signed to contracts that they've never agreed to! They are docking at the dazzling FS Starlight, but are flat broke!

What are they going to do!? Stay tuned to find out!

...Meaning, this is a kickoff mingle for you all to enjoy the beginning of the latest plot setting. This is a convenient place to start threads relating to the first week of the event-- meeting new crewmembers, reacting to the mysterious cargo, arriving on the station and discovering that you're all broke, etc.

Tag around, start whatever you'd like, have fun. And, as always, feel free to make your own posts and mingles from here on in, as this will be the only mod-posted one for this event!]
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Who: Anyone on the SS Huntress! Crew and visitors.
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Huntress
When: More of January! We got three new crew mates and it will be messy.


Also, we need an update on how well Koala is doing at pinball.

God, help this ship.
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Who: Sorey & Mikleo / OPEN
Broadcast: Fleet-wide
Action: Marsiva
When: Now!!


[It's probably not normal for a lack of something to be the first thing one notices upon waking up, but Mikleo opens his eyes to the realization that there's a serious lack of... weight on his chest, one he'd become resigned to feeling ever since leaving Elysia. Malevolence was everywhere in the world, and only his contract with Sorey and Lailah had kept him from growing sick because of it, or worse.

Here, though, he feels not even an ounce of it. Which immediately brings to mind the question- where...?

Once he's up and on his feet and staring out the nearest window - witnessing the state of the sky, what in the world - it takes him a while to shake off the shock. He feels like his head's been invaded- thoughts, understanding forced into it, making his head hurt. This is space. He doesn't know why he knows this, but he does. Space, a fleet of ships traveling the universe like a fleet of whales in the ocean, prisoners for entertainment...

What does it even mean?

Sorey. I need to find him. Forcing himself away from the glass, he wanders the hallways, drawn to his Shepherd like a lost sheep. He has to be here. This feeling is unmistakable.]


-ink this is how it works? Where’s the part I talk into? Try the top corner, it's flashing. Do you know why? -well because it’s communicating, isn’t it? Don't look at me. Oh! No no, it’s working now. ...yup. Okay! Geez…

Wow, this is so cool! Can everybody really hear me? -oh man, we can make recordings with this! You know, instead of having to lug around parchment all the time? We absolutely have to bring this back home.

Like people need more reasons to fear the Shepherd.

-ah, right! Introductions! I’m Sorey. I’m supposed to be an Engineer? I’m not totally clear on everything involved in that, so please be patient with me! Um, and since it sounds like we’re all in the same boat- I mean, this might’ve been asked before but does anybody know who we can talk to if we really, really need to get back? It’s kind of an emergency. This seems like a kidnapping but we’re not in a cell or anything, so it’s not as bad as it could’ve been, I suppose.

But definitely! Any clarification on how to get back would be really, really helpful.

You should probably stop talking like you're with someone, Sorey. People will think you're more weird than you already are.

Sorry, you’re right. It’s just really hard to pretend you’re not here when you look right at me like that...


[Sorey and Mikleo can be found exploring the Marsiva. To those who can see Mikleo (have a look at his permission post please!), they'll both be there, talking animatedly. To those who can't, feel free to call Sorey out on, you know, talking animatedly to himself.]
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Who: The Pathstone crew and anyone brave enough to come say hi
Broadcast: not this time
Action: I mean obvs
When: all month? all month!

[Contrary to popular believe, the Pathstone isn't THAT useless. Yes they can go months without an upgrade and sure they're kind of a mess at the best of times, but they still function!

Most of the time. Flying sideways in space is all about perspective anyway, and they haven't done a barrel roll in like... well probably awhile.

So welcome, new Pathstone dwellers! We're probably very sorry in advance.]

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